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Saturday, 2 May 2020


Good Afternoon Comrades,Regarding the non receipt  of Pension by the VRS 2019 retirees,Circle Secretary already posted on 30th APRIL, Cheque has been given to SBI ADYAR by CCA on 29th itself. Payment will be made on 30th April. This was as per his telephonic conversation had with AO Pension. Some of our comrades informed that they received pension on 30th itself. Many of our comrades informing their non receipt of pension even today. We have been trying to contact OFFICERs in Dy CCA office and SBI ADYAR since Morning. Atlast we could be able to contact Manager SBI Adyar.As per his version, on 30th they were able to complete the NEFT Transaction 100% to State Bank Of India account .They could not establish connectivity with most of the other bank server. To Andhra bank and Canara bank  they were able to send. Some got accepted and more rejection. Yesterday was a Holiday. Since today morning they are resending the rejections and forwarding  the all the other banks like ICICI. Due to lock down with  meager staffs strength Bank is being operated. However BANK Manager assured that today he will be completing the NEFT Transfer to all banks. This information can be fed to our comrades.This is posted as per the approval of CS. Thanking you,


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