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Monday, 27 November 2017

Tamilnadu Circle Executive committee Meeting was held on 25th and 26th November 2017 in Karaikudi successfully. Our Circle  President Com.V.Ramarao presided over the meeting and conducted the all events very efficiently and effectively. Even at his 70+ age, he remained on dais through out two long days and took notes of the speeches delivered by delegates. Very good and elaborate arrangements were made by Karaikudi Comrades. Rooms (with TV, bath and toilet facilities) were allotted for two members. Food served was with good flavour and carried the traditional taste of Chettinadu.
Chennai Telephone District Circle Secretary Com.M.Govindarajan said with pride that their Circle  union is functioning with 14 Branches with 2800 members and almost all are Life Time Members.
Com.DG told that Direct Transfer of Pension through DOT  for MTNL, the process is over and for BSNL all processes to be completed by December 2018. As a First they take some few states for implementation. There is one portal named " Pensioner Portal Grievance Cell " and if a case is registered, it would be settled within 60 days and told our members to visit that site frequently. Our Next All India Conference is to be held in Puri in Odisha state which has less than 1500 members. So it alone cannot meet the expenses to conduct the conference. So a small amount of Rs 50/- per member has to be collected for the AIC before April 2018.
Bank accounts are to be opened in the name of AIBSNLPWA ....District and to be operated jointly by Secretary and Treasurer.
Our Circle Vice President Com.Murugan has resigned his  post stating his poor health conditions and in his place Com.V.S.Muthukumaran of VLR district has been cooptioned  and Com.S.Ramakrishnan has tendered his resignation due to his poor health and in that place Com.N.S.Dheenadayalan of STR division  has been cooptioned . 
Very fast information transfer of our association news,events and matters through Whatsapp groups and web sites was much lauded by many of our leaders. A  few photos of CEC Meeting are posted here and a link is also given to view some more photos.
The meeting has made a record of allowing more delegates of CHQ, Circle and District office bearers to  speak ( More than   40 office bearers spoke on the occasion ).
At the end our Circle secretary Com.K.Muthiyalu gave a long and touching winding speech and answered all queries and doubts raised by some of our delegates/leaders. He requested all members to enroll more members especially more Family Pensioners are to be included in our association. They dont know whom to be approached. So our members should go to their homes and explain our victories and make them enroll in our association and thanked all for the success of the CEC meeting.
It has been decided to conduct  Our next CEC in Pondicherry preferably  in April 2018.
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