IDA DECREASED 0.2% FROM 1-1-2024 - TOTAL 215.4%

Monday 4 September 2017

    Com S. Narasimhan & Com N. Mohan are going to Badrinath, Kedarinath, Gangothri & Yamonothri    CHARDHAM PILGRIMAGE TOUR for 15 days from
  4-9-17 to 17-9-17.

 Our STR DIVISION WEBSITE may be affected for          those days. Our next Circular will be released only on  31-9-17.

They may not be available for our next monthly meeting to be held on 12-9-17.

Com N. Mohan is maintaining our Tamilnadu Association and Coimbatore Division websites.  Those websites may also be affected during those days.

We regret for the inconvenience caused to our members.  

Our members Comrades K. Alagesan & R. Ganesan are also joining with us for the tour.   

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