IDA INCREASED 5.3% FROM 1-1-2023 - TOTAL 201.1%

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Smt. A. Malliga, SSS, O/O GM, STSR, CNI
Smt. T.M. Vula Chandrakumari, SDE, O/O CGM STR CNI

We wish them to have a happy, peaceful, healthy long retired life. We wholeheartedly welcome them to our STR Dn. Pensioners Association.
Sri.R.RAVI CAO (F) O/o CGMT TN CIRCLE Retired on 30.4.18.He was very much helpful for the pensioners. He has enrolled himself as life member of AIBSNLPWA STR Division.We wholeheartedly welcome him and wish him a happy and healthy retired life.His mobile 9486103278
Sri.K.ASOKAN Draughts man Gr.I O/o PCE (C) TN Civil zone retired on superannuation 30.4.2018.He held the post of society Director .He has enrolled himself as a life member of AIBSNLPWA STR Division.We wholeheartedly welcome him and wish him a Happy and Healthy Retired Life.His mobile no. is 9444432266 and 9445060680.
Sri.M.K.SUBRAMANIAN AOS (G) O/oCGM TN Circle Chennai  is retiring due to superannuation 31.5.2018. He has enrolled himself as a life member of AIBSNLPWA STR Division.We wholeheartedly welcome him and wish him a Happy and Healthy Retired Life.His mobile no. is 9445668243 .
Sri.V.PANDIAN DGM PLG   O/oCGM TN Circle Chennai  is retiring due to superannuation 31.5.2018. He has enrolled himself as a life member of AIBSNLPWA STR Division.We wholeheartedly welcome him and wish him a Happy and Healthy Retired Life.His mobile no. is 9443200004
Sri.K.NARASIMHAN SDE  O/oCGM TN Circle Chennai  is retiring due to superannuation 31.5.2018. He has enrolled himself as a life member of AIBSNLPWA STR Division.We wholeheartedly welcome him and wish him a Happy and Healthy Retired Life.His mobile no. is 9486100496
Srimathi.S..RAMALAKSHMI  AOS  RGMTTC Meenambakkam Chennai is retiring due to superannuation 31.5.2018. She has enrolled herself as a life member of AIBSNLPWA STR Division.We wholeheartedly welcome him and wish him a Happy and Healthy Retired Life.Her mobile no. is 9487270224
Sri.G.Kuppannan Retired as AGM Mobile Planning O/o CGMT TN Circle Chennai retired due to superannuation on 31.5.2009.His role in implementation of mobile network in TN circle is remarkable.He has enrolled himself as a life  member of AIBSNLPWA STR Division.We welcome him and wish him be happy and healthy for ever.    
Mobile 9500090204

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Comrade D. S. ramalingam's grand daughter ( daughter's daughter) Preethi Narayan has been  conferred  'VALEDICTORIAN'  in her High School, Class of 2018, on the completion of 12 th Grade, out of 600 students, means, 1st Rank, judged from 9 the onwards. And also  has been awarded "BEST ALL -AROUND SENIOR DULUTH HIGH SCHOOL". In Atlanta, USA. 

The Governor of Georgia State, has invited her for a Reception, on 18th of this month. She has attended along with her parents.

The Graduation ceremony,   scheduled on 26 th of this month have been conducted in a grand manner.  she is one among 2  Students on the Dias, giving Speech. 
She plays Cello and Piano. She is also learning Baratha nattiyam. She has been given admission in Georgia Institute of Technology for further studies.
Please see her function photos below

Monday, 28 May 2018

Sri R. Ganesan, DGM, STP, Chennai is retiring on 
31-5-2018. He is going to join our AIBSNLPWA, STR DIVISION from 1-6-2018 as LIFE MEMBER. We welcome him wholeheartedly to our STR DIVISION Association. We convey our best wishes in advance to him for his peaceful, happy,  long healthy retired life.
His Mobile Number: 9486107051
Smt. A. Girija, JAO, STP Chennai is going on VRS from 2-6-2018. She is going to join our AIBSNLPWA, STR DIVISION from 3-6-2018 as LIFE MEMBER. We welcome her wholeheartedly to our STR DIVISION Association. We convey our best wishes in advance to her for a peaceful, happy, long healthy life.   
Her Mobile Number: 9445016867

Friday, 25 May 2018


Our member Com G. Krishnan son Sri Lakshmi Narasimhan is blessed with Male child on 21-3-18 at Lake Forest California.We convey our best wishes to the baby and our congratulations to Com G. Krishnan for becoming a PROUD GRAND FATHER

Our member Comrade T. Nagarajan's Grandson Chi R. Advaith (a) Venkata Natesan upanayanam was held today morning (25-5-18, Friday) at Sri Padvathy Venkateswara Mahal T. Nagar, Chennai. Large number of our members attended the function and conveyed their best wishes to Chi: Advaith.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Sri P. Maheswaran, DGM, STP, Chennai is retiring on 31-5-2018. We convey our best wishes to him for a happy, healthy, peaceful long retired life. He is going to join our STR DN from 1-6-18. We welcome him wholeheartedly to our Division. His Mobile number: 9486107049

Wednesday, 16 May 2018


Pension Adalat of CCA TN was held on 16-5-2018 at 2.30 PM at Hall of Inspiration, Anna Road Telephone Exchange Building. Dr. R. Niranjana presided over the Pension Adalat. Ms. Tiakala Lyndatoa Yade, DDG, Accounts, DOT, HQRS from New Delhi specially came from New Delhi and attended this Pension Adalath Meeting. Sri Chitranjan Pradhan, the new CCA welcomed all officers and pensioners and association leaders.  Com D. Gopalakrishnan welcomed the officers and Ms. Tiakala Lynda Yade and pensioners and raised objections that it was mentioned by the CCA that association cases will  be taken up in a separate meeting and not in this meeting. Pr. CCA told that due heavy work for the past two to three months and also superannuation cases it was decided like this and assured that this procedure is for this meeting only. Then Sri. C. Sankarapandi, Dy.CCA started the pension adalat cases one by one. First individual cases were taken.  There was 121 individual cases for this meeting. He said 100 cases were settled and the remaining 21 is pending with BSNL.  In all total 822 cases were given by individual and pensioners association. Of which 142 cases were taken for discussion today and the remaining 559 cases will be discussed with Association leaders in separate meeting at a later date. Com D. Gopalakrishnan appealed to DDG to hold pension adalat at DOT LEVEL. One increment pension revision case was discussed but the administration said the matter is under subjudice.  Ms Lynda, DDG spoke that DOT is started making payment of pension from CCA Office itself. Initially the new pensioners from April 2018 will be paid from CCA Office and before the end of this year December all pensioners will be paid from CCA Office.She also told that it was ordered by DOT to keep Service Books of BSNL Pensioners in CCA Offices itself. This was also started implementing in CCA TN gradually. Com S. Narasimhan raised that the pensioners list for the year 2018-19 was not published in CCA TN Website. He also requested DDG to use her good office to conduct Pension Adalat at DOT Level.
The following cases of members were taken in the Adalat.
  1. Com S. Kalyanaraman – Non receipt of 78.2% pension revision authority : orders issued
  2. Com D. Pandiyan – Non receipt of CDA pension revision authority, inclusion of family pensioners name in the PPO, incorporation of change in address:  orders issued for all the cases.
  3. Com R. Mohanraj: 1. CDA Revision authority not issue 2. Authorisation of family pension:  1. Orders issued and copy sent 2. When CCA office told that they have written letter to CGM TN Circle for jt photograph, Com Sundarakrishnan and Narasimhan strongly opposed their reply and said TN Circle has already sent them in February itself. It was given twice also. The Dy.CCA said that he will now look into it again.
  4. P. Kuppuswamy: Authorisation of family pension: letter written to TCIL for some clarifications
  5. Com K. Rathakrishnan: revision of pension due to stepping up of pay: Com
K. Rathakrishnan himself discussed and argued in the mater and the case will be re examined again.
     6.   C. Saraswathi: Non receipt of CDA pension revision authority: order issued
     7.   S. Krishnamoorthy: Request for change of address: address updated
     8.   B. Samboornam: change of address:  address upded
     9.   S. Pattabiraman: request for change of address: address updated.

Com L. Krishnamoorthy said that his case was not taken though he sent it in time through email.  Pr.CCA accepted his contention and received his grievance case and assured that he will look into it. This pension adalat was a very useful meeting for us. Lot of cases were discussed and most of the cases settled. The following members of our Division attended the meeting.
  1. Com A. sugumaran 2. S. Sundarakrishnan 3. K. Muthiyalu 4. S. Narasimhan
  1. S. Ramakrishnan (ii) 6. Kathiresan 7. Ramadoss 8. Kalyanaraman
9. L. krishnamoorthy 10. N.S. Deenadayalan 11. S. Ramakarishnan (I) 12. S. Kalidoss

Tuesday, 15 May 2018


AIBSNLPWA Tamilnadu  Circle has arranged a “PENSION WORKSHOP” Meeting today 15-5-18 at 6th Floor, F/Bzr Tele Exge Building, Chennai. Com V. Rama Rao presided over the meeting. In his presidential address he explained about the formation of our Assocation, BSNL Pensioners Problems and how we solved them. Com K. Muthiyalu in his address welcomed all the special guests and our district secretaries for this workshop. Shri Amudhavanan, E.O., BSNL, CHTD inaugurated the workshop. The Special speaker Com V. Mari, A.O., Pension Section, KKD & District Secretary, NFTE, KKD SSA explained about the pension rulings. He quote many problematic pension cases and how he solved them in KKD SSA. He gave the important things to be done by an employee before filing his self pension cases. He also gave very useful informations about family pension rulings to our members with  various examples. Com Arivazhagan, Retd. A.O., also gave some tips about the forms that should be submitted to the office and banks for claiming pension and family pension. Com Sangli, Retd., DGM, Finance, CHTD also spoke on this occasion and explained the pension rulings in detail. The morning session ended with a break for lunch.

The afternoon session started to discuss about BSNLMRS rulings. Sri Udayakumar, JAO, STR, CNI explained various procedures for indoor and outdoor medical bill claims. Our All India General Secretary Com G. Natarajan spoke about BSNLMRS issues. He told that he has discussed the BSNLMRS issueS with Director, HRD and other Officers BSNL in New Delhi. He also explained about the future pension revision.
Com D. Gopalakrishnan spoke about the forthcoming TN Circle and All India Conferences. He also told about the family pension rulings those were left out in the morning session. He explained in detail about our future pension revision plans.      
Com Arunachalam, AGS gave some important information about pension revision and pension rulings.  Com N.S. Deenadayalan conveyed vote of thanks.  Almost all Divisional Secretaries from Tamilnadu attended the Workshop. In total the WORKSHOP was a very useful Meeting for all the leaders assembled there to clear their doubts and the proper procedure to claim pension and family pension for pensioners.
The following members of our STR Division attended the meeting.
  1. S. Narasimhan 1. N. Mohan 3. Ramadoss 4. Victor Raju 5. S. Kalidoss           
6. S. Sundarakrishnan 7. N.S. Deenadayalan, 8. K. Muthiyalu, 9. S. Ramakrishnan
10. C. Harikrishnan 11. A. Sugumaran 12. Arumugam civil 13. S. Sridharan 

14. Nandakumar 15. Mydeen Pillai 16. T.R. Kuppan 17. S. Rangarajan

Monday, 14 May 2018

It is reported that the railways have allotted Puri Railway Tourist Complext for our AIC in September 2018. The building is just outside railway station, Puri. Dining hall is on the other side of the road. Accommodation will be in three places, at walking distance from the above building. We cpmgrati;ate Odisha comrades for getting the spacious building allotted for our AIC. 

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Com Kannappan , Circle Treasurer, CHTD & some other comrades requested me to give cheapest flight charges to Bhubaneswar to attend our All India Conference at Puri. Please see below the cheapest fares on flights and dates as on dates.    20//9/18: Air Asia - Dep 08.35 - Bhubaneswar Arr 10.25 ; Fare 2236/-   indigo 12.30 hrs -14.15 : 2236/-  Air Asia 19.05 - 20.50 Rs.2236/- . -   on 21.9.18 :  Air Asia  dep 08.35 - arr 10.25 rs. 2236/-  indigo  12.30 hrs - 14.15 pm - rs. 2236/-  air asia dep 19.05 - arr 20.50  Rs.2236   For return journey:  24.9.18: air asia bhub dep 10.50 am - 12.40 Arr cni Rs.2349/-  indigo 12.10 - 14.05 - Rs.2349/- indigo 14.45-16.35 Rs.2349/-       If you you book for up and down return journey you will get return journey tkt cost rs.2245/-   this is as on date fares.  if you book late the fares may increase dynamically.

Friday, 11 May 2018


All of you know that our All India Conference is going to be held on 22nd Saturday & 23rd Sunday of September, 2018 in Puri. For 21-9-18 date the reservation for train booking starts on 24-5-2018. Members from all over Tamilnadu have started asking the best route to Puri to attend the conference. We have given some important informations about it here.

The best route to Puri is by train only. There is only one direct train leaving Chennai central to Puri on Mondays at 16.25 hrs and reaching puri on Tuesday at 14.55 hrs.  The total travelling time is 22.00 hrs for this route. It is not suitable for us.

The other way is upto Khurda Road Jn. by Train and catch another train from there to Puri. All trains going to Howrah are going via this station and this is situated one hour journey before Bhubaneswar. (You need not go to Bhubaneswar). All trains going to Puri  branching at this station only. So you can get a connecting train at this station to Puri. It is 1.15 Hrs journey to Puri from this station. Coromondel and Howrah Express trains are only running on all days. There are other 25 trains leaving from Chennai to Khurda Road Jn on different week days. Members please see below for some important train routes below:


  1. 12842 Coromondal Exp: Chennai central- Dep: Friday: 08.45 – Khurda Rd Jn–Arr: Saturday 03.55 
Connecting trrain from Khurda Road Jn: Dep: Saturday: 12802 – Purushotham Exp: 04.15 AM – Puri Arr: 5.20 AM  

  1. 12840 Howrah mail: Chennai Central – Dep Thursady 23.45 – Khurda Rd Jn Arr 19.50 Friday
Connecting train: 18413 Paradeep Puri Exp; All days - Unreserved train - Dep:21.25 – Arr Puri 22.30


1.    12509 – PERAMBUR : Dep: 05.35
2.    15227 – Perambur       Dep: 08.05
3.    22808 – CNI Central    Dep: 08.10
4.    22613- CNI Central      Dep: 14.40
5.    22826- CNI Central      Dep: 16.25
6.    15929- Tambaram       Dep:  21.45


1.    22643 –   PER : 05.35
2.    12507 – CENT : 10.00
3.    22611 -  CENT:  11.00
4.    06058 – CENT:  15.15
5.    12897 – EGMORE: 22.30

Trains leaving on 24-9-17 MONDAY from Puri to Khurda rd jn:

1.    18414: Puri-Paradeep exp: Puri Dep: 06.00 Hrs – Khurda road Arr: 06.55
2.    58417- Puri-Gunapur Pass – unreserved Dep:07.35 – Khurda rd arr: 08.50
3.    58416- Puri-cuttack pass – unreserved Dep: 08.00 – Khurda rd arr: 09.10
4.    58002- Puri-Santraganchi pass – unreserved Dep: 09.40 -  Khurda rd: 10.50
5.    12875- Neelachal exp- Dep:10.55  Khurda rd Arr: 11.40
6.    12822-Puri-Dauli Exp: Dep:11.45 Khurda Rd arr: 12.25


1.    12839: Howrah – Chennai Mail : Khurda rd : DEP:07.15 Hrs.
2.    22642: Shalimar - TVM  Exp:  Khurda Rd : Dep: 07.35  perambur Arr: 03.45
3.    12510: Guahathi-bangalore exp: Khurda Road : Dep: 08.30 Perambur Arr: 04.35
4.    12841: Coramandel Exp: Khurda Rd Dep: 22.10 CNI CENTRAL Arr; 17.00
5.    12665: Howrah-Kanyakumari Exp: Khurda Rd Dep: 23.25 Egmore Arr:19.55

Monday, 7 May 2018

STR DIVISION monthly Meeting on 8.5.18 is cancelled due to extreme weather condition.
We request our members also to  participate in the WORKSHOP

We regret to inform that our member and retd. A.O. STR., CNI  Sri. C.R. Krishna Rao passed away yesterday evening. Cremation today noon at Perambur. We got this news late today only. We convey our heartfelt condolences to his family. His son's contact phone No. 7358514121. Residential address: 1, Venkataraman street, Perambur, Chennai-11.  Please convey your condolence message diredctly to the above number. 

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Com. S.Narasimhan has Returned.
Dear Comrades,
Vanakkam. Our Webmaster Com.Narasimhan has returned home safely with all your good wishes and God's Blessings after spending a vacation in Australia.
He will resume his Web operation activities from tomorrow on wards.
I sincerely thank one and all for having given me an opportunity to serve you through this media. I solicit your cooperation in the future assignments also if any.
Thank you very much,
Fraternally Your,
N Mohan,
STR Division Chennai .

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Retd on superannuation as DGM
 Mobile Planning  Chennai Telephones 
on 30.4.2018, 
has enrolled himself as
 Llife Member in our
He has worked in
 STP,STR and Chennai Telephones.
 We wish him a 
Happy ,
and Healthy 
Retired Life.
We heartily welcome him
to our fold.
His Mobile no. is 94440 00277.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Unlimited free calling on 
Allowed by BSNL. 
The order is