IDA INCREASED 5.0% FROM 1-10-2022

Friday, 1 December 2017

AICPI for October is 287 points. 
All India Consumer Price Index (Ind. Workers) for the month of October 2017 is declared as 287.
It was 285 for the previous month.
The Index for November will be declared on last working day of December.Then only we can calculate the rate of IDA from January 2018.
If the Index for November remains at 287, then the rate of IDA from January 2018 will be 126.7%. ( Now the present IDA is 124.3%)
If it increases to 288 point, the Rate of IDA will be 126.9%
In case it reduces to 286, the rate of IDA from January 2018 will be 126.4%.

                 An Important Decision
We are happy that Department of Telecom has finally accepted our old demand and issued order on 22-11-2017 and the BSNL Corporate Office endorsed it today. In 2011, we observed undue delay in many SSAs of BSNL in processing pension revision cases and demanded that the Service Books should be shifted to CCA offices and also that the CCAs should be declared as Pension Sanctioning Authorities. Some CCAs were reluctant to accept the responsibility on the plea of lack of staff and lack of space in offices.
Now, DOT has accepted the suggestion and issued orders. In First phase, Service Books of CDA pensioners, retired from Telecom, shall be taken over by CCA offices. At a later stage, the Service Books of IDA pensioners retired from BSNL/MTNL are to be taken over by CCAs. Joint CCAs or Dy. CCAs are declared as Pension Sanctioning Authority for the respective Circles.

This new arrangement will, we hope, reduce delay in settlement of pension related issues to some extent. /Of course, the DoT should sanction additional staff and fill up vacancies without any further delay to make the step successful.

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