IDA INCREASED 4.8% FROM 1-1-2022

Thursday, 19 May 2022

 STR DN GRP ADMIN S. Narasimhan will be out of headquarters (Kashmir) for 9 days from 20-5-22 to 28-5-22. Com N. Mohan will be in charge of our GROUPS and WEBSITE during these days.

Wednesday, 11 May 2022


Today V. Rama Rao Circle president, Sundarakrishnan ACS and myself met PCCA TN and requested him to recommend implementing the CAT orders on extra increment case. He told that he had sent the legal opinion along with judgement which is for going on appeal. Now DOT has to take a decision on that. Since in our own circle it was implemented for more than 6000 pensioners and only about 600 are alone denied, the case should be viewed positively. He replied that even for one person, policy is a policy.

Then we met CCA who told that even though we have sent the legal opinion in favour of appeal, DOT will view it in larger perspective considering the whole country whereas our perspective will be at micro level. They may think that it is localised in TN alone and that too only 600 persons, in a larger perspective they may take decisions to implement the CAT order also. Hence we have to deal the case at DDG Est. level to get it implemented .

Sugumaran .A


Friday, 29 April 2022



Thursday, 28 April 2022




Dear comrades,

A message is circulated about the meeting with Director Estt yesterday (26/4/22) by Com M K Bagchi along with Coms G L Jogi and R K Mudgal. Many of our members raised certain questions about this. I am duty bound to explain after ascertaining the facts.

We have already informed our members that Coms Bagchi and Anupam Kaul will pursue the issue of pension revision after our meeting with officers including Telecom Secretary and Hon MoC during last week of March 22.  As requested by DDG Estt we sent our detailed "note" on 29th March 22.  Based on that input, Estt section did the ground work and prepared 'positive noting' and sent to DoT finance.

In this background Com Bagchi went to Sanchar bhawan and met Director Estt since Anupam Kaul had to go to Meerut to attend UP West circle conference.

Bagchi met the Director Estt separately for about 35 minutes and discussed about the pension revision issue and implementation of Chennai CAT judgement dated 17/2/22.

Later Coms Jogi and R K Mudgal peeped in and Bagchi started to leave the room. But Jogi requested Bagchi to sit along with them. So, he obliged and sat with them.

If any association is firm in  demanding 7th CPC fitment factor like RTOWA, we have no problem.

Every association has got its right to pursue the issue of pension revision according to their wisdom.

We only expect honest reporting from everyone.

P Gangadhara Rao, GS

Wednesday, 27 April 2022

 CCA TN RELEASED A List of the Pensioners / Family Pensioners whose LC / DLC expired on 30-04-2022 (status as on 26-04-2022)

To see the list please CLICK HERE


Thursday, 21 April 2022


Dr. V.K. Sanjeevi, I.T.S., Chief General Manager, Chennai Telephones is going to retire on this month on 30-4-2022 on superannuation. STR DN President Com A. Sugumaran, Division Secretary Com S. Sundarakrishnan, Asst. Division Secretary Com S. Narasimhan,TN Circle President V. Rama Rao & TN Circle Secretary R. Venkatachalam met him today in his chamber. On behalf of our STR DIVISION Com A. Sugumaran honoured Dr. V.K. Sanjeevi, I.T.S. with golden shawl. On behalf of Tamilnadu Circle Association Com V. Ramarao honoured Dr. V.K. Sanjeevi, I.T.S. with golden shawl. All of them conveyed their best wishes to Shri. V.K. Sanjeevi for a happy, healthy, long retired life. He said that he will join our STR DIVISION from 1-5-22 after his retirement as a member and paid the LIFE MEMBER SUBSCRIPTION FEES Rs.1000/-in advance to us today itself.



Tuesday, 19 April 2022


 Com S. Sundarakrishnan Division Secretary speaks:

Kindly refer to the above notification regarding submision of option for TAX REGIME for 2022-23.

1.Those who have got saving for 80C  and needs IT exemption can opt for Old regime.

2.If no option is given, CCA Office recover TDS taking as old regime. Hence, no option for OLD REGIME need to be given. By default without option they will recover TDS.

3.Those who are in recipient of Annual Pension amount less than Rs 5 lakh also need not give option.

4.Option to be given by only those who opt for New TAX REGIME.

5.This can be sent by email or by post to ACCOUNTS OFFICER, O/o CCA, 60 ETHIRAJ SALAI Chennai.

8. Last date is 30.4.2022

----- S.Sundarakrishnan. DS

Friday, 15 April 2022

Highlights of the discussions on  the Agenda items of the 32nd meeting of SCOVA  held on 12.4.2022.

( As communicated to me by  3 of the 15  Pensioners'  Associations whose representatives attended the meeting)

Item -2


Periodical Health check- up  for Pensioners 

Decision: Guidelines  will be issued for periodical  check up for pensioners who are aged  75 years and above

Item 6


 Payment of arrears of DR for 18 months from  1.1.2020 to 30.6.2021 

Decision: Not accepted citing huge financial implications of Rs.34,400 Crores. 

The item was treated as  closed. 

Item 7


Enhancement of pension at 1% every  year  so that the Pensioner gets 20 % increse  20 years after retirement  or alternatively , increase of pension  at 5% every 5 years .



This will be considered  after receipt of the report called for from the Departments of GoI on the number of  Pensioners in different age groups.

Item- 8


Enhancement of fixed medical allowance  

(FMA) from Rs.1000 to Rs.2000

Decision:   Under review and active consideration 


K.B.Krishna Rao

Courtesy.. Com. K B Krishna Rao,  General Secretary  Karnataka  P&T Pensioners Association,  Chairman  CCCGPA,  Karnataka and a member of  SCOVA.

P Gangadhara Rao GS

Tuesday, 12 April 2022