Monday, 2 January 2017

Asper the information available with us the affected pensioners are Kerala-278, Punjab-250, Maharashtra -700, Chennai-166, STR-45, TN-302, AP-261 and Karnataka-281.  All District secretaries may be requested to inform them by a letter about the judgement and our efforts
We  can not answer two questions raised by some comrades:
1.  Whether Govt will appeal?
Chance is very remote because we pointed out past cases and orders issued earlier.  Appeal will be rejected,no doubt.  But officers will not lose anything.  It is govt money wasted. 

2.  Whether the benefit will be extended to all 4300 people retired during the period?
First applicant in the case is AIBSNLPWA. Judgement says it is on representative capacity. And the other applicants are from different circles and they retired in Oct Nov Dec 2000, Jan Feb March April May and June 2001. 
Carefully we selected like that.
Still officers can take any decision. Wise or wicked.
One positive sign is that Pension Dept was ready for some settlement throughout. It is because of our discussion with them. Hence Pension Dept may suggest to issue general order.
We have to wait and work further.

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