IDA INCREASED 3.3% FROM 1-7-2023 - TOTAL 205.6%

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Today’s Dharna in the campus of CCA office venue at  60, Ethiraj Salai was commenced at 1030 hrs with raising thundering slogans. Around 750 comrades participated in this dharna. This time more lady members attended the dharna. The program was presided over by  the combined presidentship  of Com. V. Ramarao President TNC and com Munusamy President Chennai TD.
The Welcome address was given by Com.Thangaraj CS Chennai TD. Com Ramarao in his address emphasized that most of our service rendered was in  DOT and all the retirement benefits  are based on CCS CCA Rules. Hence it is the duty of the Govt to accord pension revision for us as per 7th CPC. Com. RK veteran leader of NFTE mentioned about the achievements of our Association in 78.2 %DA merger and quashing 60% and 40% of  licence fee etc. Our demands and attempts had never met with failure and now definitely we will achieve pension revision also at par with 7th CPC implementation.
Shri Natarajan GS elaborately explained his recent visit to DOT NewDelhi. He told that there is  lot of changes in the mind sets of officers of DOT to move the file etc. Com DG. CHQ VP gave attractive speech. He mentioned about BSNL CO decision of the revised norms of Medical reimbursement with voucher and extention of Medical allowance from April 2018 .This is provided when the financial condition of BSNL is in critical position. It is nothing but our Association's achievement. Similarly we are vigorously  pursuing with DOT and Dept of pension to get the pension revised at par with CG pensioner in IDA pattern. After our 20th June Demo . when our GS met Member services he told that they decided to pursue our demand. The Dept of Pension is willing to consider our demand if it is received from DOT with proper recommendation but DOT is linking with wage revision. We will pursue it and try to de-link pension revision from that of wage revision and we will achieve the goal. Till we achieve we will fight.
Com Pattabiraman ex CS of NFTE TN Circle and com R.Govindarajan Circle VP also addressed the gathering . Com.Kannappan ChTD Treasurer conveyed vote of Thanks to all participants and media. He told all members to handover  KYP form duly filled in duplicate to their respective Branch Secretaries.
In today’s dharna the mood and involvement expressed by the attendees was simply impressive.

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