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Thursday, 26 March 2020

Our CHQ President Com P.S. Ramankutty writes:

Many comrades  contact me to enquire about  my health.  Thanks  to all.  I am ok except  weakness due to unusual heat here  these days.  Another problem  developed recently  is giddiness while walking. No BP. May be mild vertigo.  Doctor suggested  not to take medicine for it but take complete rest.  Lot of time is available but cannot do anything. Cannot read books,  cannot work on computer,  cannot see the mobile  continuously and cannot go outside.  In spite  of all these,  I am mentally prepared to adjust for three weeks.  Corona is changing the whole world.  What Religions or Political forces  could not do for centuries,  this virus could do in a short  period.  American  economy is in crisis.  India can not  be an exception.  Let us be ready to move to a new world.

Be at Home,  Be safe at Home.      ELSE WE HAVE TO SLEEP IN STREETS LIKE  ITALIANS.In India if we are sick and sleep in street that is beginning of our last  journey.  So,  let us be  cautious. Thanks to all... PSR

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  1. நலமுடன் வாழ இறைவனை பிரார்த்தனை செய்கிறேன்!!