Thursday, 6 April 2017


Tamilnadu Circle Secretary Com K. Muthiyalu met jt.CCA on 5-4-17. Com Muthiyalu conveyed the following messages to us after the discussion.   1. Tamilnadu Pension Adalat Meeting will be held during 2nd week of July, 2017.  2. DCRG Gratuity arrears cases work due to increase of ceiling limit from 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs from 1.1.2016 will be started processing from next week. the remaining STR Circle Post 2007 cases (2009, 10, 11 etc) processing work will be starting from today and will be issued within next 10 days.  4. Com Natarajan, GS, Com Vittoban, AI Treasurer and Com K. Muthiyalu are leaving Chennai tomorrow (7-4-17) morning to Jamshedpur to attend Jharkhand Circle Conference on 9-4-17 and will be returning after one week.  

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