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Saturday 24 March 2018

Dear Comrades,
Today Minister for communications Hon.Manoj Sinha had come to Shivamogga, Karnataka. Our AIBSNLPWA Karnataka Leaders had met the minister and submitted the memorandum. Minister told the representatives that he was well aware of our grievances. The rest please go ahead...

Myself G. S. Ajjappa, Secretary and K. K. Ganapathy, President, Shivamogga Branch - AI BSNL PWA along with 7 members of the association met Honourable minister for Communications  Shri Manoj Sinhaji on 24/3/2018 at Shivamogga.
We brought to the notice of MOSC our demand for Pension revision with  Fitment factor of 32% recommended by 7th CPC to be extended to 1.5 lakh BSNL IDA pensioners wef 1/1/2017. A memorandum for the same was also submitted to minister Manoj Sinhaji. He confirmed that he is well aware of this issue and is already under process. He accepted the memorandum and assured to address the grievances and will resolve positively.
 -Branch Secretary
 Today, a team of Shimoga members of AIBSNLPWA, led by Com. K K Ganapathy (District President) and Com. G S Ajjappa (District Secretary) met Shri Manoj Sinhaji, Minister for Communications, at Shivmogga and submitted a memorandum reiterating our demand for pension revision with effect from 1-1-2017 with fitment benefits recommended by Seventh Central Pay Commission.

The Minister informed the delegation that he is quite aware of the issue and it is under active consideration of the DoT. He assured a positive approach towards the matter.

We congratulate our Shimoga comrades and Karnataka leaders .... PSR

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