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Friday 18 October 2019

The Monthly meeting of STR division was held on the afternoon of 15/10/2019 at TANSTIA Hall  Guindy under the  Chairmanship of Com.A.Sugumaran, District President. Com. K.Muthialu DY.GS attended the meeting.
Com.S.Sundarakrishnan DS welcomed all. The minutes of the previous meeting was  read by Com.N.Mohan Dist.Treasurer and got approved .
Com.A.Sugumaran in his Presidential address told that this meeting is being conducted after our CEC  held at Tuticorin. He told our office bearers who attended will give a Picture about CEC deliberation.
He told that Our CHQ has submitted an alternate proposal for pension revision . The formula worked out is fixing the Pension Pay at par with CDA Pension Pay as on 1.1.2016. For example If the Basic pension Pay for IDA pattern is 100 Rs ,while conversion to CDA Pattern Basic Pension will be 94.44. So our Revised Pension will be (Basic IDA pension  x 94.44 x 2.57/100).  Similarly to avoid Anomaly in pension,Pension  revision for those who retired after 1.1.2016 , Basic pay as on 1.1.2016 has to be notionaly fixed ,difference in Actual pay at the time retirement and IDA pay as on 1.1.2016 has to be worked out. Notional CDA pay as on 1.1.16 plus 50% of the difference of pay will have to be fixed as Revised  pension. Though the above was explained in the previous meeting this will be informative for those who have not attended the earlier.
Regarding   extra increment case , case came for hearing to CAT on 3/10/2019. DOT Council did not attend where as BSNL lawyer and our Junior Lawyer attended. Our lawyer mentioned about Ernakulam Court  judgement .The judges asked BSNL lawyer whether it was  similar to that of Ernakulam. The BSNL lawyer told YES. We were of the opinion that they will deliver the judgement. Whereas the judges gave direction to both sides as”Petitioners should submit a memo incorporating points that the case is similar  to the case of Ernakulam case”.The case is then posted to 07/11/2019. 
He also told that the revision of Pension based on LPD instead of average 10 months Pay to those retired from BSNL  between 1/10/2000 and 1/1/2006. This was extended to those who retired from Central Government. Where as , a case has filed by our Assn at Ernakulam . The case will come for on 23/10/2019.
Hon.Supreme Court passed order directing Govt. Of India  for providing increment to those who retired  a day before the increment. For eg. Those whose increment falls in 1st July and retired on 30th June. During the discussion with Joint CCA, it was told that Dept of Personnel will be issuing a letter to nodal ministries based on the court direction.
Com. S.Sundarakrishnan DS informed  that 7 new members have joined during the current month and our Total membership is 1077. Some of the members who enrolled a couple of months back also attended this meeting a fresh .He introduced all the new members. He told that the family welfare news of  our members.
1.Com. M.Subramanian celebrated the marriage of his Son.Mr.S.Ganesh with Kum.A.Arthi on 12.9.2019. Our comrades attended the Marriage/Receiption. We wish the couple a Long and Happy Marrie Life.
 2. Com. L.Krishnamurthy has been blessed  with a Grand Daughter. His daughter K.Preethika delivered female child at Lonon on 02/10/19.He has voluntarily contributed  todays tiffin expenditure and transferred money from London. Thanks for his good gesture .Our wishers for his daughter and the baby.
3. Our Circle VP Com. Sridharan had a happy Tour to Singapore with his family.
He told the that there was a problem in issuing CGHS card for want of  Mapping  7th Pay commission scale  and Eligibilty by CGHS. They requested to include in the mapping letter by CCA. Com.Narasimhan approached CCA ,explained the problem posed by CGHS .CCA agreed to add Ward eligibility not the 7th Pay commission scale of pay. CCA gave a draft format. CS TN with CHTD office bearers discussed the issue. CGHS agreed the proposal of CCA Chennai. Our CS went to CCA and conveyed the same .He agreed to add the same. We are thankful to Sri. Chittaranjan Pradhan. It is also to point out that that there are comrades who receive Pension from CCAs of Bangalore,Bhopal,Kolkatta Trivandrum ,Delhi etc. depending upon the units from where they retired. Whereas they also have to get the cards from CGHS Chennai. Copy consisting the list of wellness centres ,Procedures to be followed for migration to CGHS, List of CGHS Empanneled Hospitals, Matching CDA Pay scale and application form for CGHs was given to individual members . He explained the same. He also advised members to surrender BSNL MRS card after getting CDA mapping as CCA office takes 2 weeks time.TN Circle is yet to issue CGHS migration letter for want of certain clarifications.
DPE issued order for 5.3 % IDA Increase  and total IDA w.e.f 1/10/2019 will be 152%. CG Pensioners have  got DA hike of 5% w.e.f from 01.07.2019.  Total DA will be 17%. CCA TN is yet to issue order. CEC was held for 2days on 29/09/2019 and 30/9/2019 for  at Tuticorin. Open session was attended by CCA Sri. Chittaranjan Pradhan. Com. K.Muthialu , DGS inaugurated the session. CCA shared his experience and  told that our receiption was excellent. Com DG CHQ VP  reminded him about some of the pending issues  for which letters had  submitted already. He also requested to put a separate team for speedy disposal of CDA Mapping  towards  CGHS .In the CEC ,one comrade suggested the revision of Pension by merging the Pension  Pay and IDA as on 01/01/2017. No  fitment factor is required. Pension can be revised and suggesting IDA difference as on date will be beneficial. Com.DG replied IDA structure will be modified as and when Pension is revised. AS there wont be any change of scale for Pensioners there wont be any increase in pension.
DS insisted to have an  E Or S ( Either Or Survivor ) Savings bank  account for Pension, explaining the delay in getting the FP. Had there been E Or S account the problem could be avoided.
Com. D. VictorRaju ACS elaborately told about CEC. All DSs were  of the opinion that the pending cases got cleared during recent days. STR Division was appreciated for the maximum contribution for PMNRF. CCA TN was highly impressed on our arrangement. He told that Tuticorin comrades made nice arrangements.
Com.N.Deenadayalan ADS has conveyed BirthDay greetings to all those whose BirthDay falls during October.
Com.N.Mohan  has mentioned that our comrades have liberally donated for the PMNRF .He expressed thanks to all.On 23/09/219 an amount of Rs 1,01,000 has been transferred to CHQ account. As per earlier appeal some of our comrades transferred to CHQ account (SBI Annanagar).This amounts to Rs.18,200/-. Subsequent to that  we have received Rs 44,307 as CUB Credit both by Money transfer and 2 cheque payments. Rs 6900 received as cash. This is upto 14/10/2019. Todays meeting cash receipt for PMNRF is Rs 15200.
In total ,our collection is 1,01,100+18200+44307+6900+15,200,works out to Rs 1,85,707. Rs 14,300 falling short of Rs 2Lakhs. He suggested that our CHQ office bearers can use their good office to get further contribution to make our achievement as 2 Lakhs.
Com.Muthialu DY GS told that the Open session at CEC Tuticorin was really nice. Sri Pradhan CCA is  a very simple and helping attitude personality. During his service he implemented several mechanisms  to get the PPO in time. No pensioner need to wait for in the office or meeting any official in his office.He also told that he could not attend the Circle conference at Trichy. Whereas ,Sri.Dr.Niranjana attened the   STR Divn annual Day.  Com. Mohan told that he had to help fo getting further contribution and   he was  now noting down the names.  Even for Coimbatore Circle conference and Trichy Circle conference ,he approached many executives retired and got more arrears fund. He also told  about  settlement of many issues in our STR Division. He told that he pointed out in CEC that DS and circle office bearers have to be given more time to debate on deliberation. He also pointed out our Pension revision Proposal. But for converting to CDA pattern we may not be able to get Pension revision in IDA. Any how we have to make more efforts to achieve our goal. Com.Sridharan delivered vote of thanks. Com.L.Krishnamurthy, Our ADS has donated for the /sweets ,snacks/coffee expenditure ( a sum of Rs 4375/-). Approx 145 comrades attended the meeting.
Thanking you all                                                  

Comradely yours

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