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Thursday, 11 July 2019


The Monthly meeting of STR Division was conducted at Tanstia hall  Guindy under the chairmanship of Com.A.Sugumaran, our Dist President on the A/N of  09.07.19. One minute silence was observed for the demise of our comrades 1. Smt.R.Jayalakshmi Retd  AGM USO TNCircle 2. Sri.V.Mohankumar SS TNC and Ex.Secy.General NFTE. Com.N.Mohan Treasure read the minutes of the previous meeting and got approved. Com.R.Venkatachalam Circle Secretary attended. Com.S.Sundarakrishnan welcomed all. He told that our present membership is 1052 and Life membership is 1005. He told due to our efforts   88 Family pensioners are  enrolled. Com.A.Kalidasan Circle Treasurer has become the 1000th Life member. He told that some of our comrades have given details regarding their Medical bills submission in the prev.mtg. All got passed and waiting for fund allotment. Both in STR as well as in TNC ,without bills payment processed and waiting for fund allotment.Regarding the final settlement of society payment, Monthly society recovery from the employees is not paid back to society.Hence, payment to retirees is pending since September. He assured to take up the case of Com.Anantharaman. In the Adalat meeting out of 12 cases given 7 cases settled. 3 cases pertains  to  Co authorisation of FP. As these csses are forwarded without sanction by Circle Head CCA did not settle. FP authorisation are to be sanctioned  by CGM STR.Pension revision case of Com. K.Radhakrishnan due to stepping up of pay is under process in CCA office. Reauthorisation of family pension case of com.Govindarajan.TN CO  has to send the case with specific recommendation. He also told the latest guidelines of DOT for availing CGHS medical option to BSNL Retirees. mapping of IDA Scale w.r.t 7th CPC.catagorised as 4 grps for monthly Subscription.Willing people can go thro. the letter issued by CGM AP Circle. Case of com.Venugopal revising the pension as per the LPD.Case was earlier taken up by CHQ. Recently DOT NewDelhi has sent a letter to CCA that no intervention to the  decision of CCA. Our GS  and DG CHQ VP has taken up again with DDG EST and Director Finance of DOT by explaining in detail to reconsider. DDG understood and Dir.Fin.told that he will study the case. Com.A.Sugumaran, President elaborated the recent visit of GS and DG to HeadQuarters Delhi. With the help of Sri Prahalad Joshi Hon.Min.of Parliamentary affairs Minister they met Sri.DHOTRE Hon .Min.of state for communication explained our demand of pension revision. He heard it patiently and showed positive response. Subsequently they tried to get appointment with Cabinet Minister for Communication. Initially appiointment was given for a short period of 2minutes due to his tight schedule by Hon MOC.GS,Com. DG and 3 more comrades met Hon MOC in his chamber. He went through our representation.Our leaders told due to pension revision BSNL wil not have extra expr.and the entire pension expr of BSNL retirees will be borned by Government of India. He asked clarrification regarding the problems which may be posed by serving employees union if pension is revised without pay revision. Our comrades explained that AUAB has already  given a demand of delinking pension revision from BSNL Pay revision. He has asked about the Pension anomaly which may arise between prior and post retirees of 1.1.2017. Our leaders suggested that with  the same formula of pension revision, LPD is revised on the last month of retirement  the anomaly can be avoided. Our comrades asked whether they have to meet the Secretaty DOT ,Hon. MOC told that he will take care of our issue. The meeting with Sri.Ravisankar Prasad Hon MOC  lasted for  40 Minutes. Our CHQ leaders were able to approach HonMinister of  communication within a month of forming a new Government. Our GS and his team will further pursue the matter by going to NewDelhi within a fortnight. President also told extra increment case will come for hearing on 16.7.19. Com.Narasimman ADS has read the name of our members whose birth day fall during JULY and wished them all. He also mentioned about family events. He conveyed condolence for the demise of our comrades.1.R.Jayalakshmi Retd AGM TN.CO 2.V.Mohan SSS TN CO.He told that all pensioners should have a Joint SB A/c for pension stating the problem faced by spouse  of com.R.Jayalakshmi Other welfare news.1.First Birth Day celebrations of Baby  Govardhana,Grand son of our Comrade Chandra subramanian W/ o Sri RVS retd DE Chennai TD was held on 22nd June 19. 2.Our Member Smt. Lakshmi Rajam (Retd. DE, STR) son Chi B. Abhishek's Marriage Reception was held in a grand manner on 22.6.19 evening. 3. Shri.Kannan, Our comrade (FP h/o late Smt.R.Padma SDE O/o CGM STR) celebrated his daughter's Marriage today in a grand manner at Madippakkam Chennai. Sow. K.Vishita weds  Chi. G.Ramanadhan. 4.Our Com.ManniHemaBhusanam Retd SDE Civil celebrated his daughter's marriage on 23.6.19.Selvi Jayasree weds with Mr. Gurappa. 5.Comrade L.Krishnamurthy Retd DE STR Chennai / our ADS  has celebrated his Son's (Mr.Vinothkumar with Selvi. Ramya )Marriage at Tirupparankundram,  Madurai on 14th June 2019. STR  Division wish the couples to have a Happy and Long Married Life. Com jayaraj  De Rtd Trichy.
admitted in Kavery  hospital hearty city cont trichy affected by heart attack massive and done angio plast  on19.06.2019. 2.Com.V.Parameshwaran SS(O) TN CO has undergone angioplasty surgery with provision of stents. 3.Com.P.MeenakshiSundaram retd DE Dharmapuri got admitted SIMS hospital at Vadapalani due to stroke. He is in hospital for about a month. We wish them all to have a speedy recovery and get well soon. He also introduced the new members joined recently.He told about DA Increase of 5.3 %. He told the active role of our leaders in adalat. In his humourous speech and jokes he engaged our comrades in happy mood. Com.R.Venkatachalam Circle Secretary in his speech appreciated the active role of our STR Division. Appreciated the DS for the enrollement of more members.He elaborated the activities of our CHQ Leaders at NewDelhi in dealing the pension revision activities by meeting Hon MOC,Hon Min.for heavy industries and HonMin.for Parliamentary affairs. Our leaders were in Delhi in the hot summer. He mentioned about the meeting held with PGM F and GM HR of TN Circle. We informed about  the difficulties faced by our pensioners due to merger of 6 business areas. PGM F assured that  arrangements will be made to receive medical bills at the respective meged SSA HQrs to avoid hardship of not going to new SSA HQrs. He also mentioned that committee formed at DOT HQrs for minimum pension of Rs 9000/ for IDA PENSIONERS is turned down the proposal before Pension revision. However, our CHQ leaders has suggested the ways and means by which Minimum pension of Rs 9000 can be given immediately. Our CHQ is proposed to send a note on this subject. Our Association will definitely pursue the pension revision and achieve the goal. Com.Deenadayalan ADS gave vote of thanks. 114 comrades attended the meeting. Com.L.Krishnamurthy has taken care of the expenditure of snacks provided during the meeting.  List of new members will be posted separately. Thanking you. S.Sundarakrishnan Dist.Secretary.

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