IDA INCREASED 5.3% FROM 1-1-2023 - TOTAL 201.1%

Thursday, 17 August 2017


STR Division Executive Committee Meeting was held on 11-8-17 at 3 PM at Flower Bazaar Telephone Exge.  Com A. Sugumaran presided the Meeting. One minute silence was observed for our active Comrade  A. Vamanan, AIBSNLPWA,  Coimbatore who passed away on 11-7-17. Com D.S. Ramalingam initiated the discussion and said that our members strength 647 with  life members 523 as on September 2016 has increased to 733 total members with life members 660 now. He said that we have added 137 life members during this period.  He said that we have paid 620 life members quota to CHQ & CIRCLE. He said that Com Sundarakrishnan and Com Deenadayalan are doing good job by enrolling new members from CGM TN Circle Office. He said that our Division has paid Rs.90,000/- to CHQ and 36,000/- to TN Circle for 78.2% Pension revision arrears donation. He said that some members of our division have not received 78.2% pension revision orders and said that he has taken up their cases with Dy.CCA Dr. V. Balasubramanian. He said that the change of name of STR DIVISION is held up due to some FDs are still running in the our present name in banks. It was decided to wait for that decision till the FDs are matured.   He said that he required some volunteers for conducting our monthly meetings like supplying tea, arranging chairs, collection of donation & subscription.  Com Victor raju came forward to help treasurer for collecting subscription.   President also said that he will give an appeal to all our members in the meeting to help the office bearers for conducting the meeting.  Then STR Division whatsapp group (general group) issues was discussed thoroughly.  All members participated in the discussion. It was finally decided to continue the present status of conditions for this group. Members can ask questions and clarifications from admin.  But they should not post any other messages other than our association news or pension related news. Members should not post messages like photos, videos or any other general news whatever important it may be.  If they disobey our associations instruction then they will be removed from the group without any warning. Com S. Ramakrishnan, Treasurer informed that the cash on hand balance is Rs.60,000/- and the cash in bank is 2,76,000/- He said that this includes 78.2 donation amount pending for payment to CHQ & TN Assns. Com N.S. Deenadayalan conveyed vote of thanks. 17 members attended the meeting.                        

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