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Wednesday, 18 November 2020


1. Some members are asking us that they have submitted DLC online to the banks or post office or CCATN Office and they want to know whether their DLC have reached them and accepted by them.

There are two methods to get confirmation. 

A) In your first generated DLC you can find the following message at the bottom of the certificate as follows: “Disclaimer: This digital life certificate will be subject to acceptance by your pension processing centre Bank(State Bank of India).This is a computer generated certificate and does not require signature.”     If you download your same DLC after one week from JEEVAN PRAMAAN WEBSITE with your same DLC NUMBR you will see at the bottom of your DLC as follows: “Note: Your Digital Life Certificate has been successfully accepted by Bank(State Bank of India)”.       This is your confirmation of accepting your DLC by banks or post offices or CCA TN OFF.

B) SBI is operating “PENSIONSEAVA” webisite exclusive for its pensioners. Website address is: If you are a SBI PENSIONER please go to this website and register yourself by creating a user ID and PASSWORD. Please do the following procedures for registering: 

New User Registration:

Create a User-id (to be created by the pensioner - min 5 characters)

Enter your Pension account number

Enter your Date of Birth

Enter the Branch code of pension paying branch

Your registered email id same as submitted to the branch

Enter new password, then confirm password

 i) Passwords should have a minimum length of 8 characters

 ii) Passwords should have a combination of uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numerals and special characters

Choose 2 profile questions and answers and save for future reference, as it will be required in case you forget your password

On successful registration, a mail would be sent to the registered email where a link will be available for account activation.

After activation, pensioner can login through his registered ID/Password.

User account will be locked out automatically after three consecutive unsuccessful logon attempts.

After opening an account in PENSIONSEVA in SBI, log in to your pensionseva sbi account, there  you can see all your pension particulars, like monthly pension slip statements, commutation details, Certificate details, transactions credited details, etc. 

Similarly you can see your digital life certificate confirmation and validity period also there.

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