Saturday, 22 October 2016

CGM STP circle has processed another 26 post 2007 pension revision cases and sent to DOT CELL on 18-10-16. 13 pensioners in madurai GM unit and 13 Bangalore GM Unit.  pl see below for the names of the pensioners: GM MADURAI: 1. C. Unnikrishnan (FP) 2. P. Rangaswami 3.V. Pattabiraman 4. S. Gurusamy (VRS) 5. V. Saravanavelu (VRS) 6. V. Subramanya achary 7. R. Dushandan 8. H. Ramkumar 9. R. Alamelu 10. K. Jayaseelan (FP) 11. S. Sivasankaran 12. P.K. Sivanandan (FP) 13. V. Janardhanan.  
GM  BG: 1. Mahabala kalla naik 2. K. Suresh rao 3. A.T. Naidu 4. S. Johnson david manohar 5.  B. Krishnappa 6. S. Rajeswari 7. V. Muninanjappa 8. Suchetha Ganapathy 9. K. Ganesh Rao 10. V. Venkataramudu 11. B. Chandrasekharam 12. K.R. Manjunath 13. B.S. Puttaraju 


  1. Sir, kindly update the present position in r/o cases processed in Tamil nadu Circle office Chennai. We are in dark in r/o CGM Tamilnadu Circle office Chennai.
    K Selvarajan Retd DGM O/o. CGM TN Circle Chennai

  2. Sir
    Really your efforts to update retired staff about their cases in respect of 78.2 with minute details up to name of the beneficiary with respect to SAP etc, I will be much glad if some inputs are placed in respect of what is happening in Circle office TamilNadu circle. Really is it out of bounds for all to be apprised of developments taking place in the Greams Road office of TamilNadu circle M I am an officer retired from circle office on 31st may 2013. I hope you will be able to throw some information about what is taking place in TamilNadu Circle office. I am member of you STR branch.

    Srinivasan DGM Vigilance Retd TamilNadu Circle