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Saturday 26 February 2022

 BSNL ஓய்வூதியர்கள் பென்ஷன் மாற்றம் செய்ய  துறை அமைச்சருக்கு திருமதி வங்க கீதா விஸ்வநாத் MP அவர்கள் எழுதியுள்ள கடிதங்களுக்கு தொலைத்தொடர்பு துறை அமைச்சர் மாண்புமிகு அஸ்வனி வைஷ்ணவா அவர்கள் , இந்த விஷயம் பரிசீலனையில் இருப்பதாக பதில் கடிதம் அளித்துள்ளார்கள்.

Tuesday 22 February 2022

CGHS has released a new APP namely as my CGHS for mobile phones. It is available in GOOGLE PLAY STORE. Once installed in your mobile you can see and avail all the facilities of CGHS from your mobile phone itself. 

To see the order and facilities of myCGHS

Please       CLICK HERE

Friday 18 February 2022


STR CGM OFF  AO informed us that the following STR Pensioners' Medical bill payment was returned. (all 4 circles). Hence they are requested to inform their new bank account numbers to their respecting AO Unit for making medical bill payment

To see the list        PLEASE CLICK HERE

Thursday 17 February 2022



Sundarakrishnan S, DS STR DN CNI : 

Our lawyer has informed that we have won in extra increment case. It may take a week to get a copy of the judgement. We thank all our members who stood with our association with patience. We also thank our lawyer Shri Karthik Rajan,       A  Sukumaran, D Gopalakrishnan,                                   K Muthiyalu, V Ramarao &                                                      R Venkatachalam.

Really, We will have to  congratulate our Leaders Com. DG, A.Sugumaran, K.Muthialu, A.Ramarao, RV, for the continuous pursuation with our lawyer Sri.Karthic. Thanks to Hon.ble judges and Our learned counsel Sri.Karthic Rajan.

S.Sundarakrishnan DS

Tuesday 15 February 2022


Smt Vanga Geeta Member of Parliament Kakinada today i.e.,on 15-02-2022 met Secretary DOT(2nd time with in tendays),and also met Hon'ble MOC Sri Aswini Vaishnav and discussed the issue of pension revision of BSNL absorbed DOT pensioners and handed over a memorandum. Today she met Secretary DOP&PW, Secretary DOT and MOC. The meetings are very cordial and MOC told MP that he is well aware of the case. MP told MOC that some of the pensioners are messaging her will we get pension revision before their last breadth. MOC responded that they are on the job to find a solution on this. We are very much thankful to her allowing her full day on our pension revision issue. When a journalist asked her why she is wasting her time on this issue she replied that issues like this are to be given at most priority. Hats off to her.



Kindly refer to the above Pension Adalat notification. Last date for receipt of grievances by CCA OFFICE is given as 22nd Feb.2022. If individual comrades send directly to CCA OFFICE, those grievances will not be discussed with ASSOCIATION. So, if any one wants Association  to discuss the grievance, please send the grievances  to Dist.Secretary in the proforma by post to reach by 20th Feb 2022. Cases like Compassionate Appointment, stepping up of pay, Medical allowances payment, MRS BILL PAYMENT, Any other payment, Any issues which are under legal dispute are beyond the purview of Adalat. Such cases need not be refered to Adalat. 


Monday 14 February 2022




BSNL has informed that payment of CGHS FEES will be REIMBURSED withing one month. This option is open upto 31-3-2022 only. Hence we request all pensioners to MIGRATE CGHS IMMEDIATELY.  See the BSNL ORDER below:


 Orders issued by BSNL Management on the issue of migration to CGHS. It was discussed with DGM and GM  about the  assurance given by CMD last week.  GM (A) informed that as on date BSNL does not have any software mechanism to facilitate making payment directly to CGHS on surrender of MRS card. Finalization of this mechanism will take some time.

In the meantime,  GM(A) informed  that CMD, wanted the orders to be issued immediately, and not to wait for finalization of the mechanism of putting in place appropriate software mechanism,  incorporating all these features. Further, GM( A) assured that they have already started working on it on priority, and, as and when it gets finalized, they will issue further modification to this order.
P Gangadhara Rao GS

Dear comrades, From the above postings, comrades should understand the following.  1. Our AGS com ANUPAM KAUL GS SNPWA Com.G.L.JOGI jointly discussed several issues. Direct payment to CGHS instead of reimbursement is one of the issues.CMD also assured. 2. Now, today's letter reveals that reimbursement of payment made  to CGHS BY pensioners will be made within one month to those who migrate on or before 31.03.2022 .  
3. Before implementation of direct payment to CGHS by BSNL,
 a) approval from CGHS or Ministry of Health has to be obtained for consolidated payment to individual ADDL.DIRECTOR CGHS.
b) existing procedure of IDA/CDA CONVERSION Letter from CCA of respective Circle, Surrender of MRS CARD will follow.
c) In addition the application form has to be routed through BSNL as payment is to be done by BSNL.
d) to that extent of (c) a software has to be developed for uploading.This takes time.d) 

So,My request is that those who can afford to pay the Subscribtion of CGHS by individual personnel money and get reimbursement within one month can apply for CGHS CARD as per the existing procedure.

(e) Willing comrades can apply to O/o CCA for IDA/CDA Mapping letter without surrendering BSNL MRS CARD . 
S Sundarakrishnan DS

Friday 11 February 2022

C G H S 

Recently included  3 Hospitals are listed as follows..,

1. Dr.Rai Memorial Medical Centre , 526 Century Plaza,

Anna Salai,  Teynampet Chennai 18  is listed at Sl.No 14.,


2. Panimalar Medical College Hospital, Varadarajapuram,

Poonamallee, Chennai 123 is listed at Sl.No 15.,


3. SRM Medical College Hospital , Irungalur, Trichy 105

Is listed at Sl.No 18

A link is given below to see the empanelled Hospitals List

                                     CLICK HERE 

Tuesday 8 February 2022

Sundarakrishnan S, DS, STR DN CNI:

Comrades Today GS SMPWA and Com Anupam Kaul, AGS/ AIBSNL PWA met CMD, Dir(Hr) and Dir ( Finance)/ BSNL and discussed following issues.

Meeting with CMD The meeting was extremely fruitful and positive. 

1. On the issue of opening one time window for direct payment by BSNL to CGHS for migration from BSNL MRS to CGHS, CMD, in our presence, issued instructions to Dir( HR) to open one time window immediately for payment of one time CGHS contribution directly by BSNL to CGHS to facilitate migration to CGHS and keep it open till 31st March, 22. This indeed is a very positive development and now our appeal to our Comrades is to immediately migrate to CGHS in view of complete inability of BSNL to pay medical allowances to Pensioners in coming days.

2. On the important issue of relaxation of VRS conditions to enable spouses of VRS optees payment of both gratuity and pension commutation in the event of unfortunate death of a VRS optee, CMD categorically and wholeheartedly assured that he will take up this issue personally with Secy/ DOT and even plead with him to get VRS conditions relaxed in such cases in case need to going to Union Cabinet for this is needed. CMD is fully convinced on this stand of ours and will surely resolve it. In fact, he has already got some positive indications from DOT on this issue after we briefed him last time on this issue.

3. Regarding notices being received from income tax authorities for levying of tax on leave encashment, CMD assured that BSNL will continue to pursue this issue with concerned authorities of income tax  informally even though he is not personally convinced on this account since the payment of leave encashment is made by BSNL, as an employer, not DOT, and tax has to be levied as per the provisions of tax applicable to CPSEs. Nonetheless,  he assured that BSNL will continue to pursue the issue with concerned tax authorities.

4. Regarding withholding of terminal benefits to ST Comrades of MH On this issue after a very detailed and prolonged discussion,  CMD asked us to wait for just one month since he is personally in close touch with Secy/ DOT on this issue to sort it out at the earliest.

5. Regarding payment of pending medical bills with and without voucher, CMD assured that he will surely try to give some relief in the month of March/ April 22.

The meeting, all in all, was extremely positive, lasting for more than half an hour.

Friday 4 February 2022

Sundarakrishnan S Divisional Secretary: 

Dear comrades, A few of our comrades retired from TN CO complained last night that they have not received Medical Allowance for 2018-19 inspite of their given option. Some say their bills for 2018-19, is not paid. It is requested those comrades who are not in receipt of Medical Payment till Jan 2022 for their allowance /OPD are requested to send details to me by whats app today itself or before Tomorrow morning.Proforma:. 1.Name.           2.HRMS NO. 3 Payment for Allowance or voucher.      4.Date of submission of option for allowance or bill. THIS IS PURELY FOR THE NONPAYMENT For the period from 2018 April to 2019 March. NOT OTHERS

As the details pertaing to  above issue is to be Sent to TN CIRCLE by Tomorrow 11 AM PLEASE SEND INFORMATION BEFORE TOMORROW MORNING.

 Another achievement of our AIBSNLPWA.

Grant of additional pension to pensioners attaining age of 65,70 and 75--Parliamentary committees' recommendations and AIBSNLPWA's role.

At the end of year 2021, the parliamentary house panel has expressed concern over disposal of pensioner's grievances and asked the Union Government to sympathetically consider the demand of pensioners association's i.e., 5% additional pension on attaining the age of 65, 10% on 70 and 15% on 75.  20%on 80 years is already paid. 

The AIBSNLPWA submitted a proposal to the 7th Pay Commission. Comrades D.Gopalakrishnan and K.Muthiyalu were committee members for drafting proposals. Com.G.Natarajan the then General Secretary submitted this proposal . It was published in our journal also.

Now the Department of pension and pensioner's welfare has sought information with regard to 110th Parliamentary Committees' recommendations from various central government departments under several ministries. 

Accordingly information is sought by the Ministry of communication, Department of Telecommunication through a letter addressed to CGCA on 28-01-2022 seeking reply latest by 07-02-2022.

Let us rejoice that it is another milestone in our activities of AIBSNLPWA. We shall pursue it further and get implemented by making all out efforts.---V.K.GOPALAN, STR DN.

Thursday 3 February 2022


Since the CAT was not functioning physically, we filed a petition to hear the case early as many pensioners expired after filing this case. The case came today through video conferencing. Arguments took place and completed. Judgement reserved.

Normally within 10 to 15 days we can expect the judgement .

Sugumaran. A


Non Payment of Medical Allowance payment in TN CO:- During disbursement of Medical paymentTN CO( during Jan 2022 )has paid medical allowances only for 2 Qtrs

( 1) upto QE 30.09.2019 to those who already received till March 2018 during Feb 2021.

(2) Upto 31.03.2019   to some who have not received during 2021.

(3) 10 comrades are not at all received Medical allowances for the period from 2018 April onwards This was due to the reason of belated submission of option during 2018-19. We took up the case even during 2019. Case was initiated and not sanctioned in ERP. We requested Finance officers of TN CO. They agreed to process. Similarly, some of the OPD bills also to be uploaded in ERP for sanction and sanctioned bills to be uploaded in CSC. However,due to technical prob…

Comrades, A lot of clarrifications are being received by our comrades regarding payment of Medical bills/Medical voucher. We post information every occasion from the time of allotment of fund. We mentioned this is upto 30.09.2019 ERP UPLOADED DATA. NOT BASED ON UR SUBMISSION OF BILLS. WE ALSO POSTED there are NOT SANCTIONED BILLS IN ERP and this bills will not be paid unless sanctioned now even during  future fund allotment also. Regarding Medical Allowances for 2018 -19 and 2019-20, inon uniform payment, non payment for some of the optees.

For 2028-19, letter was issued by BSNL CO ON 25TH April 2018. Exercising option should be before 30th June 2018. If no option is exercised for Allowance, it would have been presumed that Option will be with Voucher. But TN CO, Medical section staffs were liberal and they accepted many cases even after last date.We will have to thank Madams Lakshmi, Rama  and Mrs .Raevathi. But due to ERP,a lot of confusion arose. So, comrades who have not received Allowance are requested to check the details of giving option.VRS 2019 Retirees on 31.01.2020 is asking about allowance for 2018-19. They are not eligible for 2018-19 One comrade complaining about non receipt of allowance since 2019.Today morning also  complained Sent details. But they already received payment last weeki tself. Regarding Voucher also same problem. If not sanctioned in ERP, payment could not be made. TN CO is processing to upload all the pending bills on hand and to process the pending deadlock ERP Sanction. If any body has got still grievance of either voucher payment or Allowance upto 2019 Sep, better to send a direct communication to Circle Office AO, to trace and update the records which will be useful for future payment. As only two clerks are available to upload all medical bills daa and creation of RVENDORCODE for VRS2019 RETIREES, contacting them over phone is not possible. I hope Some may get payment during Feb.also.Thanking you.S.Sundarakrishnan DS