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Thursday 18 November 2021


Meeting with Joint CCA (Pension)

Today (17/11/2021) we (DG, V.Ramarao, R.Venkatachalam & S.Sundarakrishnan met the Jt.CCA (Pension) Smt. Gowthami at her office.  At the outset we conveyed our sincere thanks for completing the pension anomaly cases by issuing Revised Pension Authority within a short span of time.  Tamilnadu was the first to complete the task in the entire country and congratulated her and her team (Later we met AO, & AAO, pension also and thanked them). 


We have already sent the names of beneficiaries numbering 444 names in CEC group.  District secretaries are requested to verify and inform us the following information:

·       Is there any omission

·       Whether the pensioner or the family pensioner has received the copy

·       Whether the list includes the deceased pensioner & family pensioner; if so, the name (normally CCA office will consider as deceased only if the PDAs return both halfs of PPO)


In addition to that 444, there is a list of 33 names in whose case both pensioner and spouse are not alive.  If possible please try to trace the legal-heir if any and inform them and also to us.  The names are given below:

Sl.            Name                                   PPO No.                   Pension ceased from

1.    R Sundaram                             210013122               21/5/2021

2.    M Samivel                                 210006188               8/6/2019

3.    A Sankaranarayanan             210009373               24/8/2014

4.    S Arumuga Pandian               210004061               DoD not known

5.    P Subramanian                       210016292               24/8/2014

6.    S Kannan                                  210005985               8/10/2008

7.    K Alphonse                              210002490               N/K

8.    A V Palanimuthu                     210006190               N/K

9.    D S Sundarammal                   210005078               1/7/2013

10  P Guruvammal                        210000785               31/12/2013

11  K Shyamala Krishnan           210013889               17/6/2018

12  R Urmila                                   210000276               N/K

13  S Vijayalakshmi                      210006506               N/K

14  M Arul Prakasam                    210004390               N/K

15  S Amsa                                     210010283               N/K

16  S Gowri                                    210015110               N/K

17  S Gunaraj                                 210012300               N/K

18  V Nallusamy                            210005450               19/7/2017

19  K Nagarajan                            210010205               N/K

20  M G Madhavan            602001051244070             15/2/2019

21  K Muniammal                          210016976               1/1/2018

22  V Govindan                              210005507               N/K

23  I Srinivasan                             210003634               N/K

24  V Povaneswari                        210013061               1/1/2018

25  B Aruldass                               210000375               17/4/2012

26  G R Natarajan                         210001982               N/K

27  K Vellaisamy                            210011848               N/K

28  B Hariharan                             210014792               1/7/2013

29  L Subbaraj                               210012305               23/9/2019

30  R Rathinam                             210012332               N/K

31  P Kumar                                   210010203               24/11/2012

32  C Chidden                                210009447               N/K

33  K Raju                                       210017168               2/4/2001


GM (Postal Accounts & Finance) informed that all the pension anomaly cases were dispatched to 58 HPOs on 1/11/2021 itself.  It is for the HPOs to prepare Due/Drawn statement and pay the arrears.


Regarding FMA to CGHS card-holders residing in uncovered areas, the file is likely to be cleared within a fortnight and suitable guidelines will be issued.


Regarding inclusion of name of permanently disabled child/children, siblings in PPO, we quoted DoP&PW OM dated 3/3/2020 and requested for implementing the order.  She told that she had discussion with higher-ups and action will be taken to implement that OM by issuing addendum for inclusion of the name. 


We suggested to hold pension adalat physically at the earliest.  She told that she is likely to go for training ( for more than 3 months) to Delhi in the second/third week of  January 2022.  In consultation with PCCA/CCA, pension adalat will be held positively in the first week of January 2022.


We asked her whether all the service books of BSNL retirees are received in CCA office from the SSAs.  We were informed that approximately 36,000 service books including 10,000 of DoT pensioners are only received.  There may be another 10,000 to be received.  She also told that there is space constraint.  Then we suggested that why can’t DoT pay rent to BSNL and get the accommodation in the same building.  She appreciated the suggession and agreed to speak with higher-ups in this regard.   We told her that if that proposal is accepted and proper intimation is given to BSNL, then we can also meet CGM, BSNL and pursue.  If all the service books are received and catalogued then it would be easy for tracing and help to expedite any future revision. 


By and large, the meeting was very useful, purposeful and helped to understand each other’s view-points.


DG, V.Ramarao, R.Venkatachalam & S Sundarakrishnan

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