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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

The monthly Meeting of STR was conducted on 13-11-2018.  Com. A.Sugumaran , President of STR Division presided over the meeting. First one minute silence was observed for the demise of com. PanneerSelvam , our member, who  expired on 10-10-18.  After that president narrated the help rendered  by Shri. Anantakumar, Hon minister, who departed on 12-11-18 to our association in getting 78.2 and 60:40 annulment. Then one minute silence was observed for his demise. Com. Victor Raju welcomed  Dy.GS and CS and all our comrades including  circle office bearers. Com. Sridharan read out the minutes of the last meeting and was approved . Com. N. Mohan read out the birthday greetings and names of the persons who are completing 70 years and asked them to attend next month meeting in which they will be honoured. Then president introduced  17 new members who joined this month and also gave the welfare news of our members. He also explained on behalf of secretary, the cases taken up and the position of them with CCA ‘s office. He asked the members to give Life Certificate for pension and for Land Line Telephone  during the month of November.
Com. K. Muthiyalu in his speech commended the efforts taken by com. Sundarakrishnan in preparing this report even though being  pre occupied with his wife who was hospitalised . He then elaborated in detail how Hon. Ananthakumar helped our association  to get  78.2 and annulment of 60:40. He praised him for the whole hearted support to us till the end.  President then asked our member and President of NFTE  TN com. P.Kamaraj to throw some light on the returned letter by DOT to BSNL  asking queries and the stand of AUAB. Com. Kamaraj explained that pension revision should be delinked with pay revision ; the financial constraints of BSNL  ; no zero percent as some rumours are circulating and the agitational programs they intend to do. He also asked us to unite other associations also to join us for this cause.
Then com. RV, our CS explained the efforts taken by us for unity on this issue. Now MTNL and AIBSNLREWA are joining with us and more will join us in future. He also explained about medical bills position that along with Sundarakrishnan he goes every week but the fund position may not get eased soon. It may take long time. He wanted max participation from our division  for 22nd fast.

The president after introducing new members told that at present the strength rose to 935. Further he explained for a query raised by a member regarding non settlement Medical bills that is at present BSNL is having negative growth and not in a position to pay even EB bills of BTS and Exchanges and TNEB disconnected those services and in that condition it is not worthwhile to demand settlement of medical bills and as per advice of Director HR BSNL board we have to switchover to CGHS for OD treatment and for ID treatment some sort of method to be envisaged to link insurance and further explained that at the time of taking absorption in BSNL, the organisation promised to take care Medical needs of absorbed employees whereas in present scenario we cannot depend on BSNL.  For getting CGHS facility each retired employee at the level Group B should pay RS. 80000/ as one time payment and for that BSNL should pay the one time payment whereas BSNL unofficially asked to pay the same and would be reimbursed once the financial condition is improved and for that our union not agreed and the GS has  already written letters .
Com.D.S. Ramalingam VP gave vote of thanks. 123 members participated .
Thank You.
Comradely yours,
District President,
STR  Division,

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