IDA INCREASED 4.8% FROM 1-1-2022

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Yesterday I received half a dozen messages saying that DOT has prepared a Cabinet Note for giving pay revision to BSNL staff with 10% Fitment benefit. Nobody knows the source of this information. I am happy if BSNL staff get 10%.
But  anything will materilize only when Cabinet takes a decision. That is the problem too. 
Some other PSEs have given pay revision without Cabinet approval. Nothing will come just because a proposal is mooted.
Even the above mentined information turned out to be wrong. It is the desire or imagination of some people.

We are interested in the matter because one DDG in Sanchar Bhavam Newdelhi says that they will think of our Pension Revision only after pay revision is decided. He is worried about probable anomaly. 
There is an anomaly existing for 17 years. He is not prepared to remove it despite Court Order.
Affected people are now 77 years and above. Many left this world with the anomaly. DDG is not worried.

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