IDA DECREASED 0.2% FROM 1-1-2024 - TOTAL 215.4%

Monday 21 August 2017


Com D.S. Ramalingam and Com N.S. Deenadayalan visited CCA TN Pension Office Egmore today. They met Dy. CCA Dr. V. Balasubramanian there. He has only requested our divisional secretary in his last meeting to get aadhaar card numbers of our members for his office records.  Com D.S. Ramalingam handed over 190 aadhaar card particulars of our members to him.  He was very much pleased and asked his Accounts Officer to compile these records in the files.  Our Divisional Secretary suggested him to contact our Circle Secretary Com K. Muthiyalu and inform him if  it is required from all the pensioners from all over Tamilnadu. Dy CCA immediately contacted Com K. Muthiyalu and informed him about this information. Then Com DSR met Dy CCA Sankarapandiaan and enquired about the 4 pending cases of 78.2% pension revision of our members. Sri Sankarapandian informed Com DSR that Com M. Viswananthan's case is settled and 78.2% pension revision order was issued.  for Comrades Palanimuthu and Com Kanchana  order are under issue. and he told that for Com Kalayanaraman VO the case is still unders perusal. -narasimhan

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