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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Our STR DIVISION AGB Part-II Meeting will be held on coming Tuesday, 18-10-16 at   10 AM repeat 10 AM at 5th Floor, Flower Bazaar Telephone Exchange Building.

Dr. R. Niranjana, CCA Tamilnadu has confirmed his participation in the meeting. We are expecting that he may tell some news about 78.2% IDA Pension Revision arrears payment. CGM, STP, CGM STR are also agreed to come and participate in the meeting. Our All India leaders and Tamilnadu Circle leaders and CHTD Leaders are participating in the meeting and they may also tell some news about the progress in IDA PENSION REVISION work in their circles and about our other news.

The meeting will start by 10 AM  SHARP because  number of VIPs & Association leaders are going to speak in the meeting. 

Hence we request our members to be present  at 9.45 AM in their seats.  

We request our EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS to come one hour early ie at   
9 AM to help us and to make arrangements and escort our VIPs and our leaders to our venew.  We need your help for this occasion. please cooperate. 

Lunch will be provided at 1 PM. in the members seat itself in food pockets with water bottle. 

Members are requested to utilise this opportunity to attend the meeting well in advance and keep pin-drop silence throughout the meeting. This is very important meeting held at a very important crucial period.  Members want to know the latest news about their pension revision arrears payment. 

We kindly request our members to cooperate with us and make the Meeting a grand succes.


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