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Tuesday, 18 February 2020

The   Monthly meeting of STR Division was held on the A/N of 11th Feb 2020, under the chairmanship of Comrade A.Sugumaran. One minute silence was observed for the demise of our comrade Sri Kannan, (Husband  of late Smt.R.Padma),a Family pensioner
Minutes of the last meeting held on 21st Jan, was read by Comrade D.Victorraju and got approved.
Comrade S.Sundarakrishnan, DS welcomed all the participants.   He sincerely thanked and welcomed all  new members. He read out the names of 164 new members and introduced those who attended the meeting.
 In his welcome address, he mentioned that 164 new members joined. Our membership was 1089 during the previous meeting. In total, our membership is 1253 at present. As the salary for Dec 2019 and Jan. 2020  is not paid, some of the persons could not make subscription payment. He has got approximately 100 applications for which payment is not received. In his address he mentioned that AIBSNLPWA is the first pensioner’s association, formed for the retirees of BSNL, which has 12 years service, in dealing the pensioners’ issues. We are having members from TTs to ITS officers  level, irrespective of any union/political colours. He stated that he approached the Accounts officers of CCA office, regarding settlement of retirement  benefits for the VRS optees. They clearly stated that out of 8750 cases, only 1300 pension papers have been received from BSNL. There is a proposal at DOT headquarters, to issue orders for making payment of provisional pension to all at the end of February for a period of 3 months. Orders are likely to be issued by DOT within days. Sanction orders have to be issued by BSNL for provisional pension, mentioning LPD and bank details. Our association will pursue with BSNL, to send all details. GPF payment will also be released before the end of this month as per the discussion had with CCA. SAMPANN software gateway is not yet opened for CCA, as BSNL is still feeding data. Approximately 20 persons are put on the job of Service book verification at CCA office and 25 PCs are provided at R.K.Nagar. 3 level verifications will be done.
He told all pensioners should have Either or Survivor mode SB pension account in Bank or Post Office. The salary account has to be kept active as the ex-gratia, leave salary payments will be credited in salary account.
It is better to have CGHS facility. As BSNL, will not take any further interest in signing MOU, with the famous Multi speciality hospitals and health insurance may be extended to serving employees .So, Pensioners have no other option but for migrating to CGHS. At present CGHS Dispensaries are available at 14 locations in Chennai , 2 at Pondichery 1 each at Trichy and Tirunelveli. Proposal exists for opening CGHS hospitals at Madurai and Coimbatore. Pensioners can opt any CGHS dispensary for out door treatment irrespective of their residence/ locations. DOT pensioners, who are not having CGHS card are only getting FMA. BSNL pensioners, who got CGHS card will have both indoor and outdoor treatment only through CGHS. Reimbursement of payment made to CGHS, is paid along with the salary, even though pending medical bills are unsettled.
Comrade N.Mohan Treasurer conveyed Birthday greetings to all our members including the new members whose birthdays fall during February. He also spoke about the family welfare activities/events happened in the family of our comrades. He mentioned Comrades Narasimhan and Sivasankaran has taken care of STP in enrolling new members. STR comrades were apparoached by our  Comrades A.Sugumaran ,   N.S.Deenadayalan ADS, DSR, and H.S.Sudha. In Tamilnadu Circle section Comrades K.Muthialu DGS, S. Ramkumar, N.Mohan , C.B. Sampathkumar , ,H.S.Sudha and DS approached VRS optees.  DS and Com.Civil Arumugam has approached all Civil/Electrical offices. . He thanked all for their co-operation. Some of the comrades from Chennai TD also joined with us due to our efforts.
 Comrade .A. Sugumaran mentioned that the VRS 2019 scheme is unceremoniously relieved all the experienced and sincere employees of BSNL. Though ex gratia benefit is extended, staff who have 6-9 year service have taken VRS due to prevailing situation. It is a loss. Though a couple of Pensioners Associations are in the arena, our association has got the record of settling the Pensioners issues. As told by DS all of the VRS persons will get adhoc pension from Feb. end. OUR GS already took up the case with DOT on 4th Feb itself. AIBSNL PWA fought and  got pension revision from 01.01.2007. 78.2% DA fitment pension  revision was achived during 2016 and got annulment of 60:40 order. We sincerely  settle all the grievances of pensioners. Our DS used to go to CCA office, twice in a week. Even now our CHQ  is  fighting for the pension revision . Our CHQ met Honourable Minister of   Communications, twice after forming new Government.  Recently, we won the pay anamoly case in New Delhi High Court. Regarding extra increment case, he met our lawyer, yesterday for early settlement. The case came for hearing today.
Both DOT counsel and our lawyer were present. DOT council   diverted the case stating that Ernakulam  judgement is for non-restructured cadre, whereas our petition  is for restructured cadres. Immediately our lawyer produced the document, that both are one and the same.   Judge has adjourned that hearing to 20th Feb. He told after enrolling all the VRS optees, our All India Membership may cross One Lakh. Com. S.Balasubramanian   (President SNEA TN)  told that he feels  happy to be present in the meeting. This Association is led by experienced senior comrades . Com. N.Kothandaraman ADS welcomed all new members and he shared the past experiences where in all of us were colleagues. He recollected the resume prepared by Com.Padmakumari on his retirement .Com. Anbalagan (CS NFTE STR) has joined our association and spoke that he is happy to join the association which is having very experienced leaders. Com. P.Kamaraj greeted all the new members enrolled. He also told Pensioners Association can mention their achievements in their letters instead of adding criticism over serving union.  Com. S.Sridharan delivered vote of thanks to all. He also told that March meeting will  be celebrated as Womans  Day.   200 persons participated. CGHS guide was distributed to those who have not received earlier.
                                                               Thanking You.
                                                                                Comradely  Yours, 

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