IDA INCREASED 5.3% FROM 1-1-2023 - TOTAL 201.1%

Saturday, 30 March 2019

Our Association has sought for a meeting with CGM Tamilnadu and also sent a Grievance List to CGM TN. On receipt of our grievance letter, he has sent to respective SSAs seeking detailed report from those SSAs. 

Friday, 29 March 2019

Price Index Stood at 307 points  so
will be 
Now Total IDA will be  141.4%

Thursday, 21 March 2019

கொறுக்கை நடு நிலைப்பள்ளி தமிழ் மாநிலம் மற்றும் சென்னை தொலைபேசி மாநில AIBSNLPWA  சங்கங்களின் கூட்டு முயற்சியால் சீரமைக்கப்பட்டு பள்ளி நிர்வாகத்திடம் கடந்த ஞாயிறு  (17 03-2019 ) அன்று ஒப்படைக்கப்பட்டது. நன்றி பெருக்கால் நெகிழ்ந்து போன பள்ளிமாணவ மாணவிகள்  பாடல் மூலமாகவும் கவிதை மூலமாகவும் தெரிவித்து மகிழ்ந்தனர் . எட்டாவது வகுப்பில் பயிலும் மாணவி ஜெனிதா அளித்த கவிதை யினை உங்கள் பார்வைக்கு சமர்ப்பிக்கிறோம்  ஓய்வூதியர் நலம் மட்டுமல்ல சமூக நலத்திலும் நாம் மிகுந்த அக்கறை கொண்டிருக்கிறோம் என்பதை மீண்டும் நிரூபித்துள்ளோம்.

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Friday, 15 March 2019

Web Master Com S. Narasimhan has gone to Melbourne, Australia for SIX MONTHS. Com S. Sundarakrishnan, DS & Com N. Mohan, Treasurer will be in charge of this WEBSITE during his absence.
BRIEF OF THE Monthly Meeting :Good evening,The monthly meeting of STR Division was conducted on the AN of 12.03.2019 at TANSTIA HALL GST road Guindy under the presidentship of com.Sri.A.Sugumaran Dist.President.This meeting has been organised as womens Day celebration.Com.A.P Saraswathi Org.Secy.CHQ came from Trissur as a chief guest. Com. O.S.Annapoorani sang prayer.Initially one minute silence was observed for the departed soldiers at Pulwama attack and the demise of Com.Mohanasundaram Postal leader.Com.S.Sundarakrishnan DS welcomed all.He mentioned that Inclusion of spouse as a family pensioner in the case of Com.Kuppuswamy TCIL RTD and correction of spouse name in case of Sri T.V.Subbarayan Rtd DE STP also settled.New members enrolled during current month is 18.Our STR Division membership crossed 1000 and present membership is 1001.Com.Narasimhan ADS wished Birthday greetings to those whose birthday fall during March 19.He also intimated Likely DA increase of 2.6%.Com.A.Sugumaran in his presidential address mentioned that though the International Womens’ Day was celebrated on 8th Mrach ,we celebrate it today.All the women are great achivers and after their achievements only ,these women are sitting in the hall.Presently external affairs and Defence Ministries being handled by women which are proud for the women.Then the dias was handed over to com.Mrs.Thiripurasundari retd DGM and Com.N.Suramanjari Rtd DGM to preside over.Com.Thiripurasundari welcomed the chief guest and all. Com.Muthialu DY.GS introduced the chief guest.She participated in the strike during 1968.She entered as an operator .Got elevated to PI and JTO.Retired as SDE.He announced the name of the donors for the meeting .He also told that Com.V.Pandian has agreed to take care of the expenditure of todays snacks. He thanked  com. Sampooranam, Com.K.Radhakrishnan,   com.Murugesan.Com.Rajiah, Com. Kalyanaraman Com. Mohanraj, Com.M.V.Krishnamurthy Com.Baghavathi for their kindness in donation. He told 50% reservation to be given to ladies instead of 33%.He requested ladies to fight against TV serials where  women are picturised badly.Com.A.P.Saraswathi spoke about the importance of International Womens DAY. Even though many steps have been taken to improve the status of the women in the country, still many things are lagging behind. For example, 1.Female occupies 50% of the population but 33% women's bill is yet to be passed. 2.Womens participation in jobs will reduce corruption. 3.Highly literated state like Kerala has only 5% representation in assembly and TN has 7%.Rajasthan and Bihar has highest represntation. 4.Education is the only solution for ladies to eradicate the social evils like dowry,woman harassement etc.Women should  stand on their own leg both in financial as well as meeting social obligation.5.Statistical figure of women's literary status in all states throughout the country was given.Well prepared and informative speech was given by her. Mrs.Suja told that respecting women should start from home and family members should encourage women for their activities.Abuse of women should be stopped and all should stand against social stigma like dowry etc.Com.Mary Beaulah quoted example from Holy Bible that both men and women are equal.She told that how  Widow mother is capable  of bringing up her children. Women should know their rights.As a lawyer she advised the women to know their legal rights by which only they can establish their right place in the society. Com.Krishnaveni Retd Sr.PS told that all TV serials are portraying women particularly the mother in laws are torturing daughter in laws. Such serials should be banned. All women should protest against such serIals and films. Com.O.S.Annapoorani quoted the Poet Bharatis poem and all women should fulfil the dream of Poet Bharati in respect of equality and boldness etc. Com.B.Anuradha in her speech mentioned that nowadays women occupies all fields pilot,defence and  services of autos.They drive all vehicles. In comparing with last two generations their empowerment has increased. But still the crime against women not come to an end.She told the latest  atrocities happened at Pollachi. She insisted that parents should teach the boys from childhood onwards the girls should be equally treated.Rather than laws only mind set can bring changes.These revolution has to come from each and every family. Com.Revathi retd PA Civil spoke that in history if men are going for war, he will be put thilagam and send  to battle field with warm send off. For working ladies they are not able to boldly participate in the strike due to the fear created in the house.Ladies should be in a position to fight against injustice. If not encouraged they should not be discouraged.They should not runaway in case of problem.They should be in a position to boldly face it.Com.R.Gunasekaran retd SDE has given wonderful speech.Liked by each and every one.He mentioned that like Childrens day and Teachers Day are not celebrated only by children and Teachers.But by Parents and Students.Like wise Womens Day should be celebrated not only by women but Men also should participate and celebrate. We should share their experience and happiness. He mentioned how women struggled in olden days ,overcome the difficulties and start leading the organisation etc..He told all religion preach equality of men and women.He narrated the each and every stage of women right from child,daughter,life partner, mother etc.Each and every stage of their life cycle is being loved. He also told that basically ladies are stronger than gents. He wished all lady comrades.Applausable speech was delvered by Com.RG. Com.N.Suramanjari mentioned about health check up for all women at periodical interval is required and working woman enough awareness exist. She requested all men should voluntarily take care of their wives taking for medical check up like thyroid,knee pain etc.There should not be any damage to the self respect of women .In family male child will be brought up like male.Like wise we should bring up the female child like female only not like boys. Com.Tiripurasundari in the concluding remarks appreciated the advice given by the chief Guest Com.Smt.A.P.Saraswathi .She thanked all the speakers and also the organisers. Com.S.Sundarakrishnan was honoured by presenting a towel by com.K.Muthialu DY.GS for crossing the membership of 1000.Com.A.Sugumaran informed the convenience of the hall and also the expenditure  requested member's opinion for conducting meeting in this premises in future.Members gave concureence.All the ladies were hounoured by presenting a momento. Com Deenadayalan ADS gave vote of thanks.New Members joined during the currentvmonth are as  below: 1.Smt.V.Annapoorani PS TN 2.Smt.Ambujam SDE Ch.TD. 3.Sri.S.Ramasamy. CSO CIVIL. 4.Smt.Ganesasundari SDE STR. 5.Smt.Vasanthi AGM TN 6.SriJ.R.Ebenezaar Jesudass Sr Acct TN 7.Sri.N.Rajkumar Sr.Acct. TN 8.Sri.M.Mani TT STR 9.Selvi.R.Kothai FP. 10.Sri.G.Subramanian TT TN 11.Smt.Manimegalai OS TN 12.Smt.Premila OS TN 13.Smt.K.Rajambal FP 14.Sri.Kannan FP 15.S.Jayam FP.16Sri.Arul SDE Civil TN 17.Sri.Deenadayalan TT STP.18.V.Manjula FP            Thanking You. Comradely  Yours ,S.Sundarakrishnan

Tuesday, 12 March 2019