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Saturday, 3 November 2018

THIS IS JUST FOR INFORMATION TO OUR MEMBERS FOR  AWARENESS AND NOT FOR MY PUBLICITY                                                                 
 I have given DIGITAL LIFE CERTIFICATE through my PC just now today.  for this i am having a MANTRAA - MFS 100 FINGER PRINT SCANNER.  I purchased it last year itself for rs.2800/-     i gave my life certificate through this finger print scanner.  (last year also i gave life certificate in digital life certificate method.   please see below my DIGITAL LIFE CERTIFICATE ISSUED TODAY BY JEEVAN PRANAAM WEBSITE    

Members residing in foreign countries can try this method.  Now OTP is sent to your email ID is also.  So otp receiving in Indian mobile number problem is solved

The only problem is to purchase a finger print scanner for rs  2800/-.  It is available in Richie street Chennai or available in amazon           Mantra MFS-100

Or you can go to nearby state government ESEAVA centres and can give your life certificate

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