IDA INCREASED 3.3% FROM 1-7-2023 - TOTAL 205.6%

Saturday, 31 July 2021



All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers- AICPI(IW)  for June, 2021 is 350 Points. Therefore Central Govt Employees as well as Pensioners are entitled to 31 % of DA / DR from July, 2021. That means They will get 3% addl DA from 1st July, 2021


"NCOA is in continuous touch with DPE on this issue.

Yesterday, Secretary General and President of NCOA met Additional Secretary/DPE and discussed this issue. Addl Sec informed that the proposal for restoration of IDA is cleared by Secretary/DPE and send to Cabinet Minister for Finance for approval. It will be approved in a couple of days. After Cabinet reshuffle, Dept of Public Enterprises come under Finance Ministry.

However it seems that bureaucrats have some reservation on disparity of DA freezing period among Govt and CPSEs. The clarity will come within one or two days.

Gangadhara Rao: Govt and Bureaucrats are playing Game to harm us......It's is more than one month delayed.  We can expect nothing Best."

The National Confederation of Officers Associations of Central PSUs has given above information.             CDA was frozen for 18 months and IDA was frozen for 9 months. But order dated 19.21.20 freezing IDA stated that IDA will be released from 2.7.21 if Govt takes a decision to release CDA.

Friday, 30 July 2021




The proposal for IDA unfreeze has been sent to Union Cabinet Minister Finance for her approval

and is expected to be approved between day or two. Actually, bureaucrats want more clarity regarding disparity between periods of freezing between IDA and DA since DA was frozen much earlier than IDA.

Clarity on this is being sorted out by Finance Ministry and that is why it is getting delayed

------Courtesy Com.Natesan GM F  Retd

Friday, 23 July 2021


MRS revalidation is an unwanted subject dealt by some circle. Every year renewal is required. As for as TN CIRCLE, STR,STP and Ch.TD, once MRS CARD is issued to serving employees, this can be used as long as he continues to be in the same Unit. There is no validity period. Once retired, we may get a fresh card or Stamp can be affixed as RETIRED OVER THE SAME MRS CARD.This was not done many of VRS 2019 OPTESS. This may be due to Covid lock down since March 2020. So,only this letter is issued to extend validity period.

 Pension Revision Case:

It was posted for 21/7/21 but it became a holiday for Bakrid.

Our lawyer has informed that the next date will be notified soon by the court.

No sooner it is notified our lawyer will inform and in turn it will be informed to you

P Gangadhara Rao



Exercising option for Out door Medical facility for 2020-21 BSNL MRS FOR STR RETIREES,:. --- 

Today discussed with Finance officers in O/o CGMT STR GUINDY and FLOWER BAZZAR.They say option need not be given by all. Fresh option with all required documents has to be given by only those 1.whose bank account  got  changed 2.Those who wants to change option. Others need not give.  

----S.Sundarakrishnan DIST.SECRETARY

Tuesday, 20 July 2021





Department of Pension and Personnel Affairs has issued various guidelines from time to time for Co-authorisation of FP to the permanently disabled dependants of Pensioners. Based on the guidelines some of our comrades (Two only) applied to CCA TN. Our STR Division pursued it. Though the medical certificate was very much supportive, CCA OFFICE replied that this will be considered as and when occasion arises. No decission was given to our grievances in Adalat meeting. During our discussion in 2019, it was told that Sanction of FP after scrutinising the documents has to be given by BSNL. Then we will consider. We requested CCA OFFICE to give a draft sanction memo.    Unofficially they gave. Shri.D.Tamizhmani PGM STR has issued sanction based on our request. Due to Covid lockdown and bulk issue of Pension Order for 8700 VRS 2019, this could not be pursued. However, during NOV and Dec.2020 Adalat meetings, the no. Of cases in STR becomes 9. No decision arrived in the Adalat meetings. Reply given to us was that clarification sought to DOT HQrs. No provision available  in PPO and SAMPANN also. We were unable  to attend CCA office since March 2020 due to Covid lock down restrictions till Dec 2020. However, continuous pursuations were made. Atlast, we were  called by Sri.Dakshinamurthy, Joint  CCA   to discuss this issue during Jan 2021. CS and myself went for discussion. He told Medical Certificate submitted by our comrades are in different format. He gave sample proforma and wanted to submit in the Medical certificate in the prescribed pro-forma in original. They told No reply received for their clarification from DOT HQrs. During the discussion, we insisted that after submission of  Medical Certificate,           Co-authorisation has to be processed without further prolonging. Sri.Chandramouli, Sr.AO pension, Smt.Meenakshi AAO, and Dhakshinamoorthy Joint CCA gave positive response. We requested our comrades to get medical certificate in the revised proforma. PGM STR recommended and sent it. It is to mention   that STR Chennai had 9 cases, STR BG 1,CH.TD 3,                TN CIRCLE 3 CASES. However, there were hurdles of getting clearance. Joint CCA and Sr.AO. PENSION gave a hope that before their retirement they will settle the issue.They convinced  Sr.Officers and got approved  first list. Initaially they issued orders for  5 cases of different disability. Decision taken by CCA is based on the percentage of disability based on Medical Certificate.       6 cases have been cleared. Query has been raised for 2 cases. No rejection. They issued orders regarding  acceptance of Co-authorisation of FP to  the disabled child of pensioner incorporating the dependants name, Nature of disability, DOB. They asked to furnish details of Guardian name, photo, ID etc. Family pension to the disabled child will be authorised at the ineligibility condition of the drawl of pension to Both pensioner as well as SPOUSE.. Disabled children's medical condition not to earn money is also to be submitted. Query has been raised to the requests of 1.Com. Ushadevi 2.HemaBhoosanam. We will pursue their on submission of reply. Acceptance of FP Co-authorisation order issued to Comrades 1.Ramadevi, 2.S.Ramasubramanian, 3.D.Lalitha, 4.Indrani, 5.Usha, 6.Sundari.Ch.Td.FP. In the entire Country no CCA has issued co authorisation orders to disabled children in spite of existing guidelines. We are proud to post that CCA TN is the first CCA UNIT who took decision and issued Co authorisation order. First order was issued during 2019 due to the continuous efforts of one Individual. Sri.Gunasekaran as Jt.CCA approved the  case. Subsequent to that policy decision has been taken only now to consider such cases. Our sincere thanks to Sri.D.Tamizhmani PGM STR and all the officers and staff of CCA Chennai esp. Sri Dakshinamurthy, Sankarapandian JOINT CCAs and Sri Chandramouli Sr.AO. Our comrades have to submit Guardian details. This can be given in 2 ways. Parents can nominate guardian in I) FORM IV. 2) Form A through National Trust.,this is legally right but a difficult process.  In the letter issued by CCA office, they mentioned guardian details with photo, ID Proof to be provided. In form 4 space is provided for affixing photo of disabled child. We will get the clarification from CCA office and intimate. Some  more comrades having dependants of disability is enquiring about this. They are requested to get the Medical certificate in the required format from Govt Hospital or Medicalboard depends upon the disability. Thank you,

S.Sundarakrishnan Dist.Secretary

Monday, 19 July 2021




Since the file was shuttling between DoT and DoE,  we have filed contempt in contempt petition before PB, CAT, New Delhi  No. 169/2021 and notice is issued to all the respondents.

Next date of hearing is 19/8/21.

P Gangadhara Rao


 Divisional Secretary speaks:

Explanation regarding BB discount for the month of June 2021.

Recently BSNL corporate office have issued an order with 60 percent discount for fibre connection for BSNL working and Pensioners  as elegible for BB connection. The order didn't contain DOT pensioners, hence they are eligible for 10 percent like all other govt pensioners.

Some of our members got only 10 percent discount whose catagory as mentioned as RDOT Urban 

The case has been taken with DGM CFA and she has assured us that the case has referred to  ITPC Pune for necessary action. It will be revised shortly.

Saturday, 17 July 2021


Kerala Circle issued clarification to BSNL CO letter dt. 7.7.2021, based on our GS postings regarding com. Anupam Kaul discussion with DGM (A) ND.   After our discussion with TN CO on 15th, Accounts officer drawl TNCO issued a letter to SSAs in the intranet enclosing a model proforma. Subsequent to that, today we discussed with AGM WELFARE. He told TN CIRCLE will also issue a similar letter to all SSAs on MONDAY with a copy to us.

Thursday, 15 July 2021

 CCATN issued Notice on 13-7-21 regarding GPF Closing Balance for all the BSNL VRS 2019. See their letter below


Today, Our CS Participated in the lunch hour Demonstration organised by AUAB at the TN CO. He went to CCA OFFICE and met  Sri.Balasubramanian who assumed charge as Joint CCA PENSION. He wished him on his new assignment and discussed various issues.

1.FMA . Earlier he told it will be finalised during 2nd week of July. Today he told that almost come to a final shape and order will be uploaded by 22nd July 2021.

2)CS enquired about holding of Adalat which is pending for a long time. Adalat will be held by  August middle and the notification will be issued next week.


We requested our AGS Anupam Kaul to speak to concerned officer in corporate office regarding revalidation order dated 7/7/21.

According to his information;

He spoke to Shri Rajiv Kumar Sharma, DGM (Admin.) who signed the order.

DGM told him that all need not give fresh option but only those

1) whose bank account number and IFSC code is changed because of merger of banks

2) who wants to change the option

DGM also informed our AGS that these things were conveyed to all circles.

DGM further informed that the circles are asked to send a what's app number to the pensioners for enabling them to submit their options.

I request the circle secretaries to contact their respective circle office and verify whether they have received any such oral communication from corporate office.

P Gangadhara Rao -----GS


Good afternoon. Com.DG CHQ VP told the above information. Requested Sri.Kumar AGM Welfare TN Circle Office to contact Sri.Rajiv Kumar Sarma BSNL CO. He contacted and DGM BSNL CO informed as follows.

1.All need not exercise option.

2.Those who wants to change from one option to other has to exercise option.

a) with voucher to without voucher medical allowance 

b) Medical allowance to with voucher  have to exercise  option.

3. If any one's bank account no gets changed.

4. In case of decease of Pensioners, Family pensioner has to exercise option with bank details. The above information will be communicated to SSAs within 2 days .The above details has been sent to STR and Circle President AIBSNLPWA CH.TD also. So, all our comrades are requested to wait for the letter from admn. Accordingly, those who are necessitated to exercise option can decide on receipt of letter from admn. for the mode of communication like what's app msg, by mail or hard copy by post. Our CS was with AGM WELFARE during the conversation. Thanks to CHQ. 

------S .Sundarakrishnan DS


Our IDA was frozen at 159.9% from October 2020 following CDA freeze. Since CDA is now released a suitable order is expected to release our IDA. We are eligible to 173.6% IDA from July 2021; an increase of 13.7%.


P Gangadhara Rao GS


Wednesday, 14 July 2021



Regarding exercising option for MEDICAL ALLOWANCE WITHOUT VOUCHER for the year 2020-21, our CHQ has written a letter to HON MOC to withdraw the BSNL CO letter dtd 7.7.2021,we also spoke to AGM welfare TN Circle. But AGM WELFARE TN CO told that they endorsed the BSNL CO letter to all SSAs and uploaded in the Circle intranet.


Dear Comrades, Regarding this MRS Option Our CHQ wrote a letter to HON.Moc with a copy to CMD BSNL requesting to with draw the letter dtd 7th July 2021. No reply received from BSNL CO.TN CO. has endorsed the letter to all SSAs.STR Circle office also told me to give fresh option. Some of our comrades already sent option to TN CO. As per their version option has to be exercised by both for 1) Medical allowance without voucher 2) Medical reimbursement with voucher. In spite of my put forth of points, they insist for exercising option for both CATAGORIEs. So only, our com.Narasimhan has posted option pro-forma.This is common to comrades of all circle TN,Ch.TD,STR,STP etc.They are requested to send to concerned Peripheral ACCOUNTS OFFICER OF CH TD, AO HQ STR GDY or AO Flowerbazaar. STR CHI,AO O/o CGM STP CHI 28, AO ,O/o GM STP Madurai, AGM WELFARE TN CO CHI 6.

Those who got migrated to CGHS before 1st April 2020 need not exercise option. Whereas Those migrated after 1st April 2020 need to exercise option.Their medical bill or allowance due, till the date of surrender of BSNL MRS CARD need to be settled by BSNL as this is the option for 2020-21. Regarding the pending payment of voucher or allowance since 2018-19 will be paid as and when funds are alloted by BSNL CO, which has got no relevancy with this option.

CENTRAL GOVERNMENT RELEASED 11% DEARNESS ALLOWANCE from 1.7.21 to  central governement employees and pensioners. 

We expect that DPE will also release IDA INCREASE 13.7% FROM 1.7.21 to PUBLIC SECTOR EMPLOYEES and BSNL IDA  PENSIONERS. (TOTAL IDA FROM 1.7.21   173.6%)

Tuesday, 13 July 2021


FORM 16 BY CCA thro. SAMPANN Portal for SAMPANN PENSIONERS.Some of our comrades informed that they got their FORM 16 for FY 2020-21 today.SAMPANN Pensioners can check through their userid.In case if any one does not get it please wait till this week end.


Monday, 12 July 2021


 Com Sundarakrishnan writes:


The above letter released by BSNL corporate office is regarding furnishing FRESH OPTION by retirees who wants MEDICAL ALLOWANCE of Rs 1000 for the last  year 2020 to 2021, to their respective office.Those who migrated to CGHS  facility during the mid period of 2020 -21  also can furnish stating the date of getting SURRENDER CERTIFICATE. Details called for in the said letter  are also to be enclosed.


Regarding exercise of option for Medical Allowance for 2020-21. As per the BSNL CO. order Family pensioner can not change the option of what the pensioner given. Medical allowance facility to Pensioners was accorded since 2018-19. All pensioners were getting only voucher payment earlier. Inspite of that Some of the Family pensioner got medical allowance payment for 2018-19 in some circle. My personnel suggestion is that those Family pensioners having BSNL MRS CARD and exercised option for Allowance based on May 2020 letter also can submit. Since BSNL CO asks to submit a fresh option those who have not given any bill for 2020-21 can also have the chance to submit option for Medical allowance.


Dear Comrades, Kindly refer to the letter posted regarding exercising fresh option for Medical Allowance for 2020-21. In this connection,issue of guidelines to SSAs as well as pensioners are under discussion. We will wait for a couple of days. Corporate office issued the letter to its own office and to Circles with a copy to Serving union/Association. They took up the case with CORPORATE OFFICE. On receipt of guidelines by CIRCLE OFFICE, we will post further guidelines. 



1)Some of our comrades complained that MIOT Multi-speciality Hospital is not allowing CGHS Card holders to have cashless treatment from 3rd July onwards.Yesterday Spoke to Administrative officer at CGHS office Besant Nagar. He directed to contact Director, CGHS Chennai. We informed him the difficulty. He is aware of that. There are some issues like pending payment, request for enhancement of rate etc.They are arranging to release the pending payment. He told we are having discussion with hospital authorities He told if our pensioners submit bills thro wellness centre, he will arrange to settle the payment.


He is very keen in giving  preference to open the Wellness centre at COIMBATORE within 3 months.


Subsequent to that, works for opening Wellness centre at Chennai Tambaram will be initiated.


Complaint is given by Com.Govindarajan to our President as well as to DY.GS. Subsequently case was discussed with Sir.CGHS CHENNAI.  DIRECTOR CGHS is having discussion with MIOT admn..  He does not want to remove MIOT  from empanelled list as the MOU term is existing. We will have wait. I request the office bearers to read the posting of DS  carefully before posting anything on the subject.

Friday, 9 July 2021


இந்த படிவம் சென்ற வருடம் bsnl கொடுத்த படிவம். இப்போது அதில் மேலும் சில விவரங்களைக் கேட்டிருக்கிறார்கள். உதாரணமாக பான் கார்டு, வங்கி கணக்கு விபரங்கள், address proof, mobile number, dependant family members விபரங்கள் கேட்டு இருக்கிறார்கள். ஆகையால் இந்த படிவத்துடன் மேலும் சில விபரங்களை சேர்த்து ஒரு படிவம் தாயரிக்கலாம் என்று திட்டமிட்டுள்ளோம். அந்த படிவத்தை விரைவில் இங்கு வெளியிட இருக்கிறோம் என்பதை தெரிவித்துக் கொள்கிறோம்.

Thursday, 8 July 2021


Dr. Ashwini Kumar, former  IAS officer
 and  Personal Secretary Of 
Sri. Atal Behari Vajpayee, 
now a Rajya Sabha MP has 
become our 

Communication Minister.

Wednesday, 7 July 2021

 CCA OFF TN CNI has released a list of 263 pensioners whose LIFE CERTIFICATE is expiried on 30-6-2021 as on 5-7-21. Please see the list below

Please check whether your name is in the list

Click Here

Monday, 5 July 2021



Saturday, 3 July 2021


Com. TS Vittoban, CHQ Treasurer informs:                             

WE HAVE CROSSED 60K MARK vide details below.

Number of LIFE MEMBERS as 31.3.21 as already informed: 59730

Added during current year upto 2.7.21:  344

Total as on date : 60074

(Kareemnagar 80 LMs - quota recd on 30 6 21, but, list yet tobe received)