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Thursday, 12 October 2017

OCTOBER monthly meting was held on 10/10/2017.  Com.  A.Sugumaran presided. Two minutes silence was observed in respect of the following who passed away recently.

1. Shri. M. MILONGTON on 2-10-2017.   2. Smt. R.VIJAYALAKSHMI SSS STP on 14-8-2017  3.Shri. Amirthalingam SLM,  Former Vice President TN Circle.                    

Com. S.Sridharan read out the minutes of the previous monthly meeting and had the approval  with the amendment proposal of Com. A.Victor Raj to substitute the word “lamented” by the words “ spoke about”.  Com.  N.Mohan informed family welfare news and greeted those members whose birth day falling in October.
Com.  D.S.Ramalingam introduced the new members.  He explained in detail about the proceedings and outcome of Pension Adalat held on 22/9/2017.  He told that people who attended were happy when their issues were settled there.  He then narrated about his visit to Pr. CCA office on 09/10/2017.  He informed that he made over  another 106 xerox copies of Aadhaar cards of members.  Pr. CCA office desired the following information from all members:  1. Whether pensioner is governed by CDA or IDA 2. PAN card NO. 3. Pension disbursement authority Bank/Post office.    Members who have already given Xerox copies of Aadhaar card and PPO No. need not again give the above details.  If any member wants to hand over Xerox copies of Aadhaar Cards with the above information , they may approach Smt. Rita Sr.A.O., /Smt. Nalini, SA  of Pr. CCA office, Egmore. He further dealt with the revision of pension on the recommendations of 7th CPC.  In this connection leaders have met the Hon’ble Minister for Communications, he promised to look into case.  Pension Anomaly case is coming for hearing on 17/11/2017.
Com.  A.Sugumaran told that Pr. CCA office is working some modalities in respect of one increment case based on the judgment of the Court and orders of DOT Hqrs..  He informed that there would not be recovery from pensioners.  On Medical Allowance  payment, some pensioners have received payment in Telephone District while STR and TN Circle assured that payment will be made before October.  He also brought to the notice of the members that  bundles of Service Books were made over to CCA Office and problem exists for fixation of pension after 3% additional sum calculated for pay fixation. Members were reminded about the submission of Life Certificate to Banks/Post offices and Life Cerificate to concerned Telephone authorities in respect of rent free residential telephone connections in November, 2017.

Com.  S. Sundarakrishnan proposed vote of thanks.  113 Members attended the meeting.

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