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Wednesday, 21 September 2016



Recently one our members who  frequently visits USA,  wanted me to guide her how to give DIGITAL LIFE CERTIFICATE from USA by using JEEVAN PRAMAN during NOVEMBER 16 while she wud be in USA. I explained everything to her and asked her to purchase an approved FINGER PRINT SCANNER from here without which nobody can give LIFE CERTIFICATE.  i gave her a list of approved finger print scanner machine list. 

She successfully registered  her name in JEEVAN PRAMAN using a DIGITAL FINGER PRINT SCANNER. She got acknowledgement from SBI. Now she can give her DIGITAL LIFE CERTIFICATE from USA during November this year.   The approved name and the cost of the FINGER PRINT SCANNER MACHINE IS: MANTRA MFS100  - cost: Rs.2845 plus Rs.50  for packaging charges.  This scanner can be purchased from amazon through online.  

LIFE CERTIFICATE by using JEEVAN PRAMAN is most useful for those who are frequently visiting  foreign countries and staying there for six months. Old age pensioners who cannot move from their houses can also use this option with the help of their children. I am reproducing  the message received from her for your information.

" Successfully registered with Jeevan Praman, Could generate Digital Life Certificate using Finger Print Scanner and received acknowledge ment from SBI too. Now I am hopeful of submitting Digital Life Certificate even if I am in the US during November ".
[15/09 15:15]

Bought it on-line from Amazon and the cost is  Rs.2845 plus shipping and handling Rs.50 extra

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