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Wednesday, 9 December 2020


We have already posted regarding receipt of funds for MRS PAYMENT. BSNL CO has allotted fund for payment to hospitals in connection with inpatient treatment. Payment of reimbursement of  medical bills for OUTDOOR treatment with voucher. Fund allotted to each Circle will clear the bills upto 31.03.2019. No fund is allotted for Medical Allowance. Funds received by Circle by 2nd Dec.  1.Ch.TD. Payment is effected. 2.STP. WITHVOUCHER PAYMENT UPTO 31.3.2019  Cleared earlier. So no further payment. 3.STR.  Spoken with CAO today. Funds received is less. However he says payment will be made upto the bills dtd 31.3.2019 and hospitalisation bills. 3.TN CIRCLE. Instructions given to SSAs and CO to pass the bills of  all with voucher and hospitals inpatient bills both vendors and individual through SAP to Circle Office CSC. Payment is likely  to me made within 5 days. As a nutshell payment with vouchers and hospitalisation bills will be cleared upto 31.03.2019. When the request of pending allowance for 2018-19 is put up,  reply given by TNC is that  based on the left out fund if any the same will be considered.

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