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Thursday, 26 November 2020



NATIONAL Pension Adalat was conducted virtually by CCA TN on 24.11.2020 under the chairman ship of Pr.Cca Dr.Niranjana.Sri.Chittaranjan Pradan CCA ,Sri.Dhakshinamurthy Jt.CCA and Sri.Chandramouli AO Pension participated.From our Assn.Side Com.A.Sugumaran,Com.DG,Com.V.Ramarao CP,Com.R.Venkatachalam CS and myself participated.Due to technical problem in their arrangement  Com.K.Muthialu Dy.GS could not participate.Meeting commenced by 11Am with usual formality of welcoming..Approx 70  pensioners sent their grievances directly to Adalat. Jt.Cca interacted individual cases first.STR Division sent 21 cases.Out of which 3 cases each  from STR AP/Karnataka.2 from Salem SSA.OUT OF 13 CASES FROM our members 9 cases pertaining to co- authorisation of FP to dependant child having physical disabilities.1.CASE OF Smt.K.Lalitha less payment of GPF SETTLEMENT. CCA office addressed her payment made is correct. 2.Com.Venugopal PM .Revision of pension as per LPD.3

Authorisation of FP to Kum Janaki. Chtd, Fathers Fanily  pension  4.FP to Vibhav. Regarding CO- authorisation cases, Jt.Cca replied in  earlier cases pertaining to other SSAS that document submitted like Medical certificate is not as per the format. All columns in the medical certificate should be filled up by medical officer. For multiple disabilities , certificate should be from medical board. He repeated the same to us.During interaction,  we emphasised that  6 STR cases were being processed by us for the past few years.In the last adalat held during Sep 2019 CGM STR issued sanction of pension for 6 cases .Out of which  CCA office settled only one case.5 cases which were recommended similarly  are pending with CCA OFFICE. They are in order.Jt.Cca told to wait for  2/3 months as there is no  provision for inclusion in PPO.Format  has been asked for  from DOT and they are modifying the PPO format which may take one or two months. On receipt they will settle it.We told to give priority.We also told that other 3 similar cases were sent along with VRS 2019 Pension papers.Sanction of CGM STR has to be obtained. These cases, we have to see whether medical certificate is as per prescribed format. Reg.Case of com.Sundari Ch.Td has to be addressed  for issue of  sanction. Procedure for submission of co authorisation cases by BSNL Authorities has to be sent.We have asked for the specimen copy of medical certificate format and Jt.CCA agreed to give a copy. Reg..Venugopal case LPD issue is different from other persons  who were placed in intermediate scale of LM SCALE.He got promotion as PM during DOT Period itself.Got  NE9 SCALE before retirement.Jt CCA told to look into it. Requested  to process the FP case of Com.Janaki as the same was sent during Dec 19. Regarding FP to Sri.Vibhav  inspection report is not in his favour and it is denied.           THANK YOU COMRADES .                    S. Sundarakrishnan DS

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