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Tuesday, 4 February 2020

I just now spoke to CCA Mr Pradhan and enquired about the possibility of getting pension for February for VRS optees. 
He told that
1) We have created necessary infrastructure like additional systems, additional staff etc.
2) If we get the necessary documents from BSNL we will clear on the basis of first come first served basis.
3) Though there are some criteria for payment of provisional pension we have suggested to DoT for some order for payment of pension as ad-hoc @ 50 percent of LPD and he asked us to meet DoT officers in Delhi from our side so that we can get the order by 15th or so.
BSNL has to send the LPD of each official.
(Com DG spoke to CCA Sri Pradhan yesterday (3.2.2020) --  CS)

Dear Anupam Kaul,
VRS optees have joined our association in large numbers.
They have to get pension for February.  It is a difficult job for CCA offices to pay pension as per normal procedure.
I understand that many CCAs have suggested to DoT for some order to pay pension @ 50 percent of LPD as ad-hoc pension because there's some difficulty to call it as 'provisional'.
I request you, sir, to meet Member (F) or some top officers in Sanchar Bhawan today or tomorrow and pursuade to issue necessary order in this regard.

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