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Wednesday, 11 July 2018


Com A. Sugumaran presided over the meeting. Com Sridharan read out the minutes of the last meeting and got approval from the Members. Com S. Narasimhan conveyed birthday greetings to the members whose birthdays are coming in this month. Com A.L. Venkataraman offered SWEETS  to our members in view of his birthday celebration.  Com Narasimhan conveyed STR DN. Family Welfare News. Later he introduced the 16 new members to the General Body. Then he spoke MEDICAL ALLOWANCE payment issue in STR, STP, TN. He said that payment is due for CHTD. CHTD has raised a demand of 2.35 Crores for payment and BSNL is yet to give the allotment to CHTD. Our GS Com Natarajan also urged BSNL Officers to make payment when he met them last week in New Delhi. He said that CCA TN office has  issued NOTICE to pensioners that the pension payment will be taken over by them soon from banks/post offices. CCA TN has given one form to be filled by pensioners and submitted to them soon. The forms were given to the members in the meeting itself and asked them to hand over it to Narasimhan in next meeting. (We will publish the form in whatsapp and website soon). He spoke about Trichy Circle Conference and Puri All India Conference. He requested the members to attend for the DHARNA on 18-7-18 at 10.00 AM at CCA OFFICE, Ethiraj Salai. 
Com S. Sundarakrishnan in his speech it is very difficult to enroll new members and he is trying his best to enroll as much members as possible. He requested the ANNUAL Members to become Life Members soon. He explained about MEDICAL ALLOWANCE payment issues in STR, STP, TN and CHTD. He said that he has taken up our members cases l with CCA Office. He said about 300 members out of 830 members only paid ALL INDIA CONFERENCE DONATION. He said that Rs.22,000/- only received from members and we need to give 35000/- to our ALL INDIA CONFERENCE. He requested members who have not  given the donation to pay  as early as possible. He said that he took up the case of 3% increment issue with TN Circle office payment made for 3 persons during June 18 and further process of 3 persons during July 18. He said that he was very glad to see that com K. Muthiyalu, our Circle Secretary was honoured with “LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD” by TIRUNELVELI DIVISION.Standing OVATION respect was given by the generalbody to Com.Muthialu CS.

Com A. Sugumaran informed about the DHARNA on 18-7-18 at CCA Office and requested our members to attend it positively. He clarified the points and doubts about our demand of pension revision as per 7th CPC. He said that the one increment case is adjourned because there was no full DIVISION BENCH to hear our case. The next hearing is fixed on 11th Sept and we hope that we will get the judgement soon in favour of us. He said that Com K. Muthiyalu is the fittest person to receive the “LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD” from our Tirunelveli Division. He said though he is not well he is working very hard to solve our grievances and problems. 

Com Muthiyalu in his address said that there is no pension revision any one of the PSU except our  BSNL. It is because our leaders like Com Om.P. Guptha fought for it when DOT is converted in to Public Sector as BSNL. He requested our members to subscribe for our CHQ Journal PENSIONERS PATRIKA. He said that STR Dn should try to improve their Members Meeting attendance from 120 to 300. He said that 18 members are attending for PURI all india conference and said that more members should come for that conference. He said that two importance resolutions are coming in the conference. He said that our GS Com Natarajan met DOT Officers in New Delhi last week and discussed about our PENSION REVISION. He got some news from them that DOT is soon going to send a letter to DOP & PW about our pension revision demand as per 7th CPC. He said that there was good attendance about 100 from STR DN. For last 20-6-18 demonstration and he said that he is expecting more members for the DHARNA on 18-7-18 at CCA OFFICE. He said that our association is only taking up the pension revision case as per CPC from the beginning . he said that our association is taking all types of cases and problems. He said that our TN association is having 10000 MEMBERS. He conveyed his thanks to those who conveyed greeting to him for getting LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD from Tirunelveli. 

Com Ramadoss conveyed vote of thanks. 111 members attended the meeting.

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