IDA DECREASED 0.2% FROM 1-1-2024 - TOTAL 215.4%

Friday 31 July 2020


All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers- AICPI(IW) for June 2020 increased by TWO Points and pegged at 332.

(DPE has not yet issued orders for IDA payable from 1.7.2020.)

Central Government Employees are entitled to additional 3% DA with a total of 24 %. But as per GoI decesion it will be paid only from 01/07/2021

Friday 24 July 2020



Our CHQ has written letter earlier to Dot to extend the time limit for submitting LIFE CERTIFICATE by SAMPAAN PENSIONERS.

DOT has accepted our request now and extended the time limit upto 30th SEPTEMBER.

Congratulations to our CHQ

Monday 20 July 2020


Dear comrades Good evening. Information from CCA OFFICE: 

1.GPF Payments in respect of pensioners who are on superannuation from November 2019 onwards have been sent for payment. Interest till March 2020 has been included.

2.IDA to CDA Mapping letter submitted to CCA office towards migration to CGHS has been kept ready for approx for 150. CCA office will be sending by post to individual residence by this week. No body need to go to CCA Office to collect the same. Even if individual goes they will not be allowed inside.

3.Those who wants to submit request for CDA Mapping can send their request to CCA Office by post or send mail. Maping letter will be sent by post during Aug. 

4.Similarly life certificate can be sent by Jeevan Pramaan from CSC or Hard copy certificate duly attested by AO /any officer of BSNL together with attested Copy off ppo can be sent to CCA OFFICE. 

Thanking you. 

S.Sundarakrishnan ACS

Wednesday 15 July 2020

Due to Covid-19 pandemic from March 2020 to till date, full lockdown is in force and consequent to this public transport  is completely shutdown. In spite of these handicaps, Our CCA Administration has dedicated entire concentration to the welfare of our esteemed pensioners  by drawing the due pension as usual every  month. 
Apart from the above, special efforts have been undertaken in issuing the e- PPOs for the VRS 2019 retirees in Tamilnadu circle, STR, STP and Chennai Telephones in spite of many hardships faced and the said work has almost been completed with the issuance of more than 8500 e. PPOs . Apart from this, PPOs for those retired on Super Annuation  are also issued. 
Our Association records Sincere Thanks for this tremendous job which would not have been possible without the perfect co-ordination, execution and implementation by Pr. CCA 
Dr.Sri R. Niranjana, CCA Sri. Chittaranjan Pradhan, Jt. CCA Sri C. Sankarapandi, Sri. K. Chandra Mouli AO, Sri Vijayan AO and other officers, AAO, JAO, PRM, office staff. 
With kind regards, 
Yours sincerely, 
R. Venkatachalam, 
Circle  Secretary, 
All India  BSNL Pensioners  Welfare  Association,
Tamilnadu  Circle, 
Chennai 600093
Cell 94433 71772

Tuesday 14 July 2020

COM. ANUPAM KAUL, Our AGS,  reports from New Delhi:                     
I visited BSNL CO today and met officers to pursue our pending  issues
I apprised him that our Association had received requests from different circles for  allowing VRS 19 retirees to retain their quarters in view of COVID 19 pandemic. I explained that it is impossible for them to vacate their quarters during this pandemic . Handed over letter written by our GS on the subject.
He appreciated our concern and assured that action would  be taken on our letter on  humanitarian grounds. I requested him to expedite the matter so that the anxiety of our members is removed at the earliest
CAUTION......I Saw many representations in his Dak pad where the allottees have requested retention of quarters and written that they are ready to pay HRA at the time of retirement plus licence fee. Such representations have a negative impact on our bargaining power.
2 .  GM budget
I  met G M Budget BSNL CO Mr . Bhatt and conveyed our  dismay on reported  development in which retirees have not been paid pending Medical bills . He conveyed that henceforth a substantial amount of funds  have  been/will be  assigned for pending Medical bills of employees and the whole back log will be completed in a few months . He told me that pending Medical bills of empanelled hospitals will also be paid so that  indoor cash less facility is restarted. He informed that the reimbursement of CGHS fees for retirees is being augmented and many of them have been reimbursed the CGHS charges. I Requested him not to ignore the interests of retired employees .

3 DGM Admin BSNL CO.
Since GM Admin was on leave today, I met DGM Admin and  enquired him the status of orders from BSNL CO regarding  treatment of Covid 19 patients in BSNL empanelled hospitals . He  intimated though the matter has been discussed , but no orders have been issued so far by BSNL CO. He was personally handed over a letter written by our GS on the subject. We explained that CGHS authorities have issued several letters on the subject in addition to guide lines from all state Govts.
He informed that he will take necessary action Immediately.
 This is a difficult situation .All empanelled hospitals are pressing BSNL management for payment of pending bills worth crores of Rupees. It is learnt that BSNL will make payments to these hospitals so that some cordial relations are ensured   Then only BSNL will be able to issue covid Guidelines my assessment
Gangadhara Rao

We appreciate  the efforts made by our AGS Com.  Anupam Kaul today.   He is staying in Noida ,UP W and in Containment Area.  He had to engage a car exclusively , get it sanitized in his presence   and go to Corporate Office due to repeated enquiries from  all parts of the country.  He could thus bring some cases to the  notice of senior officers.  We are thankful to Com.  KAUL for his services taking lot of risk. Let us wait and see the results.
P Gangadhara Rao GS

Monday 6 July 2020


Dear comrades, 

Good evening. Today (3.7.20, Friday) evening by 1900 hours I was discharged from Sri Ramachandra hospital, Porur directing me to be in home quarantine for a period period of another 10 days. Both my and Mrs health condition improved. This is due to the sincere Prayers and wishes of all of you. I am lucky enough of having all your affection towards me. A lot of our comrades sent messages. Our President has given a lot of guidence. I wholeheartedly express my sincere thanks to all of you.

S.Sundarakrishnan, Division Secretary 

Thursday 2 July 2020


We regret to inform that our Member Com V. Subramanian, Retd. SDE, TN MVM aged 69 passed away today (2-7-20)12.00 AM DUE TO HEART PROBLEM. We convey our condolences to his family members.