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Wednesday, 20 June 2018


Com S. Thangaraj, Circle Secretary, CHTD welcomed the members and leaders who are assembled for the demonstration of PENSION REVISION as per 7th CPC. He explained our demand in detail and requested Com V. Rama Rao, President, TN Circle and Com M. Munuswamy, President, CHTD Circle to jointly preside over the Meeting. Com V. Rama Rao in his speech explained the demand in short and asked Com M. Munuswamy to speak. Com M. Munuswamy in his short speech welcomed the leaders and pensioners and asked Com K. Muthiyalu to speak.

Com K. Muthiyalu said that when DOT is converted into BSNL, There was a strike against it by NFTE and FNTO in 2000. Com Om.P. Guptha and Com Vallinayagam signed an agreement after the Govt assured them that BSNL Employees will get Govt. Pension when they retire. Thus the CCS Pension Rules 1972 Rule was amended under 37 A. We are now getting pension from Govt. because of their agreement only. He said that we are very clear on our demands. DOT Officers are initially confused when we raised this demand. When we explained the reasons behind this demand to them they are now understanding our demand. But still they are having some doubts in their mind.  Even 7th CPC Chairman finally agreed that there is a valid reason in our demand. He said that he expected that 300 pensioners may attend this DEMONSTRATION. He is now very happy to know that 700 pensioners have attended this demonstration.

Com R. Pattabiraman, Ex Circle Secretary, NFTE, TN Circle in his speech said there are supporting orders from DOP&PW and DPE for our demands and we should persue the case continuously to win our demand. 

Com G. Natarajan, GS, AIBSNLPWA in his address said that we have achieved 78.2% pension revision, 60:40 formulae annulations. Like those things we will achieve this demand also. He said that he met DOT Secretary and other Officers including Member Finance in this matter two or three times and explained our demand.  They are all half convinced and but still some more meetings are required to convince them for our demand. We have given enough proof and arguments to convince them.

Com A.Sugumaran, VP, TN Circle congratulated our leaders efforts and said that we will win our demands finally.

Com Vittoban also spoke and explained about our demand.

Com D. Gopalakrishnan, VP, AIBSNLPWA that we are not raising this demand now new. We wrote letters to 7th CPC when it is formed to consider BSNL Pension Revision also.  We met the Chairman Sri Mathur also in Bangalore and explained our demand to him. we also met DOP&PW, and DPE and explained our pension revision demand as per 7tah CPC. All are convinced that there is a valid point in it but they wanted that DOT should recommend and write letters to them. We also met DOT Secretary, Member Finance and other officers two or three times. Initially they were reluctant to accept this demand and when we explained the justification behind our demand they are now partially convinced. Our Bangalore Comrades, Com Gangadara Rao and Changappa met Sri Ananthakumar, Cabinet Minister on 18-6-2018 at Bangalore and requested him to help us to solve our demands. He assured them that he will help us to solve this problem. Com D.G. said that now MTNL pensioners association also accepted our demand and joined with us in this demonstration jointly and conducting demonstration in New Delhi and Bombay today.

Com Ramani, District Secretalry, Salem spoke that we are definitely going to win over this demand also.  Com M. Kannappan, Treasurer, CHTD conveyed vote of thanks to all. Lot of print media and channel media reporters came and recorded our demonstration.

About 100 members of our STR DIVISION Participated in this demonstration including 10 lady comrades. We convey our sincere thanks to all our members who attended this demonstration. We are giving below the names of our members who attended today. We know that we have missed some names of membersdue to oversight. We convey sorry for it if we missed any names here. Please inform us if any name is missed. We will add them in our supplementary report.    1. S. Narasimhan 2. K. Ramadoss 3. Kamalakkannan 4. C. Sundaramoorthy 5. N. Mohan 6. C.B. Samoathkumar 7. V. Mohan 8. M. Swaminathan 9. C.T. Sampath 10. R. Govindarajan 11. Somasundara Bharathy 12. Arumugam civil 13. Selvarajan 14. Kamalasekar 15. Victor Raj 16. M. Subramanian 17. Rexraj 18. Muthuswamy 19. Vadusevan 20. Jayaraman K 21. V. Jeyakumar 22. G. Venkatesan 23. R. Munusami 24. S. Revathi 25. N.S. Deenadayalan 26. Yagasundaram 27. A. Sugumaran 28. Murugesan 29. S. Sundarakrishnan 30. Pattabiraman NFTE 31. Kulothungan 32. M. Shanmugam 33. T. Gomathi 34. U Bhagavathi 35. Thanthoni 36. B. Saroja 37. S. Sridharan 38. Vinayagasundaram 39. P. Kumar 40. V. Ganapathy 41. V. Subramanian 42. K. Muthiyalu 43. Shanmuga Vadivelu 44. V.S.Rajasekaran 45. A. Srinivasan 46. R. Rajasekaran 47. N. Sethuraman 48. Nandakumar 49. R. Chandrasekaran 50. Ganesan 51. Sundararaman 52. Srinivasan 53. Kalyanaraman 54. R. Pandian 55. H.S. Sudha 56. Vijayanthi Easwaran 57. L. Krishnamoorthy 58. Rajan 59 R. Ravi 60 Ravi 61. M. Janaki raman 62. Dhanalakshmi 63. Revathi 64.V. K. Venkateswaran 65. M. Krishnakumar 66. G. Gopalswamy 67. Vincent 68. C. Karunakaran 69. Subbiah 70. Sachidananda Velayudham 71. N. Sampathkumar 72. Kalidoss 74. S. Kalyanaraman 75. Karikrishnan 76. R. Srinivasan 77. Jayaprakash 78. T.E. Vasudevan 79. R. Natarajan 80. K.P. Subramanian 81. L. Rajamannar 82. T.R. Kuppan 83. Dominic Savio 84. V. Balaraman 85. P. Madanagopal 86. R. Ravi 87. Kannaian 88. S. Meena 89. A. Sureshkumar 90. S. Srinivasan

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