IDA INCREASED 5.3% FROM 1-1-2023 - TOTAL 201.1%

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Smt.J. Vijalakshmi, O.S.  S.T.P., Chennai retired on superannuation on 30-6-18. She has joined our STR DIVISION as LIFE MEMBER from 1-7-18. We welcome her wholeheartedly to our Division and wish her a happy, peaceful, healthy long life. 

Wednesday, 20 June 2018


Com S. Thangaraj, Circle Secretary, CHTD welcomed the members and leaders who are assembled for the demonstration of PENSION REVISION as per 7th CPC. He explained our demand in detail and requested Com V. Rama Rao, President, TN Circle and Com M. Munuswamy, President, CHTD Circle to jointly preside over the Meeting. Com V. Rama Rao in his speech explained the demand in short and asked Com M. Munuswamy to speak. Com M. Munuswamy in his short speech welcomed the leaders and pensioners and asked Com K. Muthiyalu to speak.

Com K. Muthiyalu said that when DOT is converted into BSNL, There was a strike against it by NFTE and FNTO in 2000. Com Om.P. Guptha and Com Vallinayagam signed an agreement after the Govt assured them that BSNL Employees will get Govt. Pension when they retire. Thus the CCS Pension Rules 1972 Rule was amended under 37 A. We are now getting pension from Govt. because of their agreement only. He said that we are very clear on our demands. DOT Officers are initially confused when we raised this demand. When we explained the reasons behind this demand to them they are now understanding our demand. But still they are having some doubts in their mind.  Even 7th CPC Chairman finally agreed that there is a valid reason in our demand. He said that he expected that 300 pensioners may attend this DEMONSTRATION. He is now very happy to know that 700 pensioners have attended this demonstration.

Com R. Pattabiraman, Ex Circle Secretary, NFTE, TN Circle in his speech said there are supporting orders from DOP&PW and DPE for our demands and we should persue the case continuously to win our demand. 

Com G. Natarajan, GS, AIBSNLPWA in his address said that we have achieved 78.2% pension revision, 60:40 formulae annulations. Like those things we will achieve this demand also. He said that he met DOT Secretary and other Officers including Member Finance in this matter two or three times and explained our demand.  They are all half convinced and but still some more meetings are required to convince them for our demand. We have given enough proof and arguments to convince them.

Com A.Sugumaran, VP, TN Circle congratulated our leaders efforts and said that we will win our demands finally.

Com Vittoban also spoke and explained about our demand.

Com D. Gopalakrishnan, VP, AIBSNLPWA that we are not raising this demand now new. We wrote letters to 7th CPC when it is formed to consider BSNL Pension Revision also.  We met the Chairman Sri Mathur also in Bangalore and explained our demand to him. we also met DOP&PW, and DPE and explained our pension revision demand as per 7tah CPC. All are convinced that there is a valid point in it but they wanted that DOT should recommend and write letters to them. We also met DOT Secretary, Member Finance and other officers two or three times. Initially they were reluctant to accept this demand and when we explained the justification behind our demand they are now partially convinced. Our Bangalore Comrades, Com Gangadara Rao and Changappa met Sri Ananthakumar, Cabinet Minister on 18-6-2018 at Bangalore and requested him to help us to solve our demands. He assured them that he will help us to solve this problem. Com D.G. said that now MTNL pensioners association also accepted our demand and joined with us in this demonstration jointly and conducting demonstration in New Delhi and Bombay today.

Com Ramani, District Secretalry, Salem spoke that we are definitely going to win over this demand also.  Com M. Kannappan, Treasurer, CHTD conveyed vote of thanks to all. Lot of print media and channel media reporters came and recorded our demonstration.

About 100 members of our STR DIVISION Participated in this demonstration including 10 lady comrades. We convey our sincere thanks to all our members who attended this demonstration. We are giving below the names of our members who attended today. We know that we have missed some names of membersdue to oversight. We convey sorry for it if we missed any names here. Please inform us if any name is missed. We will add them in our supplementary report.    1. S. Narasimhan 2. K. Ramadoss 3. Kamalakkannan 4. C. Sundaramoorthy 5. N. Mohan 6. C.B. Samoathkumar 7. V. Mohan 8. M. Swaminathan 9. C.T. Sampath 10. R. Govindarajan 11. Somasundara Bharathy 12. Arumugam civil 13. Selvarajan 14. Kamalasekar 15. Victor Raj 16. M. Subramanian 17. Rexraj 18. Muthuswamy 19. Vadusevan 20. Jayaraman K 21. V. Jeyakumar 22. G. Venkatesan 23. R. Munusami 24. S. Revathi 25. N.S. Deenadayalan 26. Yagasundaram 27. A. Sugumaran 28. Murugesan 29. S. Sundarakrishnan 30. Pattabiraman NFTE 31. Kulothungan 32. M. Shanmugam 33. T. Gomathi 34. U Bhagavathi 35. Thanthoni 36. B. Saroja 37. S. Sridharan 38. Vinayagasundaram 39. P. Kumar 40. V. Ganapathy 41. V. Subramanian 42. K. Muthiyalu 43. Shanmuga Vadivelu 44. V.S.Rajasekaran 45. A. Srinivasan 46. R. Rajasekaran 47. N. Sethuraman 48. Nandakumar 49. R. Chandrasekaran 50. Ganesan 51. Sundararaman 52. Srinivasan 53. Kalyanaraman 54. R. Pandian 55. H.S. Sudha 56. Vijayanthi Easwaran 57. L. Krishnamoorthy 58. Rajan 59 R. Ravi 60 Ravi 61. M. Janaki raman 62. Dhanalakshmi 63. Revathi 64.V. K. Venkateswaran 65. M. Krishnakumar 66. G. Gopalswamy 67. Vincent 68. C. Karunakaran 69. Subbiah 70. Sachidananda Velayudham 71. N. Sampathkumar 72. Kalidoss 74. S. Kalyanaraman 75. Karikrishnan 76. R. Srinivasan 77. Jayaprakash 78. T.E. Vasudevan 79. R. Natarajan 80. K.P. Subramanian 81. L. Rajamannar 82. T.R. Kuppan 83. Dominic Savio 84. V. Balaraman 85. P. Madanagopal 86. R. Ravi 87. Kannaian 88. S. Meena 89. A. Sureshkumar 90. S. Srinivasan

Monday, 18 June 2018

 - Secretary.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Com A. Sugumaran presided over the meeting. One minute silence was observed for our Members Sri. C.R. Krishna Rao, Retd AO, STR, CNI, Sri S. Santhanam, Retd.DGM., CHTD., and Sri N.P. Jaiswal, Circle Secretary, AIBSNLPWA, M.P. Circle, and Com G.L.Dhar, General Secretary, Central Secretariat employees federation, New Delhi who all passed away. Com S. Sridharan read out the  minutes of the last meeting and got approval from the GB. 

Com S. Narasimhan conveyed Birthday Greetings to our members whose birthdays are coming in this month. He introduced the 27 new members to our members. He then conveyed the STR DN. Family Welfare News to the Members. He then told that the expected IDA increase from 1st July will be approximately from 0.25% to 1%. He explained about the latest position of BSNLMRS payment for the 3rd and 4th quarter from STP, STR, TN & CHTD. He informed that a new order is coming soon for BSNLMRS Scheme. He informed about our forthcoming PURI All India Conference and Trichy TN Circle Conference. He also touched about the pension adalat meeting. He informed the members that our All India association has announced a Demonstration on 20-6-18. He requested all members to attend the demonstration on 20-6-18 at CCA OFFICE, Ethiraj Salai at 10 AM.
The audited accounts was submitted and was approved by the GB. Com S. Sundarakrishnan spoke about our various issues. He told that he took up our STR Division members cases were taken up in the Pension adalat cases and informed all are settled exept one or two. He also informed that 3% increment issue pensioners should apply to the concerned AOs to get their pay arears. He also informed about the BSNLMRS payments from all the circles. Then He called for the willingness of the members who are all going to attend the PURI All India conference. The following members have given their names to attend the conference as delegates.

      1. S. Narasimhan 2. N. Mohan 3. N.S. Deenadayalan 4. S. Sivasankaran 5. S. Sridharan 6. V. Mohan 7. R. Natarajan 8. K. Ramadoss 9. T.R. Kuppan 10. P.R. Yagasundaram 11. C. Karunakaran 12. G. Rexraj 13. M. Gopalakrishnan 14. M. Shanmugam 15. K. Arumugam 16. C.B. Sampathkumar 17. L. Krishnamurthy 18. T.E. Vasudevan 19. N. Kothandaraman \
      Options were called from members who are interested to attend delegates for our TN Circle conference. The following members were have given their names to attend the conference.

     1..S. Narasimhan 2. N. Mohan 3. S. Sridharan 4. S. Sundarakrishnan 5. R. Ravi 6. L. Krishnamurthy 7. S. Ganesan 8. B. Kamalakkannan 9. P. Murugesan 10. G. Chandrasekaran 11. V. Subramanian 12. K. Ramadoss 13. C.T. Sampath 14. M. Swaminthan 15. R. Rajamani 16. P.R. Yagasundaram 17. G. Subramanian 18. Dhanalakshmi 19 V.S. Rajasekaran 20 Victor Raju 21. Mydheen Pillai 22. G.B. Sampathkumar 23. Alla Pitchai 24. T.E. Vasudevan 25. N. Kothandaraman 26. S. Sivasankaran 27. A. Srinivasan 28. K. Arumugam 29. V. Pandian 
Com A. Sugumaran said that Medical Allowance for DOT Pensioners is now Rs.1000/-. If anybody not getting that amount should apply for it immediately to cca office because it is given from the date of their application only. He invited all members to attend demonstration on 20-6-18 at CCA Office for pension revision on the basis of 7th CPC. 

Com. Muthiyalu apprecicated our branch for enrolling 27 new members for this month and asked to enroll more members before our AIC. He told that TN Circle association has conducted a workshop on pension on 15-5-18. Com Mari, AO Pension and Divl Secretary, NFTE of Karaikudi explained on various points and procedures for pension sanctioning and pension related issues. All the District secretaries particiapated in it and it was a very useful one for all leader. He informed Pension Adalat meeting was held on 16-6-18 and more than 500 cases were taken up for the adalat. Since sufficient time was not there in that day a separate meeting is going to be held on 18-6-18 to solve the other problems. He said shortage of staff is main problem in all office and this is due to the ban on recruitment from 1984  and it should be removed. He requested all members to attend the demonstration on 20-6-18 at CCA Office at 10 AM. He said that our association has filed two cases in Ernakulam CAT. 
Com S. Sridharan invited all our members to participate in All india Conference of AIFP, Saidapet to be held on 20-7-18 at SPS Thirumanana mandapam Saidapet. He told that Com P.S. Ramankutty is participating in the meeting.
Com N. Mohan conveyed vote of thanks to everybody. He said that Rs.20,000/- is given as donation from members for All India Conference and requested all members to give donation soon. 102 members attended the meeting.  

Monday, 11 June 2018


We regret to inform that our Member Sri. S. Santhanam, Retd.DGM., CHTD, CNI passed away on 3.6.18 at 3 PM due to Renal Failure at his house in West Mambalam. We got this news now only. We convey our heartfelt condolences to his family. His Mobile Number: 9840124455. Pl convey your condolence message direct to that number.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Our member Com K. Rathakrishnan son Selvan R. Arun and Selvi U. Srilakshmi Kothai's marriage reception was held on 9-6-2018 evening at Aditya keerthi Mahal, Nanganallur. Some of our members attended and conveyed their greetings to the newly marrying couple. (From Left to Right: Narasimhan, Com Mahadevan, retd. Advisor, DOT, ND, Mrs. A. Alagammal Rathakrishnan, Selvi Srilakshmi Kothai, Sevlan R. Arun, K. Rathakrishnan and R. Vasudevan)

Tuesday, 5 June 2018



1. AIC will be held in Railway Tourist Complex, adjacent to Puri Railway Station on 22nd and 23rd September 2018.

2. Delegates’ Camps: Stay for delegates is arranged in Sree Gundicha Bhakta Niwas,
NiIachala Bhakta Niwas and Niladri Complex, all at Grand Road, Puri, at walking distance from the Railway Tourist Complex. Rooms will be available from noon on 21st September and up to noon of 24th September 2018. Delegates who arrive earlier or stay back after the above period have to arrange their lodgings themselves. Delegates will be admitted on production of Credential certificates duly signed by Circle Secretary and DistrictSecretary concerned. Number of delegates entitled to by each district branch has beenintimated by CHQ.

3. Delegate Fee: Rs 1000 per head. This amount is used to provide food. Reception Committee will provide food to all Delegates and Visitors who remit this amount. Foodwill be available from Dinner on 21st and up to Breakfast on 24th.

4. VISITORS: Visitors also will be provided food on payment of Rs 1000 per head. But,their lodgings in the Delegates Camps can not be guaranteed. Reception Committee will help visitors to get accommodation in some Hotel rooms if rent is sent in advance. Itis around Rs 3000 for three days for a two beds room, in which 2 persons can stay. Otherwise, Visitors have to make their own arrangements for stay.

5. Delegate Fee can be remitted to Rec. Committee online through NEFT/ATM.

6. CHQ Treasurer and RC Treasurer will collect remittance at the venue of AIC from 8 AM on 22nd September 2018.

7. Delegates and visitors are advised to carry their ID cards.

8. District Secretaries may please intimate names of Delegates/visitors, arrival time anddeparture time so that RC can make the arrangements.

9. Volunteers of Reception Committee will be available in Bhubaneshwar, Khurda
Road and Puri railway stations from 21st morning. Puri Bus Stand is very nearby.
10. Delegates/Visitors can have access to Reception Committee through the following
Telephone Numbers:
J K Tripathy: 9437081999 (whatsapp).
B.N.Behera: 9437279100(whatsapp),       7978630627
Sricharan Mohanty: 9439504400
S C Paikray: 9438668340
Gopal Sahoo: 9438301665

RC Current A/c No. 37632997819 in State Bank of India POKHARIPUT branch, Puri district.
IFS Code is SBIN0010928. PAN: AADAA5034E.

Biswanath Behera, GS, Reception Committee,
LB-395, Kapilaprasad Housing Board, Phase-2, Bhimtangi, Bhubaneswar 751002.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Sri.A.Ramadass, DGM PLG .O/o CGMT TN Circle and retired on 30.4.2009. He  has joined as a life member  in STR Division of AIBSNLPWA from today. We welcome him and wish him to be healthy and joyful forever