IDA INCREASED 5.3% FROM 1-1-2023 - TOTAL 201.1%

Saturday, 28 May 2022

 STR DN GRP ADMIN S. Narasimhan returned headquarters and assumed charges from today

Thursday, 19 May 2022

 STR DN GRP ADMIN S. Narasimhan will be out of headquarters (Kashmir) for 9 days from 20-5-22 to 28-5-22. Com N. Mohan will be in charge of our GROUPS and WEBSITE during these days.

Wednesday, 11 May 2022


Today V. Rama Rao Circle president, Sundarakrishnan ACS and myself met PCCA TN and requested him to recommend implementing the CAT orders on extra increment case. He told that he had sent the legal opinion along with judgement which is for going on appeal. Now DOT has to take a decision on that. Since in our own circle it was implemented for more than 6000 pensioners and only about 600 are alone denied, the case should be viewed positively. He replied that even for one person, policy is a policy.

Then we met CCA who told that even though we have sent the legal opinion in favour of appeal, DOT will view it in larger perspective considering the whole country whereas our perspective will be at micro level. They may think that it is localised in TN alone and that too only 600 persons, in a larger perspective they may take decisions to implement the CAT order also. Hence we have to deal the case at DDG Est. level to get it implemented .

Sugumaran .A