IDA DECREASED 0.2% FROM 1-1-2024 - TOTAL 215.4%

Tuesday 23 June 2020

Dear comrades, Good Morning. Chennai Comrades should know by this time how the living conditions at Chennai due to Covid 19 lock down. Though we are pensioners now we should understand the difficulties of BSNL STAFF attending office due to non availability of public transport. We are also living in a panic situation. MRS OPTION LAST DATE EXTENDED BY 30.09.2020. Only those who wants allowance need to send option. Option can be sent by mail. These guidelines already published. I would like to high light the fact. VRS 2019 made the reduction of staff strength. In administrative offices staff available are very less. A lot of medical bills, in patient bills, medical allowance for 2018-19 are yet to be settled. Vendors bills, Contract labourers payment, BSNL STaff salary for MAY 2020 yet to be settled. At this juncture payment of Med.allowance for 2020-21 is not going to be paid immediately. I used to get call from our comrade retired executives that acknowledgment for mail not received. The same was asked few days back to officers. Reply was "when no acknowledgement is being given for submission of vouchers how you people are expecting ack. for option mail." This queries are asked by many people especialy executives. I dont know why such worries are boomerang in their minds. Please take print out of mail sent and post it and keep as a record It if one is so particular. Please take care of your  health rather than worrying Rs 12000 Per annum. Globe is in very bad and sad situation. Please pray for your health  kith and kin but also about all people living in the world. By calling me in the morning itself, I used to imagine how much  they worried about this option procedure  during night. Please avoid tension.This doubt has come only to executives retd. We are getting the IDA from April 2020 and we are in a better position than several people. Let us be happy. not sound financially to make payment of Med.Payment immediately. Option giving is only a Samparadaaya Sadangu. When the Money will be paid. we dont know. Thank you, 

-----S.Sundarakrishnan, Division Secretary.

Dear Comrades. Today I had spoken with AO Pension O/o CCA Ethiraj Salai Chennai-8. Taking risk some of the staff and AO/AAOs are attending office for release of 
eppo to VRS2019 retirees even during this critical period. Pension payment for June 2020 and Provisional Pension for left out persions will be drawn by CCA office. By 10th July they would like to complete the   eppo release for VRS 2019. SO, all will get regular pension for the month of  July 2020. Conveyed our sincere thanks to him. His request is that all of them are taking risk in attending office with thrill/fear and requested to pray God  that they should have a  good health. Definitely Our prayers will reach God.  HATS Off the services of CCA OFFICE. Thanking you.  

----S.Sundarakrishnan, Division Secretary.

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