IDA INCREASED 5.3% FROM 1-1-2023 - TOTAL 201.1%

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

STR Division Circular No.187 released and sent to our member's 467 email ids. 
Others want to download the circular please CLICK HERE

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Sri N. Ramesh,                                                                               Sri S. Rajesh                        
DGM, STR, CNI                                                               DGM, TN, CNI
Mobile: 9445280793                              Mobile: 9486100044
We wish them a happy, healthy, peaceful retired life.
They are going to join our STR DIVISION as LIFE MEMBERS from 1-6-2017. 
We welcome them wholeheartedly to our Association. 
Suramanjari N,                                                Krishnaveni T,                                                                   DGM, TN, CNI                                                   PS, STR, CNI
Mobile: 9443200777                                       Mobile: 9444927101
                                Kalavivenandan                                                                 Venugopal T 
AGM, TN, CNI                                                                     T.T., STSR, CNI
Mobile: 9486102568                                                    Mobile: 9444385979                                                                                    

We wish them a happy, healthy, peaceful retired life.
They are going to join our STR DIVISION as LIFE MEMBERS from 1-6-2017. 
We welcome them wholeheartedly to our Association. 

Sunday, 28 May 2017

                                Sri R. Jayaraman,                    Sri M. Jebaraj David
                                 DGM, CHTD CNI                             SDE, STSR, CNI
                                Mob:  9444997555                           Mob: 9444979410   
                             Sri T. Murugesan            Sri Sam Sugirtharaj    
                                  DGM, TN, CNI                  DGM, CHTD, CNI

                               Mob: 9486106103                Mob: 9444007722
Sri A. Sivaraman,
Mob: 9444989176

Sri K. Arumugam,
Mob: 9445394789
We wish them a happy, healthy, peaceful retired life.
They are going to join our STR DIVISION as LIFE MEMBERS from 1-6-2017. 
We welcome them wholeheartedly to our Association. 

Friday, 26 May 2017

BSNLELU inbits website has told that there is no chance of getting wage revision under third PRC directions. 
We understood the danger much earlier.

Still some friends have illusion about PRC.

PRC will not change its report and suggest any pension revision. Govt will not ask PRC to reopen the matter due to cascading repercussions.

We can not depend upon wage revision in BSNL.

With annulment of 60:40  condition we are 100% central pensioners. 
Our pension should be revised without linking with profit or loss of BSNL.
It should be by extension of the Finance ministry orders of 4.8.2016 and 12.5.2017

Give notional pay revision of last pay drawn and refix the pension.

No illusion.
No confusion.
We are PSU retirees but
central govt pensioners.

We demand CPC benifits now and all the time to come also.   
-Com Ramankutty

Thursday, 25 May 2017

We are sorry to inform that our member Sri D. Mohana Rao, Retd DE, NMS, STR passed away today (25-5-2017) morning. Cremation tomorrow evening. contact nos: 8608235178  & 25567775. Address: F Block, 94/188, Thanikachalam Nagar West, 3rd Main road, Ponniamman medu PO, CHENNAI-600116                        

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Our Vice President Com S. Sundarakrishnan has gone to CGM TN Circle Office.  AO CGM TN Circle Office told him that Commutation arrears due to 3% fixation cheques are received by Ao drawl Circle office from CCA TN Circle. Let them contact Ao drawl Circle office to collect the same 1.  Edward SDE 2. SAVITHRI DGM 3. T.P.Arumugam Sde. 4. Vijayan Sde 5. R. Gunasekatan SDe. 
6. R. Jayalakshmi AGM 7. R.Vasudevan DGM 
8. Nagarajan JTO Rem 9. Mallika Ravi AGM 
10. N. Rajeshwari AGM

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Members are frequently asking clarification for BSNLMRS Medical Allowance calculations.
Medical allowance without voucher calculated for post 2007 pensioners is as under :

1. calculate 12.5 days of Last basic pay drawn at the time of your retirement.  
2. find out the IDA percentage for that basic pay at the time of your retirement.
3. add that IDA percentage of amount with your 12.5 days of basic pay calculated above. 
4. that is your medical allowance amount without voucher for post 2007 pensioners.

   1.  last pay drawn on 31-5-2007   :  Rs.30000/-  
   2. 12.5 days of basic pay for that:  Rs.12500/-
   3.  IDA as on 31-5-2007 = 0.8%    :  Rs.    100/-   
   4.  Total amount alowance           :  Rs.12600/-  per year

Medical allowance without voucher calculated for pre 2007 pensioners is as under :

   1.  last pay drawn on 31-12-2006:  Rs. 20000/-
   2.  15 days of basic pay for that  : Rs. 10000/-
   3.  IDA as on 31-12-2006=68.8%  : Rs.   6880/-
   4.  Total amount of allowance     :   Rs.16880/-  per year

IMPORTANT: IDA taken is equilant to the IDA Percentage at the time of your retirement only. 
Current year APRIL IDA is taken for calculation to those who opt for with vouchers only. 

Friday, 19 May 2017

We are happy to inform our members that we have reached 600 LIFE MEMBERS mark in our STR DIVISION today.  Our total membeship strength is 694 as on today. we request other annual members also to become life members.  thank you very much comrades for achieving this mark now.  

Sunday, 14 May 2017

GOVT. of INDIA has released 7th CPC pension revision MODIFICATION orders today for Central Govt. Employees. We are releasing this orders because  some of our members were Ex DOT. Pensioners.
To download the orders please CLICK HERE 

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Our STR DIVISION has sent  Rs.12,000/- to TAMILNADU CIRCLE ASSN today towards 78.2% PENSION REVISION ARREARS DONATION as our first instalment.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Dear Comrades, Greetings to all.

Today our Circle Secretary Com.K.Muthiyalu had gone to State Bank Of India, Valasaravakkam, Chennai  where CPPC section exists. He wanted to meet the General Manager but GM was not available at that time .
So our CS was directed to meet DGM, Customer Care. He had a cordial and nice meeting with Shri.Srivastava, DGM, Customer Care, SBI. 
Our CS explained in detail about the long delay to credit the 78.2% IDA arrears by the SBI Officials. In spite of our repeated reminders and meetings at different levels, the works were moving in snail speed.
The DGM listened our demands very patiently and told that he had been transferred recently from Patiala and he would go thoroughly in to the matter and set right in two or three days.
We told that there was an acute shortage of staff in that section and requested to depute one more staff to that section. He replied in an affirmative manner.
CS handed over long pending  cases about 30 in number which he had received from Thanjavur, Salem etc SSA pensioners  with respective PPO and SB account numbers. DGM  assured our CS  to settle all at the earliest.
We hope that atleast here after the things would move little faster. District Secretaries may collect such cases and send to the Circle secretary with PPO, LPS and SB Account Numbers by post or through Courier.
Will meet soon.
With Fraternal greetings,
Tamilnadu Circle secretary,

Saturday, 6 May 2017

It was decided in our April Monthly Meeting to cancel our scheduled monthly Meeting for MAY 2017 due to extreme heat wave weather conditions.  So our Next monthly meeting will  be held on 13-6-2017 at 3 PM at 5th Floor, Flower Bazaar Telephone Exchange. 

Friday, 5 May 2017

We are happy to inform that our STR Dn. has sent Rs.30000/- as first instalment to our CHQ today towards 78.2 pension revision arrears  donation  contribution. 
We have sent email also now  to all our members attaching the copy of the all circle medical allowance option forms

please see below for the official BSNLMRS forms from TN Circle, STP, CHTD & STR.   TN Circle has released two pages form with one covering letter. (3 pages) STR has not officically released any forms but told to give in old form.  you can use CHTD FORM for STR.  If vendor number is not created for you, you have to give ERP FORM aslo. that form is also enclosed.   All pensioners should give option WITH OR WITHOUT. VOUCHER. claim to their respective AOs Medical bill claim.   STP FORM is filled by me.  you can get a typed copy of a similar form and use it.  ok .   tks.  -narasimhan

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

We are happy  to inform that our member Com V. Veerabdran's daughter in law gave birth to female child on 28-4-2017 at Vizagapattinam. We convey our best wishes to the baby and her mother and our congratulations to Com V. Veerabadran for becoming a PROUD GRANDFATHER

Monday, 1 May 2017

Our Member Com S. Raghavan CGM STR (Rtd) celebrated his son's marriage Sunday 30.4.17. 
Son: Kesavan alias Prachetaa with Selvi. Madhumitha at Adayar Anantha Padmanabha swamy temple complex Shri Kanchi Mahaswami  Anantha Mandapam. 
Com A. Sugumaran and some members attended.  We convey our greetings to the newly marrying couple