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Wednesday, 6 January 2021


Dear Comrades, Good Morning. 

Life certificate for Pension. 

1. All the Pensioners(Non SAMPANN ) have to give their life certificate during November 2020. However the same is extended upto Feb 2021. 

2.Regarding SAMPANN PENSIONERS retired during DECEMBER  2019 are requested to submit LC by January 2021 

VRS 2019 PENSIONERS /Superannuation during January 2020 are requested to submit their LC/DLC during January 2021 and however they can submit before the end of February 2021. 

Cca office has been  receiving LC since December 2020. My suggestion is not to postpone till Feb. Please submit it during January 2021 itself. We posted the above already during November 2020. 

Thanking you. S.Sundarakrishnan, DS

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  1. For many pensioners bio metric finger print is not successful and they are sent back. Recently I read in some north indian paper statement by union minister that instead of bio metric photos will be taken and irders are being issued. Many senior citizen disabled bedridden pensioners are suffering because postman cones home and since finger print is not successful they return back.Pease arrange for someother manner for submitting lifrle certificate and oblige.