IDA INCREASED 4.8% FROM 1-1-2022

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Finally we are filing the two cases in CAT Ernakulam.
1. To get arrears from 1.1.2007 instead of 10.6.2013 in 78.2 revision.
2. To get pension for all at the rate of 50% of last pay drawn on completion of ten years service.

Delhi and Chennai advocates demand very high fees.
In any case Govt will take us to High Court and Supreme Court.  So,  it is better to spend less money for cases  in CAT.
Com. DG and myself will meet the advocate on 23rd January and proceed further. Being a resident of Kerala I can file the cases on behalf of AIBSNLPWA CHQ
Msg reproduced as Recd from Com.PSR

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  1. Best wishes Comrades

    K Selvarajan Retd., DGM TN Circle Chennai