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Thursday, 7 May 2020


There are 3 methods for giving life certificates for SAMPANN PENSIONERS.

1. They can directly go to CCA OFF in Chennai and give their LIFE CERTIFICATES.

2. There are authorized JEEVAN PRAMAAN AGENTS in Chennai and other towns in  all cities in Tamilnadu.  You can find them from our CCA TN WEBSITE. Open CCATN.GOV.IN website and click the leftside rolling message for “LIST OF CSC IN TAMILNADU. There are 9066 agents throughout Tamilnadu. Or you can find them from JEEVAN PRAMAAN WEBISTE. Please go to JEEVAN PRAMAAN website. Click the ‘LOCATE A CENTRE” link. Use the pin code option and put your pincode there.   All the agents in your area will be displayed with their mobile phone numbers. They will complete your LIFE CERTIFICATE formalities from their offices or homes. SAMPANN PENSIONERS can get their DIGITAL LIFE CERTIFICATE  from them.  They may charge Rs.50/- or something for the service.

You can find a AGENT from your area and go to him and get your digital life certificate. You should carry your PPO, AADHAAR CARD, BANK PASSBOOK, your mobile phone. Your aadhaar card should be linked with your mobile number. They will complete the process and give you a printed digital life certificate. You can send it to CCA OFF either by post or by email.  They may ask some question to you while entering your data in their computer.

Please tell them that    1.  Your type of pension :  Service   2.  Sanctioning Authority :  TELECOM 3. Disbursing agent:  DOT   4.  AGENCY :  CCA TN.
You can speak to him and complete your DIGITAL LIFE CERTIFICATE. Please send a copy of the DIGITAL LIFE CERTIFICATE to CCA TN email id.  or If you want us to give the agents particulars, you please WHATSAPP your PINCODE to my mobile mentioned below, I will send those list with their mobile number to your whatsapp.

Our Member, Sampaan Pensioner, Smt. Sarwar Jehan Chida, SDE, OL, STP CNI told us that her life certificate is due this month and asked us to help her to give life certificate. We suggested the above method and guided here. She completed the formalities today (7-5-2020) and submitted her digital life certificate to CCA TN. The agent charged her Rs.30/- only. (It depends upon agent to agent).

3. You can purchase a authorized finger print scanner and give digital life certificate from your house.   This method is most useful for handicapped, seriously ill patients and senior most old pensioners. The name of the authorized finger print scanner is MANTRA  MFS100. It costs  1800/-. You can order it in AMAZON online. We are using it and giving life certificate with it only for the past 3 years.   You can use your PC, Laptop or SMART PHONE for it.   Amongst the three gadgets, the SMART PHONE option is very easy to operate.

4. SAMPANN PENSIONERS throughout Tamilnadu can follow any one of the methods mentioned above.  Divisions can purchase it and use it for all pensioners 

5. If you want any help from us please contact:

S. Narasimhan, STR DIVISION,     Mobile 9444415150

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