Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Our Asst. Secretary Com N.S. Deenadayalan went to CGM TN Circle office today and enquired about 78.2 Pension revision work progress. They told that they have processed some more cases of post 2007 pension revision cases and forwarded them to DOT CELL. They gave the names and the list of those pensioners. they said that some more cases of post 2007 are still pending and they will complete them soon.
They also told that they have processed 3% increment pension revision fixattion cases and sent to DOT CELL. pl see below for both the lists:


  1. Some is a very dangerous term. The policy of Tamilnadu Finance wing at Circle office seems to be pick and choose. No methodology is adopted. I fear even when they declare all cases are sent to CCA still chances of omission of some names are possible. Unless they release the entire gamount of names I have no belief in these piece male publishing of lists.
    Srinivasan DGM VIGILANCE RTD

  2. From the beginning we ae telling that process of the pension revision cases started belatedly by Tamilnadu Circle office. Now it is very clear about the delay since still "some" more cases of post 2007 are still pending at this office itself. This means that the top level accounts personnels at TN Circle office didn't care a pin for retired officials of their own office.

    K Selvarajan

  3. You are doing pensioners service by publishing lists on regular interval and gives relief and solace to those whose cases are settled and they were not aware.Keep up good work in the welfare of Pensioners fraternity.