IDA INCREASED 5.0% FROM 1-10-2022

Monday, 13 February 2017

Com D.S. Ramalingam and N.S. Deenadayalan have gone to CGM TN Circle office today (13-2-17) and enquired about 78.2% Pension revision work progress. CGM Office they have processed 10 Post 2007 pension revision cases and sent them to DOT CELL.  They also told that some more post 2007 cases are still under process:

Pl see below for the names whose cases were processed and sent to DOT CELL:

1.    S. Killivalavan         SSS
2.    G. Sridharana         CSS
3.    Akbar Sheriff          CSS
4.    R.A. Shaith              EE
5.    R. Sridharan            FP
6.    M. Bhaskaran         Jamedar
7.    Vasanthi Hema Michael   DMAN
8.    M. Thanikaivelu     JTO
9.    N. SethumadhavanJTO
10. N. Mohan                 JTO
They also told that they have processed the following pensioners 3% increment pension revision cases and sent them to DOT CELL:                    

1.    V. Natarajan             JTO
2.    A. Babu                    SDE
3.    P.J.A. Arumugam    SDE
4.    S. Nandagopal       JTO
5.    K.S. Sampathkumar AO
6.    R. Vasudevan         DGM
7.    P. Thangaraj           DE
8.    S. Nagarajan          JTO
9.    C.S. Sivaraman      DE
10. K.S. Manoharan      DGM
11. S. Ravi                     SDE
12. R. Raghunadhan     DE
13. A. Paulraj                 DGM
14. L. Sekaran               SDE
15. S. Swaminathan      DE
16. K. Shyamaladevi     AGM
17. R. Shabi                   DE
18. B. Pushparani         DGM
19. N. Subramanyam    SDE
20. S. Annapurani         JAO    

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