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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Com A. Sugumaran presided the meeting. Com D.S. Ramalingam informed about the agenda to be discussed for this meeting.  He explained the initiative taken by him along with Com K. Muthiyalu, S. Narasimhan & Com A. Sugumaran during the last few days to invite CCA TN, CGM STP and CGM STR. He said that CCA TN, CGM, STP  & CGM STR have agreed to come to our AGB MEETING.  He submitted the printed colour Invitation card for the invitees before the committee.  It was decided to send the invitation cards to all Divisional Secretaries and Circle Office bearers of Tamilnadu Circle. It was decided to put flex banners in 5 places ie in the offices of CGM STR, CGM STP, CCA TN, CGM TN, F/Bzr exge. It was decided to contact the retired BSNL pensioners those who have not yet become the members of our association. Com S. Narasimhan informed that a new website has been already created for STR DIVISION as per the decision of our last executive committee meeting. It was decided to explore the possibilities of arranging a good and cheap catering contractor for providing lunch in our AGB. 19 members attended the meeting. Com S. Narasimhan conveyed vote of thanks.

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