Monday, 31 October 2016

STR Division Circular No.177 released and sent to our members email id.
To download the same please Click Here

Com A. Sugumaran & Com D.S. Ramalingam met DGM (F) STR Guindy and enquired about 78.2% Pension revision progress. 

All Pre 2007 cases in STR have been cleared and already sent to CCA Office except BG Sub Region. 93 cases of post 2007 of ENK Sub Region have come to STR without Administrative sanction, pursuing with them. All other post 2007 cases are under progressive process. 

Saturday, 29 October 2016


Smt S. Kalavathi, SS, STP Chennai who retired on 22-3-1999 joined our STR Division as LIFE MEMBER this month. 
We whole heartedly welcome her to our STR DIVISION.
Her Mobile No: 8056030402 


Smt. S. Banumathi, SA, Tamilnadu is retiring on 31-10-16. We wish her a happy, peaceful,  lengthy retired life.
She is joining our STR DIVISION as LIFE MEMBER from 1-11-16.
We whole heartedly welcome  her to our STR DIVISION.
Her Mobile No: 9444506963 
Smt. S. Bama, DGM, TN CNI  is retiring on 31-10-2016. We wish her a happy, peaceful, lengthy retired life.
She is joining our STR DIVISION as LIFE MEMBER from 1-11-16. We whole heartedly welcome her to our STR DIVISION.
Her Mobile No: 9444979827 

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

State Bank of India credited Oct 2016  -   5.5% IDA increase in October pension Payment to its pensioners. 
PENSION ADALAT will be held on 07.11.2016 (MONDAY) in "THE HALL OF INSPIRATION, ANNA ROAD TELEPHONEXCHANGE, DAMS ROAD, CHENNAI-600002" at 14.00 hours for the pensioners and family pensioners of the Department of Telecommunication & BSNL of Chennai Region and neighboring districts. For other districts, the date and venue will be intimated later.                                         

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

CGM STP Circle Chennai has processed another 36 post 2007  78.2% pension revision cases and sent to DOT CELL today (25-10-16). It contains HYD GM Unit 10 cases, GM BG Unit 11 cases & GM MDU unit 15 cases.  Pl see the names below: HYD GM: 1. B. Hari Bahadur 2. G. Somaiah 3. D. Raja Reddy 4. Syed Ali 5. G. Sachidevi 6. G. Bal reddy 7. C.C. Chandra Prabhu 8. M. Venkateswara rao 9. G. Verribabu 10. V. Satyanarayana GM BG UNIT: 1. D.B. Jebagnanam 2. A.P. Sarojamma 3. V. Jayapalan 4. V. Chandran 5. N.M. Bdiger 6. K. Ramachandra prasad 7. P. Nambi 8. K. Mohandass shetty 9. Chandrasekaraiah 10. Adana Gowda B. Patil 11. S. Padmavathi GM MA UNIT: 1. M. Kumaresan 2. I. Umari khan 3. R. Rajendran 4. A. Ponnurangam 5. T. Selvaraj 6. K. Sundar 7. P. Veerapandian 8. L. Gunabalan 9. S. Munivelu 10. S. Padmanabhan 11. V. Kanasekara pandian 12. V. Anandan 13. V.E. Palani 14. K.V. Pathrose 15. M. Balakrishnan 

Com D.S. Ramalingam has gone to CGM TN CIrcle Office Greams Rd yesterday (24-10-16). He met the accounts officers there and enquired about 78.2% pension revision progress.  They said that they are making preparations for processing the cases. The pay bill section is only looking after this 78.2% pension revision work. They said that they are now busy with employees salarary payment work and bonus payment work. They asked him to come after 1-11-16. Anyhow he requested them to process the pension revision cases quickly.  
He also enquired about our member Com R. Mohanraj's family pension authorisation case there. it is learnt that this case is under progress. He enquired about our member Com K. Rathakrishnan's stepping up of pay case. Com K.Rathakrishnan  has also come there.  that case is also under process..
Corporate office has  instructed to pay Bonus payment Rs.3000/- before 28th of this month to all employees.  we request our eligible members (already informed) to check their bank credits for bonus payment after that date.
We hope that 78.2  pension revision work at CGM Office will get momentum after 1st of next month.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

சென்னை தொலைபேசி சிறப்பு செய்திகள்

சென்னை தொலைபேசியில் 78.2% பென்ஷன் ரிவிஷன் பெற உள்ள மொத்த பென்ஷனர்களின் எண்ணிக்கை: 5110. இதில் PRE 2007 பென்ஷனர்களின்  எண்ணிக்கை: 2198.   POST 2007 பென்ஷனர்களின் எண்ணிக்கை: 2912 ஆகும். முதலில் CHTD நிர்வாகத்தால் ஒரு தெளிவான சிந்தனை, நடவடிக்கைகள் இல்லாமல், ஒரே குழப்பமாக நடந்து வந்த பென்ஷன் ரிவிஷன் வேலைகள் நமது தலைவர்கள் மேலிடத்து அதிகாரிகளை தொடர்ந்து சந்தித்து கொடுத்துவந்த தலையீட்டினால் தற்போது சீராக, திருப்திகரமாக நடைபெற்று வருகிறது.

நிர்வாகம் பென்ஷன்-II SECTION ஐ 78.2% பென்ஷன் ரிவிஷன் வேலைக்குமட்டும் என ஒதுக்கித்தந்து வேலைகள் நடைபெற்று வருகிறது. இதில் ஒரு பிரிவு PRE 2007 க்கு எனவும், மற்றொரு பிரிவு POST 2007 க்கு எனவும் பிரித்து பென்ஷன் ரிவிஷன் வேலைகளை செய்து வருகிறது.

நமது சங்க உறுப்பினர்களான 1. தோழர் அமர்நாத் ஷா 2. தோழர்   V. குப்புசாமி 3. தோழர் உதயகுமார் ஆகியோர் இதில் PRE 2007 பிரிவில் கௌரவ பணியாளர்களாக பணி புரிந்து வருகிறார்கள்.     1. தோழர் பாலசேகர் 2. தோழியர் சாராபாய் 3. தோழர் சேனாபதி ஆகியோர் POST 2007 பிரிவில் கௌரவ பணியாளர்களாக பணி புரிந்து வருகிறார்கள்.

இதனால் தற்போது  POST 2007 பிரிவில் 2007-2008, 2008-2009 ல் உள்ள சுமார் 500 பென்ஷன் ரிவிஷன் வேலைகள் முடிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது.  அதே போல் PRE 2007 பிரிவில் 2000-01 ல் 90 ம், 2001-02 ல் உள்ள சுமார் 108 பென்ஷன் ரிவிஷன் வேலைகள் முடிந்து உள்ளன. நமது சங்க உறுப்பினர்களும் பணி புரிந்து வருவதால் மேற்கொண்டும் வேலைகள் துரிதமாக நடந்து வருகிறது. இந்த வேலையில் பங்கு கொண்ட நமது சங்க உறுப்பினர்களுக்கு நமது நெஞ்சார்ந்த நன்றிகளை இந்த நேரத்தில் தெரிவித்துக் கொள்கிறோம்.

எல்லா ZONE லும் 90% வேலைகள் முடிக்கப்பட்டு விட்டன. 100% சதவிகித வேலைகளை முதலில் முடித்த AO CENTRAL அவர்களுக்கு நமது பாராட்டுதல்களைத் தெரிவித்துக் கொள்கிறோம்.

மெடிக்கல் பில் SECTION லும் நமது சங்க உறுப்பினர்கள் 1.தோழர் முனிவெங்கடசுப்ரமணியன்  2. தோழர் V. அசோக்குமார் 3. தோழர்         K.  வெங்கடரமணி ஆகியோர் கௌரவ பணியாளர்களாக பணி புரிந்து வருகிறார்கள். இதன் காரணமாக ஆகஸ்ட் மாத வரையிலான மெடிக்கல் பில்கள் CLEAR செய்யப்பட்டு பண பட்டுவாடாக்காக தயாராக காத்திருக்கின்றன. இந்த தோழர்களுக்கும் நமது நன்றியினை தெரிவித்துக் கொள்கிறோம்.

அண்ணாசாலை கிளை மறு சீரமைக்கப்பட்டு தோழர் M. ராஜா புதிய செயலராக பொறுப்பேற்றுள்ளார். இவரால் இந்த கிளையும் தற்போது சுறு சுறுப்பாக இயங்கிக்கொண்டு வருகிறது.    

                   தோழர்      VAITHYANATHAN 

Saturday, 22 October 2016

CGM STP circle has processed another 26 post 2007 pension revision cases and sent to DOT CELL on 18-10-16. 13 pensioners in madurai GM unit and 13 Bangalore GM Unit.  pl see below for the names of the pensioners: GM MADURAI: 1. C. Unnikrishnan (FP) 2. P. Rangaswami 3.V. Pattabiraman 4. S. Gurusamy (VRS) 5. V. Saravanavelu (VRS) 6. V. Subramanya achary 7. R. Dushandan 8. H. Ramkumar 9. R. Alamelu 10. K. Jayaseelan (FP) 11. S. Sivasankaran 12. P.K. Sivanandan (FP) 13. V. Janardhanan.  
GM  BG: 1. Mahabala kalla naik 2. K. Suresh rao 3. A.T. Naidu 4. S. Johnson david manohar 5.  B. Krishnappa 6. S. Rajeswari 7. V. Muninanjappa 8. Suchetha Ganapathy 9. K. Ganesh Rao 10. V. Venkataramudu 11. B. Chandrasekharam 12. K.R. Manjunath 13. B.S. Puttaraju 

Friday, 21 October 2016

Tamilnadu Circle has launched a NEW WEBSITE today. Com N. Mohan, STR Division is the WEBMASTER of the website. We convey our best wishes for the success of the website. We hope that this website will give fast and accurate news to our comrades. 

We request our comrades to note down the 

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Our STR Division Circular No.176 released and sent to our  400 members email ids.
To download the circular please Click Here 

CCA TN has endorsed and released October 5.5% IDA increase orders yesterday.

Com K. Muthiyalu and S. Ramakrishnan-III has gone to STSR Office CNI ON 18-10-16 and enquired about 78.2% IDA Pension Revsion progress.  

A separate unit consisting of an Accounts Officere and a staff was formed there for processing 78.2% pension revision cases exclusively. 

It is understood that 97 cases of pre 2007 cases of old DGM STSR Chennai unit cases were processed by them and put up to GM STSR for onward dispatch to CGMs office. Similarly 66 cases of pre 2007 cases of old DGM Madurai unit cases were processed by them and put up to GM STSR CNI for onward dispatch to CGMs office.  About 55 cases of post 2007 cases were also in the final stage of processing at AOs section. They will also be forwarded to CGMs office through GM once the work is completed. 

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Com A. Sugumaran presided the meeting. Com S. Narasimhan conveyed birthday greetings to our members whose birthdays are coming in this month. The he introduced the 9 new members to our members. 

He told that regarding 78.2% IDA pension revision work CGM STP office is doing a very good job. He said that CGM STP has so far processed 118 (93+25) post 2007 pensioners’ pension revision cases and forwarded them to DOT CELL. He said that STP Circle is giving very best cooperation for pensioners cases.  He said that in CHTD, TN & STR still they are processing the cases and the leaders will inform about the progress. He said that DOT CELL has decided to process and release pre 2007 cases first. He told that pension adalat meeting is coming in first or second week of November. He said that CCA TN has settled some of members’ case like change of address etc and our members got acknowledgement about this from CCA TN Office. He said that BSNL has issued orders for payment for Rs.3000/- as PLI Bonus to its employees for the year 2014-15 and our pensioners who worked from 1-4-2014 to 31-3-15 are also eligible for the bonus and informed that we have given a list of 20 of our members who are going to get it as pro rata basis. He requested our CHQ to expedite the case of pro rata pension for BSNL pre 2006 retired pensioners and also the case of enhanced amount of gratuity from 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs from 1-1-2016 for our BSNL pensioners also. He welcomed Com Veerachamy from Madurai and two comrades from Salem, Com Jayaraman from Cuddalore for this meeting. He said that Com Vallinayagam, Ex GS of FNTO has planned to come our meeting but he has not come due to unexpected tour plan today. He told that Com Vallinayagam has him asked him to convey his greetings to our AGB Meeting and has given a donation of Rs.1000/- to our branch. He requested our members to give LIFE CERTIFICATE next month November.

  Com D.S. Ramalingam welcomed all in his welcome address. He said that we are         now taking up  the issue of pension revision for BSNL Pensioners as per 7th CPC         revision  at par with central govt pensioners. He expressed his desire after seeing       the huge gathering that our next AGB Meeting should be held in somewhere else in     a big building.  

Com G. Natarajan, our General Secretary in his speech he appreciated our branch for its style of functioning. He explained in detail how Sri Ananthakumar helped us in getting our 78.2% IDA Pension revision in the cabinet meeting. He said because his intervention only the case is settled. He said that he has written a letter to Secretary for an appointment and waiting for the same to discuss the issue or pro rata pension for pre 2006 retired bsnl pensioners and gratuity enhancement of Rs. 20 lakhs from 10 lakhs. He said that he has already written letters to dot secretary. In pro rata pension revision case that CCA KTK & CCA Kerala has asked some clarifications from DOT and DOT has written letter to DOP for clarification. He said that as per the 7th CPC recommendation government has raised minimum pension Rs.9000/- for CG Pensioners. So we are now asking them to give the same minimum pension of Rs.9000/- for our BSNL Pensioners also. He said that unity is most important thing now to settle for many issues. And we have to work for it. Com Natarajan was honoured with shawl by Com K. Ramdoss.

Com B. Arunachalam, Coimbatore in his speech said that STR division is having a very good team of wonderful leaders like Com Muthiyalu, Sugumaran. He elaborately explained about the difficulties in BSNL MRS Schemes. He insisted that insurance pokicy arrangements should be given to bsnl pensioners and the indoor treatment procedures has to be simplified. He requested our TN & CHQ leaders to take up this case. He said that our TN Circle secretary should get a general uniform order for all SSAs for clearing 78.2 pension revision cases. He said that there 1300 are pensioners cases in CBT Division. He said CBT pensioners has contributed more than 8 Lakhs from their pocket for the Tamilnadu Circle Conference Meeting. Com Arunachalam  was honoured with shawl by Com R. Govindarajan.

Com Muralidharan NFTE TN in his speech conveyed his greetings for our AGB Meeting.  He is helping us for enrolling retired officials from CGM TN circle units to our association in a great way. He is also helping BSNL Pensioners by taking up their case with DOT CELL in his same building. Com Muralidharan was honoured with shawl by com D.S. Ramalingam.

Com K. Muthiyalu in his speech explained in detail about the number of pensioners in each cadre in our STR DIVISION. He said that our STR DIVISION has played a mjor role for the formation of the present ALL INDIA ASSOCIATION for us. He said that after formation of our ALL INDIA ASSN only took up our 68.8% IDA pension revision for our pensioners and we got it. He said that BSNL Pension should also be revised as per 7th CPC pension revision. Com Muthiyalu was honoured with shawl by com D.S. Ramalingam.

Com V. Ramarao in his speech said that our Association only took up so many FAMILY PENSION cases and settled them in lakhs of rupees. He said that Sri Ramamurthy Retd.CGM has participated in 78.2% IDA Pension revision demonstration in RK Nagar premises. In response to the demand of com Arunachalam about BSNLMRS he said that there is lot of problems in general insurance cover instead of BSNLMRS. This should be discussed in detail with the members. Com Ramarao was honoured with shawl by Com S. Sridharan.

Com A. Sugumaran said that BSNLMRS is the best scheme compared to  all other medical schemes. There is no maximum ceiling for the claim. But there is ceiling in private insurance claims. Com Sugumaran was honoured with shawl by com S. Ramakrishnan-II.

Com Vittoaban in his speech conveyed his greetings to our AGB Meeting. He said that the achievement of 60:40 condition removal is more important than 78.2% pension revision. Com Vittoban was honoured with shawl by Com Kulothungan.

Com D. Gopalakrishnan in his speech told that it took 3 years to achieve our 78.2% IDA pension revision. He explained in detail the reason for the delay. He said that there are so many sections in DOT.  He said each section is clashing within themselves and with other sections also for each and every case. He said that he got the full details from DOT through RTI for the time taken by each section for clearing our file and also from other nodal ministries. He said that 78.2% IDA pension revision file has to get ratified from DOP, DOE AND DPE. He said then when we sought the influence of Sri Ananthakumar Minister for Petroleum and chemicals some other associations critised it saying that he is not the Mininster for Communication. Com D.G. said that Sri Ananthakumar proved how powerful  he is by contacting all Secretaries in the Ministries including the Private Secretary to Prime Minister of India. He said because of sri Ananthakumar’s intervention the 60:40 condition was also included in the cabinet memo and cleared. He said that the Cabinet has given a deadline 31-12-2016 for making 78.2% pension revision arrears payment to pensioners. He said we are now going to take up the following cases:  Gratuity and commutation revision for this pension revision. Arrears should be paid from 1-1-2007. Com D. Gopalakrishnan was honoured with shawl by Com D.S. Ramalingam.

Dr. R. Niranjana, CCA, TN participated in the meeting. He conveyed his greetings for our AGB Meeting. He said that work has already started for processing 78.2% IDA pension revision cases. He said a separate cell has been formed to clear these case. He said so far 900 case received and 360 cases were cleared. He said that they are expecting that  around 19000 to 20000 PENSION REVISION cases may come. He said that he know that there is a deadline for finishing all the pension revision cases before 31-12-2016 and said that he is taking various steps to implement it. He said that he is going to approach BSNL CGMs to depute some BSNL regular employees for assisting this work. He appreciated that Pensioners associations also has come forward to give volunteers for doing this work. He said that he will find out some method before November.  Regarding pension adalat he said that 171 cases has come for the adalat. Out of which 49 cases are from pensioners directly and the remaining from associations. He said that he wanted to settle some case even before the adalat meeting. He said that Pension adalat meeting date will be finalized today afternoon and it will be known tomorrow. He said that there will be a change in pension payment system in future. Instead of asking banks for payment DOT CELL itself will credit the monthly pension to DOT and BSNL Pensioners in their bank account.  It may take six to one year time. And he said that there will be some difficulties in implementing that scheme like life certificate issue, Tax deduction at source issue. Sri R. Niranjana was honoured with shawl by our president Com A. Sugumaran.

Com Kannappan Treasurer, CHTD participated in the meeting and conveyed his greetings to our AGB Meeting. He said that there are 2200 life members in CHTD and 12 branches. He said that Villivakkam branch is 5th biggest branch in India. He said that there was some confusion in CHTD for processing 78.2% pension revision work. It was now cleared with the intervention of our association and the work is started now with full swing. He said that 6 volunteers from pensioners of our association are joining with the administration in processing the pension revision work from today. Com Kannappan was honoured with shawl by Com V. Santhanakrishnan. 

Sri Veerachamy from Madurai participated in the meeting and conveyed his greetings to our AGB Meeting. He praised the service our member com S. Narasimhan for giving quick information for his division members. Com Veerachamy was honoured with shawl by Com N. Mohan.

Sri Venkatachalam Trichy, Com Jayaraman, Cuddalore participated and greeted our AGB Meeting. Com Venkatachalam was honoured with shawl by Com S. Ramakrishnan-III and Com Jayaraman was honoured with shawl by Com Arumugam SSS CBT.

Com Ramamurthy, Retd CGM, our member during his speech conveyed his greetings to our AGB Meeting. He was honoured with shawl by Com A. Sugumaran. Com Ghouse Basha Treasurer, Tamilnadu Circle association was honoured with shawl by Com N.S. Deenadayalan. Com Sampathkumar, TN Circle office bearer was honoured with shawl by Com S. Ramanarayanan.

Com Sathyanarayan, Division Secretary, Traffic Division, Nanganallur spoke and conveyed his greetings to our AGB Meeting. Com Sathyanarayana was honoured with shawl by com A. Sugumaran.

The Meeting has come to an end with Com N.Deenadayalan conveyed vote of thanks. 175 members participated in the meeting.

Lunch was provided to all members.

Monday, 17 October 2016


STP Circle has processed another 25 - post 2007 - 78.2% Pension revision cases belongs MA, HYD & BG GM units and sent them to DOT Cell today 17.10.16. we have given below the names;

GM HYD: 1. J. Raghuveer 2. S.K. Salar 3. M. Nagendra rao 4. D. Saraswathi 5. D.M. Gopalakrishna 6. S.V. Subbarayan 7. N. Ramachandriah 8. G. Srinivasa rao 9. P. Sathyavati 

GM MDU: 10. P..K. Appukkuttan 11. A.K. Chothi 12. P.P. Asokan FP 13. M. Surendran 14. R. Vijayalakshmee 15. Sophy Joseph 16. D. Srinivasan 17. R. Karunakaran 18. R. Varathan 19. P. Mummoorthy 20. Achamma 21. K. Arivumani 22. K. Alagar 

GM BG: 23. Felix Machado 24. S P Kulkarni 25. Anuradha        -Narasimhan STR Dn. 

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Our STR DIVISION AGB Part-II Meeting will be held on coming Tuesday, 18-10-16 at   10 AM repeat 10 AM at 5th Floor, Flower Bazaar Telephone Exchange Building.

Dr. R. Niranjana, CCA Tamilnadu has confirmed his participation in the meeting. We are expecting that he may tell some news about 78.2% IDA Pension Revision arrears payment. CGM, STP, CGM STR are also agreed to come and participate in the meeting. Our All India leaders and Tamilnadu Circle leaders and CHTD Leaders are participating in the meeting and they may also tell some news about the progress in IDA PENSION REVISION work in their circles and about our other news.

The meeting will start by 10 AM  SHARP because  number of VIPs & Association leaders are going to speak in the meeting. 

Hence we request our members to be present  at 9.45 AM in their seats.  

We request our EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS to come one hour early ie at   
9 AM to help us and to make arrangements and escort our VIPs and our leaders to our venew.  We need your help for this occasion. please cooperate. 

Lunch will be provided at 1 PM. in the members seat itself in food pockets with water bottle. 

Members are requested to utilise this opportunity to attend the meeting well in advance and keep pin-drop silence throughout the meeting. This is very important meeting held at a very important crucial period.  Members want to know the latest news about their pension revision arrears payment. 

We kindly request our members to cooperate with us and make the Meeting a grand succes.


BSNL corporate office has issued orders on 7-10-16 for payment of PLI Bonus Rs. 3000/- to its employees who worked in BSNL during the period for the year 2014-15.  As per its orders those who are on BSNL Payroll for the period from 1-4-2014 to 31-3-2015 are eligible for getting the PLI Bonus. The amount will be calculated proportionally on the basis of the months they worked for that year. The following members of our Branch are eligible for getting that PLI bonus payment for that period.   The PLI payment is going to be paid to the working employees very soon before Puja. We request the following members of our branch to check with their AOs whether their names were included in the PLI BONUS PAYMENT LIST.  
When we enquired CAO, STP Office she told that they have already included the officials name who retired during that period in the payment list. 
1..R. Arumugam TN 2. M. Arumugam STR 3. V. Balakrishnan TN 4. L. Gita TN 5. G. Govindarajulu STR 6. Krishnamurthy shyamaladevi TN 7. P. Kumar TN 8. S. Nagaran REM 9. S. Ramakrishnan-III STR 10. R. Sampath TN 11. D. Soundararajan TN 12. A.V. Subramanian STP 13. N. Subramanian TN 14. R. Ventataraman TN 15. R. Venkatesan REM 16. N. Kannian TN 17. T.S. Lakshmi TN 18. P. Manoharan STR 19. Nagoor nainar mohammed 20. S. Sundarakrishnan TN

We request members of other SSAs in TN also to check their names in the list.  

Friday, 14 October 2016

Com K. Muthiyalu,  D.S. Ramalingam & S. Narasimhan met Dr. R. Niranjana, CCA TN at his RA Puram office today (14-10-16) and handed over our printed colour AGB INIVITATION CARD to him. He promised to come and attend our AGB Meeting on Tuesday. Then Com K. Muthiyalu and S. Narasimhan has gone to CGM STP Office. They erected our AGB MEETING FLEX BANNER there in front of the CGM STP Office. Com S. Narasimhan met Sri S. Sridhar, AO Pension. Sri S. Sridhar told that some more 78.2% pension revision files have come from field units and they are preparing to send them to DOT CELL next week. Com K. Muthiyalu and D.S. Ramalingam gone to CGM Tamilnadu Circle Office, Greams road and tied our AGB Meeting flex banner there. Then they went to Dy.CCA Office, Ethiraj Salali and installed our flex banner there also. They met Sri C. Sankarapandi, Dy.CCA and discussed about the progress of 78.2% pension revision issue.  Sri C. Sankarapandi told that they have received 78.2% pension revision cases from some offices and processing them and told that they may release some cases soon. It is understood that they are processing pre 2007 pension revision cases first. Sri Sankarapandi, Dy.CCA informed Com K. Muthiyalu that they are willing to take honorary volunteers from pensioners to assist them to quickly process pension revision cases. If any pensioners are willing they may contact Com K. Muthiyalu.    

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Today, the PA to Shri Ananthkumar, Honourable Minister for Parliamentary Affairs informed our Karntaka leaders that ANANTHKUMARJI is likely to attend Open Session to be organised in Sheesh Mahal, Palace Grounds, Bangalore on 12-11-2016 in connection with our ensuing Central Working Committee meeting. 
The Minister is going abroad for a week. On his return, the programme will be finalised and intimated to all.
P_ S Ramankutty

Friday, 7 October 2016

Com S. Narasimhan visited CGM STP Office today 7-1016 and met Sri S. Sridhar, AO, Pension and enquired about the progress of Pension Revision cases. Sri S. Sridharan,AO Pension informed that they are processing POST 2007 cases first.  There are 285 post 2007 cases in STP..  They have so far processed 93 post 2007 PENSION REVISION cases and already sent them to CCA TN Pension section. He said he has cleared all the files he received so far from GM units. He said he is expecting the remaining cases from the GM units. he said that he will clear them also as soon as he receive them.  

We have given below the names of the 93 POST 2007 PENSIONERS cases processed in STP CIRCLE and sent to CCA TN Pension cell:

1. D. Chandrasekaran, md 2.M. Subramaniya raju, MD 3. R. Sridharan, DGM 4. C. Annalakshmi, SSS 5. V. Sundaramurthy, MD 6. M. Karunanithi, DE 7. M. Sampath, DE 8. V. Devaraj, jamedar 9. L.N.S. Gopal, jamedar 10. B. Pushpa, AAO 11. V. Niranjana, css 12. A. Thullukkanam, 13. K.R. Srinivasan, cao 14. Meenajayaram, JTO 15. m. balasundaram LATE 16. s. meenakshi 17. r. gothandaraman 18. t.n. suriyaprakasam 19. r. rajamani 20. p. asery rajan 21. g. shiyamanann 22. r. joan 23. t.s. malathy 24. p. varadharajan 25. e. saravanan 26. r. mani 27. s. narasimhan 28. s. natarajan 29. a. marimuthu 30. c.p. dhanapalan 31. v. selvarj 32. n.g. sivaraman 33. s. george fami. pen 34. y. kaffurkhan md 35. r. raveendran famil pen rm 36. k. chelliah sde 37. s. sarat chandrakumar sde 38. k.s. gangadharan sde 39. a. sugumaran tm 40. k.g. purushothaman vrs jamedar 41. b. aravindalochanan, de 42. g. meenakshi sundram fami pen sde 43. s. sowririajan jamedar 44. l. natarajan agm 45. b nagalakshmi wo p. balasubramani 46. t. edward raj sde 47. m.  shanmugam agm 48. c.s. prabha sankar dgm 49. p.s. jayaraman cao 50. r. jayanthi css 51. s. balaji vo 52. a. narayanan h/o bagyalakshmi sss 53. n.k. srinivasan sts 54. t. radhakrishnan ho. smt r. hemala 55. k. arul fam pen 56. k. gangadharan 57 m. chokkammal 58. s syed ghouse fam pen 59 t.r. krishnaram 60 c. pugazhendhi 61 k. lakshmanan 62. a. jayachandran 63 s alphonse 64 m.l. baburajan fam pen 65 sunhny joseph vrs 66 j. jayavelu sss 67 v. vasudevan tm 68 a. kothandan md 69 a. santhalingam md fam pen 70 p.t. kunjpalu md 71 g. dhanam jto vrs 72 v. saraswathi css 73 m radhakrishnan md 74 g. krishnamurthy md 75 p ramasamy md 76 s pakshirajan 77 p kamatchi 78 s ramasamy 79 d. elangovan 80 k.j joseph 81 p v joseph 82 k ponnusamy 83 a masanam 84 m rajaram pandian 85 g vijayappan 86 k. prabhakaran 87 k. kanikaraj vrs 88 s. dharmarajan fam pen 89 v rajamani 90 s. tharumalingam 91 a ramarajan 92 k. venkataraman 93 p chandran

FOR full details of the above pension revision cases please go to our str division website and get the full particulars. 

S. Narasimhan met Sri K. Sudhakar, CGM, STP and handed over the printed coulour inivitation card and told him that he is one of our chief guest for our AGB Mtg. on 18-10-16. He assured to come for the meeting.

Com D.S. Ramalingam met Sri K. Manohar, CGM, STR yesterday 6-1016 and handed over our AGB MTG colour printed colour invitation. CGM promised to come for the meeting. Com Ramalingam met DGM F and discussed about pension revision in STR  circle. She said  pension revision work is going on. and he asked her to expedite the work. in CHTD also pension revision work is going on. Com G. Natarajan and other CHTD leaders met DGM F chtd today also and given him pressure to expedite the work.  

Thursday, 6 October 2016

DPE released October 16  5.5% IDA increase orders.

We have written a letter to CCA TN today attaching the copies of the DPE orders requesting him to endorse and release the IDA orders to CPPC and Postal authorities soon.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Tamilnadu Circle Association has given an additional list of 29 cases of various SSA's for PENSION ADALAT MEETING to CCA TN office today.
To view the Circle Association letter please CLICK HERE