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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

We are giving instructions to our members to make your pension savings bank account in bank or post office as EITHER OR SURVIVOR type. account.  despite our repeated reminders pensioners are not following our instructions.  recently when one member died he is having 2 lakhs in his SB Account in his name. when his wife asked for the amount the authorities are asking legal hair certificate. the postal office authorities say that some other person may claim as his wife or legal hair and drag them into dispute. now she is suffering to get legal hair certificate.  if you have EITHER OR SURVIVOR SB A/C  you can withdraw money easily. that is why we are asking our members to have either or survivor pension account in post office or banks.  the rules are there for having such account in post office or bank.  if you have not done it so far pl dont delay it. dont put your spouse in trouble after your life.                 

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