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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

STR Division Monthly meeting was conducted on 23-01-2018 at 1500 hours. Com.Sundarakrishnan presided over the meeting. Com.D.S.Ramalingam  DS welcomed all and conducted the proceedings.
One minute silence was observed to the demise Sri. Nagarajan, Brother In Law of Com.S.Ramakrishnan ,our Div.Treasurer.
Last month meeting’s minutes was read out by com.Sridharan and the same was approved by the sabha. Com.N.Mohan informed welfare news and read out the names of our Members whose birthdays fall this month amidst thundering applause of members.
Com.DSR explained about his efforts in pursuing officers of STR Section for medical expenses payment and he appreciated  Com.Sundarakrishnan the hard efforts taken who  pursues  all cases and  enroll new  members pertaining to TN Circle section. He requested all our members to give AIC donation of Rs 50/-. Immediately 65 members have responded  to his request.
Com.Sundarakrishnan explained about his visits to CGM office in various occasions  and got the problems solved . As and when he received any problem from any member through any means, he would go and meet the concerned official and got it solved.
Com.R.Venkatachalam,  Assistant  Circle Secretary, addressed the meeting and explained our fight to get our 78.2 IDA of course from 10-06-2013 and now we are trying to get the arrears from 01-01-2007 and also pension to be fixed on LPD for those who had retired from 01-01-2000 to 31-12-2005 through CAT, and expressed his strong hopes of achieving them. He, being from Trichy which hosts the ensuing TN Circle conference in August 2018, invited all to attend the Circle conference .
Com.Victor raju in his speech said that vendor creation problem in STR exists for a long period and the Circle should intervene in the matter and sort out the things.
Com L.K and Com veerabadran also spoke and expressed their views.
Com.K.Muthiyalu in his lengthy address explained about his past health condition and he had come out of it by all our wishes. He explained there was no shortage of fund for medical reimbursement for pensioners but it is being diverted to the working staff. There is a ban on recruitment since 1984. In spite of that our staff members are working very hard and some delay in payment may be there. Many of our pensioners are not in whatsapp group and some do not possess mobile phones even, for those, our messages and information should reach in time.
Com. N.S.Dheenadayalan informed that there are about 400 members  in STR Division who are not having whatsapp facility.For those members , informations are sent via SMS. About 20 members are having only land line phones, for them information are being passed orally through dial up and he conveyed vote of thanks. SKC was supplied to all.
113 comrades attended the meeting among them 14 were lady comrades.

10 New Life Members have joined this month. With this our member strength rises to 763.


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