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Tuesday, 29 September 2020


BSNL CHTD is having a broadband plan of “BHARAT FIBER”. It is a broadband service working on FIBER overhead cable. The main advantage of this service is 10 times greater higher speed of BROADBAND than the old copper cable broadband connection. It is due to the fiber cable connection separately laid to your house. CHTD is giving number of connections through this method. The rent is also not too high. Superstar 300 plan rent is Rs.777/- only. The significance of this connection is that you will get 50mb speed upto 300GB data. A telephone connection is also provided with unlimited free calls throughout India in any network operators (AIRTELL, IDEA ETC).   HOTSTAR DISNEY premium pack is also given free along with this plan. 

Since we thought that this plan is useful to some of our members we brought this information to our members.   This plan is good for those whose old broadband service is not good or not working properly and getting disconnection frequently due to cable fault. This is the best plan for those who are thinking to switch over to some other network operators because of old broadband problems. Why should we switch over to other OPERATORS when our BSNL itself is having a good fiber plan. We grew up with BSNL and now it is time for us to support BSNL. I have switched over to superstar 300 plan from last week.  The service is very good and I am getting a very high good speed of 40 mb. So we are recommending this plan to our members who are interested in it. You can apply for this scheme. If you have any doubt please contact me. 

The present CGM CHTD Sri. Sanjeevi is taking serious steps to promote this BHARATH FIBRE in CHTD. News also appeared in DINAMALAR newspaper today. We are enclosing that clip for your information.

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