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Thursday, 28 January 2021

                 PENSION ANOMALY CASE.                         

 Latest information  from Com R L Kapoor. Legal committee member , DELHI.

Regarding Pension Anomaly case, after the Delhi high court judgement, DoT moved the file to Pension Department for its approval.

Pension Department took a positive decision but put the rider to seek the approval from Expenditure Department.

Expenditure Department wanted to know whether there is any ground for appeal.

Accordingly the file was sent to Department of Law and Justice.

Now that department has given its opinion that it is a weak case for appeal.

So, all the hurdles are over. It is presumed that the opinion of Law and Justice department will be sent to DoE.

After its clearance DoT will have to issue the order. Let us hope to get the final order by next month.

P Gangadgara Rao, GS

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