Saturday, 15 October 2016

BSNL corporate office has issued orders on 7-10-16 for payment of PLI Bonus Rs. 3000/- to its employees who worked in BSNL during the period for the year 2014-15.  As per its orders those who are on BSNL Payroll for the period from 1-4-2014 to 31-3-2015 are eligible for getting the PLI Bonus. The amount will be calculated proportionally on the basis of the months they worked for that year. The following members of our Branch are eligible for getting that PLI bonus payment for that period.   The PLI payment is going to be paid to the working employees very soon before Puja. We request the following members of our branch to check with their AOs whether their names were included in the PLI BONUS PAYMENT LIST.  
When we enquired CAO, STP Office she told that they have already included the officials name who retired during that period in the payment list. 
1..R. Arumugam TN 2. M. Arumugam STR 3. V. Balakrishnan TN 4. L. Gita TN 5. G. Govindarajulu STR 6. Krishnamurthy shyamaladevi TN 7. P. Kumar TN 8. S. Nagaran REM 9. S. Ramakrishnan-III STR 10. R. Sampath TN 11. D. Soundararajan TN 12. A.V. Subramanian STP 13. N. Subramanian TN 14. R. Ventataraman TN 15. R. Venkatesan REM 16. N. Kannian TN 17. T.S. Lakshmi TN 18. P. Manoharan STR 19. Nagoor nainar mohammed 20. S. Sundarakrishnan TN

We request members of other SSAs in TN also to check their names in the list.  

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